Hoodies and Hoodies

Hoodies and Hoodies

In fact, such a habitual thing in a wardrobe as a sweatshirt is directly related to Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy himself. Designers "literally" sketched model "kosovorotki" with long sleeves in their own way. This is where the familiar Tolstoy blouse, Tolstoy shirt and their varieties: bombers, sweatshirts, hoodies, etc., were formed. Especially note this element of the wardrobe Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfige in their collections.

How does a sweatshirt differ from hoodies and sweatshirts?

Comparing the sweatshirt and the hoodie, you do not immediately understand how they differ between themselves. However, the differences are still there. Hoodie sewn often from soft cotton knitwear. Its distinguishing features are a pair of patch pockets in front. If in the 70s of the last century such clothes were associated with dark-skinned criminals in the West, today this is a stylish, practical model. Hoodie is often called a kangaroo due to the front pockets or one solid, acting at the same time "clutch" in cool weather.

But the sweatshirt is primarily intended for sports. Loose cut and zipper are her distinguishing features. There is also a hood, however, the pockets are not as huge as in the previous model. If they are sewn from knitwear, then they choose a greater density of material than in hoodie.

Sweatshirts are often made of footer or fleece, allowing, thus, to replace outerwear in the offseason. The main function of such a thing is to keep warm, to demonstrate good taste and sense of style.


Among the varieties of sweatshirts and hoodies there are models with funny decorations. These can be stripes, inscriptions, sports team number, recognizable print. Such products look interesting with "ears" on the hood, with beveled pockets, unusual polo collar or "stand".

If you compare a hoodie and a hoodie, then the first one has a classic hood, and the second has an anorak with a windproof stand. Differ models also:

  • on fasteners, Hoodies are only present in warmed cuts, and in Tolstoy shirt or bombers, almost always,
  • pockets which are sewn for hoodie on the type of "kangaroo" (overhead), and in the sweatshirt are on the sides,
  • by lenght, which ends up in the hoodie in the middle of the thigh, and in the sweatshirt - slightly higher.

Fur for Tolstoy shirt can only act as a decor, while in hoodie it is a great “lining” in the cold season.


Long Hoodie looks amazing in the winter holidays, against the backdrop of snow-capped mountains and happy faces of snowboarders. Unisex models are distinguished from ski jackets by practicality and convenience of wearing, a variety of colors. In such a sweatshirt, even hundreds of kilometers from the city, you feel at home. Snowboarding Long Hoodie, overalls or sweatshirts do not hinder movement, allow you to perform the most insane stunts.

As a rule, such models are suitable for riding at temperatures up to -6 C. Experienced riders and beginners on steep slopes can experience all the delights of original snowboard clothing.

For pregnant

Future mothers often want to hide their interesting position. In order not to hinder movement, not to look like a “huge figure” in an awkward robe, get a nice sweatshirt or a hoodie with a hoodie. Plush to the touch, they will give a special tactile sensations, will not cause allergies, future mothers will like it. Cartoon print or floral drawings will only emphasize your special position, will raise your spirits.

Hoodie Badi (Hoodiebuddie)

The present invention is a hoodiebuddie with headphones instead of laces. In the digital age, even clothes did not go unnoticed by technical developments. These built-in headphones created by the Los Angeles-based firm Hoodiebuddie, have a patent. The new technology of high-quality sound HB3 technology allows not only to enjoy your favorite tracks while jogging or walking, but also to wash the product in the washing machine.

With headphones for kids

The breakthrough of the Hoodiebuddie brand is sure to appeal to the youngest, who are literally from the cradle familiar with smartphones and tablets. Such clothes will save parents' expenses on new headphones, and during a boring trip they will distract the restless favorite music, audiobook or course of the English language.

Who is suitable?

Despite the fact that bombers make "sports betting", they look no less pretty and cozy on a female figure. Hoodie really fit more for walking, romantic meetings in the middle of autumn, and a sweatshirt is better to wear a gym or jogging. It can be decorated with drawings and prints, but most often designers place inscriptions, logos, etc. on the front and back side.

Hoodies with “ears” can be found in women's sweatshirts, as they have become a real trend lately. That is why women, men and even children can wear such an element of wardrobe.

What to wear?

Elongated sweatshirts and hoodies are best worn under tight jeans and leggings. Girls can "align" the silhouette of the figure, wearing only a warm top, tights and high boots. Sweatpants, sneakers, or sneakers are also great for Hoodie. Fit models of slim fit under the skirt or cute skinny. Men can choose a comfortable bomber style for old style jeans.

Browse interesting models

Urban casual style will create a stylish image along with hoodie and jeans, leather leggings, plain tights. For study fit nice bombers with zippers, which are also better to combine with flare, rolled up, tapered models of trousers. HLS fans will not bypass the combination of sweatshirts and sports trousers for sneakers, sneakers or slip-ons. Men can safely wear moccasins, and girls can experiment with high heels.

If we are talking about skirts, then measure only the length of a mini, and choose a model that is hoody to mid-thigh. Shoe boots, leggings, high knee-highs, which will help create a diligent schoolgirl look, will also fit here.

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