Jumper for the boy - fashion trends

Jumper for the boy - fashion trends

Jumper - a beautiful, comfortable, practical piece of clothing for the off-season. It is easy to combine with other items of clothing, it is warm and comfortable. Fashionable and comfortable children's clothing, ideal for walking in the cool season and for games.


This type of clothing refers to knitted shoulder products, with a characteristic feature - the lack of a collar and buckles. In a pinch, a jumper may have a short stand collar, fastened with a short zipper or several buttons.

Popular styles and models:

  • Fudge (with a shirt imitation) - a convenient option for a school or a festive event.
  • Knitted - stylish and practical clothes for the cold season. This is a universal element of the wardrobe that can warm the child in the cold.
  • With a shawl collar - a laconic model looks both sporty and elegant. Elastic elastic bands around the edges help the product to keep its shape. A cozy, warm and practical jumper is indispensable on bad weather days.
  • Raglan top - A convenient model for active children. In such a jumper, a small mod will become the center of attention, especially if the colors of the product are contrasted.
  • Hooded Cardigan - a universal item of clothing, popular among young people. You can wear it for a walk or an active event. Perfectly combined with jeans and classic trousers, shirts and plain golf.
  • Polo Jumper - has a turn-down collar and a bar. There are models with buttons and without them, like polo shirts.
  • Jumper with asymmetric claspOh. Lightning is located along the shoulder seam line, which makes this model very stylish and comfortable.

This option is suitable for big boys.

Actual colors

The basic colors of the season 2016:

• burgundy;

• beige;

• green;

• blue;

• mustard.

Bright colors:

• blue;

• lime;

• yellow;

• all shades of red.

The trend of the season - a combination of different colors.

Patterns and prints

  • Cardigan with jacquard pattern provides for the use of more than two colors. Often such a pattern exists in the form of numbers, various geometric shapes, images of animals and various abstract patterns.
  • Polka Dot Jumper - option for fashionable boys. White peas on a black background will put a bright dot in the image of the future man.
  • Striped jumper looks great in combination with jeans and sneakers or sneakers. Ideal for walking in the off season.

Model overview

  • Knitted jumper for a newborn boy - a very comfortable product that should be in the wardrobe of a newly born man. Due to the modern style, as well as the characteristics of the material, such products are suitable for crumbs, and their excellent performance characteristics will appeal to everyone who tries to make the newborn baby live comfortable.

Brand news

  • Qualitative monophonic jumper for 2 years will be the first basic thing in the wardrobe of a young explorer of the world. It will be suitable as a supplement to classic trousers or monotonous strict jeans, creating a harmonious duet for everyday wear.
  • For 3 years more practical things can not be found! A jumper made of high quality material will give the boy a feeling of comfort. Natural cotton threads allow the product to "breathe", as a result, the skin is not irritated, and the body is protected from sweating.
  • For 4 years. A classic combination of gray, black and red colors, a V-shaped neckline - all this makes a jumper of such a model a thing must-have.For a four-year-old child - an ideal option with which you can instill a sense of style in your child.
  • For 6 years sweater on the buttons will be the first clothes, as in adults. In winter, it can be worn as a poddev under a jacket, and in a warmer time - and used as outerwear.
  • For 10 years the boy can buy a bright red free-cut sweater. Such a product can be worn as a separate clothing or combined with shirts or polo.
  • For 14 years - A nice milky color jumper with a geometric print of bright shades will look harmonious with both classic-style trousers and jeans. Young boys will surely enjoy such a stylish and beautiful model.
  • For teensin, who are already quite seriously interested in their appearance, and tend to look more courageous, you need to know a few rules.

V-neckline visually makes more shoulders, just like raglan sleeves.

Round neckline creates a soft, more relaxed and welcoming look.

  • For the student, the best option is a solid-colored jumper, which is perfectly combined with a shirt of any color, while reliably protecting its owner in the cool season.

Brand news

  • Nike - unsurpassed quality, thoughtful design and variety of colors. Nike jumpers have long been popular with consumers all over the world. Models of 2016 are represented by universal monochromatic colors and variants with original patterns for every taste.
  • Pelican - a modern Russian brand, known on the market since the beginning of the 2000s. The popular clothing brand in the 2016 season offers fashion products at an affordable price.
  • Acoola - Russian fashion brand of children's and teen clothing. The motto of the company is “all the same as in adults”. Produces stylish clothes for young talents, given the fashion trends.
  • CEGISA - a popular Turkish company for the production of children's and teenage textiles. Clothing is of high quality, does not change its appearance for a long time wearing, comfortable and convenient.

Many & Many - high-quality and beautiful clothes from the Chinese manufacturer. Popular with teenagers. Always current styles and trendy colors.

  • WAXMEN - firm of children's clothes from Turkey. Differs in reasonable prices and recognizable logo on products.

The fashion for jumpers does not pass. Every year new trends and trends emerge, with them you can look stylish in any situation, even for children.

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