V-neck sweater

V-neck sweater

Even during the cold weather, girls tend to be beautiful, sexy, to preserve their femininity. You can achieve this without denying yourself the pleasure of wearing a cushy sweater. A striking example of a feminine, attractive sweater is a jumper, complemented by a V-neck.


  • V-neckline refers to the classic solutions, because such a jumper will be relevant anytime and anywhere. This makes clothes versatile, which is only good;
  • The most profitable sleeve for such a pullover is a long or three quarters. But a short sleeve creates a certain imbalance in the proportions of your figure;
  • If you already have a pullover under your throat in your wardrobe, it is better to purchase a model with a cutout in a contrasting color;
  • Pullovers with a neckline allow you to experiment with the clothes you wear under it. These may be blouses, shirts, t-shirts;
  • A large neckline is able to emphasize the chest. But try not to turn femininity into vulgarity.

To suit

If you are thin and do not have big breasts, then:

  • Use a pullover with a small triangular neckline, a short model on three-quarter sleeves;
  • Give preference to the model that opens the hanger;
  • Give up a large sweater with a large neckline, otherwise it will devour you;
  • Do not use thick materials that are huge compared to your refined figure.

Owners of lush breasts should use the following tips:

  1. A deep triangular cutout on a pullover is perfect. Just follow certain measures to not look too vulgar.
  2. Choose a pullover made from soft, flowing fabrics. A sweater does not have to fit to put the right accents.
  3. Discard dense materials as they add volume.
  4. Strict models, minimal cuts are also not for you, because you can not hide such beauty.

For girls who do not have a clear waistline, there are recommendations:

  • Prefer long, flowing models that will cover the ass. But below the buttocks sweater should not be to maintain the desired proportions;
  • The dark color of the pullover will perfectly hide the extra volume. And if you have beautiful breasts, the neckline accentuates attention to it, distracting from the waist;
  • Light tones emphasize completeness, emphasize those extra pounds.

Fashion trends

  1. Actual colors. If you need a pullover with a triangular neckline, it is better to give preference to shades of gray, white. Black, beige and even blue look no less advantageous. It all depends on the situation and your figure. Chubby girls are better off opting for dark shades, and slender women look good in light pullovers. If you want to be brighter, use striped models, pink, anise, red, shades of yellow or green.
  2. Materials Wool, acrylic, cashmere and other natural, expensive and not very fabric. When choosing a material, focus on their durability, practicality. By far the most attractive option would be cashmere. The more natural and calmer the palette, the better, more pleasant to the touch and durable will be a pullover.

What to wear

  • With a shirt. You should not choose a bright shirt and a pullover at the same time, because then you will not be able to create the necessary accents. This option is perfect for the office, so as not to look like a gray mouse;
  • With a t-shirt.A T-shirt may also have a triangular neckline and not look out from under the jumper, or cover the neckline area with its collar;
  • On a naked body or with a T-shirt. The main thing is to look out of the pullover;
  • Pants, breeches, jeans, skirt and trousers. Almost any of these things will look beautiful against the background of a jumper;
  • Footwear. It can be both low and high, wedge, heels.

Stylists secrets

To look perfect in a jumper with a triangular neckline, listen to the advice of stylists:

  • Prefer pastel tones, beige palette for at least one of the jumpers in your wardrobe. This is a classic that will never be superfluous;
  • Dark models are suitable for fat ladies, and light models for slim girls;
  • Dilute solid-colored pullovers with bright accessories;
  • Do not use the numerous bright prints on the pullover, as they disturb the harmony of the figure and style.

Stylish images

  • Knitted pullover with a deep neckline will emphasize the beauty of the breast, provide the required comfort and warm in the early spring or autumn. A pair of accessories, a beautiful skirt or pants, and an image completed;
  • A monochromatic light jumper is superbly complemented by a dark bottom, focusing attention on your face and décolleté at a large neckline. This image allows you to hide the shortcomings of the legs, clearly demonstrate a beautiful hair, makeup and well-groomed skin;
  • Bright red or coral sweater perfectly complemented by trendy jeans. You can wear them in a pair of sneakers for a casual look, as well as a high heel, creating an excellent bow for a walk with your loved one.
  • An incredibly stylish burgundy-colored pullover with a well-chosen shirt. Experimenting with color, you can create and office strict bow, and everyday youth image.
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