2019 stylish jumpers

2019 stylish jumpers

What it is

A jumper is a knitted sweater with sleeves and a round neck, worn over the head. In this article, we have collected the most stylish jumpers in 2016.

Initially, the jumper was considered a sportswear and was actively used by athletes. Hence its name, because in translation from English the word “jumper” is translated as “jumper”. Since the second half of the last century, jumpers have become popular with the general population. They have become an integral part of men's and women's wardrobes.

What is the difference


The jumper is different from the pullover and sweater round neck.


The pullover has a V-neck, which distinguishes it from a sweater and a sweater.


Sweater is different from the sweater and pullover high-necked collar. Most often this is one of the variations of the stand-up collar. It can also be a collar-collar.

Popular styles and models


For the office are great jumpers, connected with a shirt. They make the impression as if you were wearing a jumper on your shirt, but in fact you have a solid thing in front of you.

On one shoulder

Jumpers on one shoulder are usually spacious and with a lowered shoulder line. They give the image of femininity and flirty.

With cuts on the sides

Cuts on the sides of the jumper are both small and deep. In any case, they give the jumper originality.

With throat

Despite the fact that the classic jumper is considered to be a model with a round neckline, now you can find high-throated jumpers. Such a thing will especially protect and warm you in cold weather.

With hood

A jumper with a hood is suitable for everyday wear. It will also be appropriate when creating a sports image.


Jumpers are now available with a number of buttons forming a turn-down collar. They can be suitable for both office style and casual look. It all depends on the color, model and its decor.

With a yoke

Jumper with a yoke looks bright and original. The yoke can be made in openwork knitting, simple stitch or various mixed types of knitting.

Without sleeves

Sleeveless jumper is perfect for wearing in warm weather. In the cold it can be supplemented by wearing a regular shirt under it. This will create a classic office look.


Jumpers with raglan sleeves - a fairly common model. In these jumpers sleeve goes on the shoulder to the neck.


The sporty jumper is designed not only for sports, but also for everyday wear. Sports sweaters are especially popular with men.

Bare shoulders

An off-shoulder jumper can be either with shoulder cutouts on the sleeves, or with a lowered shoulder line. Both types of jumpers with open shoulders are feminine and original. They will surely turn on you the eyes of others.


In recent fashionable seasons, asymmetry remains the same trend. There are jumpers in which the edges of the product are different in length. Not less popular are jumpers, in which the back surface is several centimeters longer than the front.

With lace sleeves

Jumpers with lace sleeves look spectacular and festive. They will perfectly color everyday life, add originality and tenderness to your image.

With open back

The original sweater, which is sure to attract the attention of others. An open back can be created with a cut, notch or smell on the back.



Boho is a combination of many styles and trends in fashion. Boho style combines such directions as hippies, grunge, gothic, ethnic motifs, folk, etc. The essence of boho-style is the combination of the incompatible.

To create a bow in the style of "boho" choose thin translucent jumpers and spacious models several sizes larger than yours. Under the jumpers you can wear long shirts, shirts, t-shirts and dresses.

Combine voluminous sweaters with skinny jeans or flared jeans.


Oversize jumpers are a clear trend for this season. Three-dimensional models look cozy, fashionable and modern. They are perfectly combined with many elements of the wardrobe. And on warm days, oversize jumpers can even replace your outerwear. And skinny and plump girls oversize jumpers can help solve figure flaws.


Jumpers with a bat sleeve will help to hide the fullness of the hands. This season, especially relevant three-dimensional models on one shoulder with a sleeve "bat".

How to choose a figure

Older women jumpers are great for full size women. Asymmetry will also help to hide some figure flaws.

Oversize jumpers will help you to hide some flaws (fullness in the hips, abdomen, arms). But complete women should especially carefully select the model in the oversize style, because some options can visually increase your figure even more.

As a material for a sweater, full women should pay attention to light soft materials, for example, a mixture of wool with silk. But from too dense jumpers should be abandoned. They add extra volume to your figure. Also discard the jumpers, which include elastane. Such a jumper too tightly tight around your figure.

With the type of figure "apple" give up the bulk or overly tight jumpers. The vertical stripes on the jumper will slim your figure. Extended models are the best option for your type. From the short jumpers definitely should be abandoned.

For the hourglass figure, tight-fitting jumpers of standard length just below the waist are best suited. Jumpers are too tight and coarse-knit you better not to wear.

For a pear-like figure, choose jumpers with deep cuts, possibly asymmetrical. You need to shift the emphasis from the lower body to the neck and neckline.

With the shape of the "rectangle" wear a jumper with a belt that emphasizes your waist. Patterns in the chest, a contrast print on the waist will help to adjust the figure properly.

Owners of the “inverted rectangle” figure were the luckiest ones. They fit any model jumpers.

Fashion trends

Actual colors


Thanks to the many shades of pink, you can create both a bright and delicate feminine image.

The black

The black jumper is versatile and fits any item in your wardrobe. It will be relevant for any event.


Green jumpers can be worn for work, school, meetings with friends and at various events. You just need to choose the right shade of green.


A white jumper will create a cozy winter mood. Do not forget - white color is combined with any colors. Depending on the image you have created, you can wear a white jumper in any setting.


A gray jumper will be appropriate in a business atmosphere, combined with strict colors. But he will also look great with bright colors to create a youth image.


A yellow jumper will make your look brighter in any setting, be it an office or a meeting with friends.


The red sweater goes well with classic colors (white, black, gray, beige). He will help you in creating a bright image.


Blue color is one of the main trends of this season. A blue jumper is appropriate for various occasions.


In a fashion combination of blue and black.A blue jumper is perfect for a winter wardrobe.


Burgundy color elegant and elegant. It is suitable for office and special occasions. In addition, burgundy color does not lose its popularity among fashionistas for several years.

Decorations and prints


Openwork sweater will give you femininity. As well as possible such models are suitable for spring and autumn.

With braids

Braids on a jumper can be both horizontal and vertical. Their width can also be any.


Striped jumper - a fairly common and already beloved by all option. The width of the bands can be any, as well as the colors. Match the rest of the image to the color of one of the stripes to create a harmonious blend.

With lace

Lace-trimmed jumpers are feminine and elegant. They are great for visiting various holidays and celebrations.

With deer

Jumper with deer - a great option for winter walks and get-togethers with friends.



Short and short jumpers are now particularly relevant. Most of all they fit slender girls. You can wear shirts, t-shirts and turtlenecks for such models.

A long

Long and elongated models of jumpers are well warmed in cold weather, and also help to hide the flaws in the hips. An elongated jumper may slightly close the hips, and a long one - up to the knee level. According to the style of such jumpers can be both voluminous and tight.



Knitwear jumpers are very common, because knitwear has a huge number of advantages. They are comfortable and comfortable to wear, flexible, easy to stretch, do not constrain movements and effectively emphasize the beautiful curves of the female body.

Of mohair

Mohair jumpers are very warm and comfortable, you won't find them too hot or too cold. They will not cause irritation or allergies even in the most sensitive persons. The mohair jumper will not stretch, lose its shape. Due to the strength of the mohair your jumper will be resistant to damage. The smoothness of the mohair fibers will help preserve the presentable look of your jumper for a long time. Mohair also has such valuable properties as thermal insulation and excellent moisture absorption.

Irish lace

Irish lace jumpers are very elegant and beautiful. Irish lace consists of crocheted individual motifs (flowers, leaves, twigs, rosettes, etc.) connected on an openwork grid. Initially, Irish lace was made of silk thread, now flax yarn is more popular. To create Irish lace yarn is used in various thicknesses. The jumper can be made entirely in Irish lace, or it can be individual elements (cuffs, yoke, back, etc.).

From angora

Angora sweaters are usually made with additions of other natural or synthetic fibers (viscose, polyester, acrylic, etc.). Soft, fluffy, and at the same time lightweight angora jumper will warm you perfectly in any weather. Angora things do not cause allergies. The disadvantage of angora products is that they can peel off and cannot be wetted. Accordingly, the care of a jumper from Angora is possible only in dry cleaning.

What and how to wear

Shortened models of jumpers look good with skirts and high-waisted trousers.

Long jumpers can be combined with skinny jeans, pants, skirts, shorts, as well as simply with leggings or tight tights.

As an outerwear, everything suits a jumper: a jacket, jacket, coat, leather jacket, blazer. Sports jumpers can be combined with bombers.

Shoes can also be any. Depending on the weather and onions you create, combine a jumper with loafers, oxfords, high boots, ankle boots, sneakers, clogs, shoes.

Men in a business setting should wear a shirt with a tie under a jumper.The collar of a shirt can be tucked under a jumper.

Also under the jumper you can wear a turtleneck. A blazer would be appropriate for this combination.

Stylish images

For kids

Light blue cotton mesh sweater is perfect for wearing in warm weather. Under it you can wear any T-shirt. A jumper to go well with short denim shorts.

White sweater with voluminous vertical braids looks very elegant. It is successfully combined with gray warm leggings with a black pattern and with black elegant flats. The girlish image completes the white bow decorating the tail.

A purple raglan short-sleeved jumper is worn over a gray-white horizontal striped jumper. A purple sweater adds brightness to a rather unobtrusive combination of gray trousers and a gray-white sweater. A purple jumper is decorated with buttons and two narrow vertical braids.

Delicate summer look: a pink jumper with a short sleeve to the elbow with white pants and pink sandals. The jumper is decorated with a wide horizontal braid that goes along the sleeves and the neck.

Light blue jumper made from a mixture of cotton and polyester. Looks great with gray pants. Suitable for school and for walking with friends.

For teens

This gray cotton jumper with low-key yellow letters is perfect for a teenage boy for everyday wear.

Dark blue sweater for a teenager with a hood and yellow stitching along the edges of the product. The pocket is made in the form of a yellow patch with inscriptions. Perfect for walking and sports activities.

An elegant navy blue stretch jumper in classic length. Pattern - narrow vertical braids. Dark blue color goes well with many colors. In this case, he is wearing a light green jersey. Green and blue check mini skirt goes well with other things.

A voluminous burgundy jumper with small cuts on the sides goes well with denim shorts. The jumper is made in a pattern of various vertical braids.

A bright jumper for a teenage girl in a black and white stripe with an orange bottom and orange edging sleeves. It goes well with the orange T-shirt, orange hoop and blue jeans worn under a jumper.

For women

Stylish urban look: a cozy beige jumper with vertical braids is successfully combined with a light turquoise pleated mini-skirt. The image is decorated with accessories such as beige-black sandals, a turquoise clutch and a hat.

A voluminous light blue jumper on one shoulder is well combined with a brown pleated maxi skirt with deep slits on the sides. The high rectangular bag was matched to the skirt, and silver sandals with high thick heels matched to the jumper.

A cozy white cardigan goes well with skinny peach pants. The image is complemented by a white handbag, light beige wedge shoes and a dark gold-tone necklace.

A cropped gray-black check short-sleeved jumper with white wide cropped trousers creates an original bow. The image is complemented by a black hat, black sandals and white-framed sunglasses.

A spacious, elongated mint-colored jumper decorated with a checkered collar, shoulder straps, and cuffs. A bright knitted bag in a multi-colored strip adds brightness to the image.

For men

The original gray jumper, the right half of the front surface of which is made of satin, and the left half is decorated with vertical knitted stripes and oblique. Goes well with black corduroy pants and a plain white t-shirt.

Business look: light gray viscose jumper worn over a white shirt, classic black pants.

A khaki jumper, decorated with vertical braids of various widths, worn over a white shirt.

The combination of a dark burgundy jumper with a light blue shirt and dark jeans is a very stylish casual look for fashion-conscious men.

Stylish relaxed look: a gray jumper is put on a beige shirt with a khaki tie tucked in under a jumper. The shirt has a beige belt with black dress pants.

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