Children's jumper - fashionable and comfortable!

Children's jumper - fashionable and comfortable!

Every parent wants his child to look beautiful, always neat, protected from the cold. In the fall, winter and early spring, the jumper is an indispensable attribute of children's wardrobe. Sweaters are great for both boys and girls. Only the approach to their choice is somewhat different.

Styles and models

When choosing a jumper for your child, look at all the available styles to find the perfect balance between your opinion and the wish of your son, daughter.

  • Knitted. A great option for a winter sweater. Depending on the knitting, the sweater can be tight or looser, where the air passes well through the knitting, preventing the child from sweating;
  • Blende. Good jumper for school, kindergarten. Its charm is that clothing creates the effect of having a shirt under a jumper. This eliminates the need to wear the baby in several layers;
  • With a hood. A good solution for everyday walks, games with friends, and sometimes for school. It all depends on the requirements of the school dress code and the style of your sweater;
  • Raglan. This is a thin knitwear, which some attribute to the variety of sweaters, while others are called an independent piece of clothing. One way or another, a raglan can be worn alone, or worn under a windbreaker, with a warm jacket, depending on the weather;
  • With patterns. The question of taste and preferences in terms of clothing. More gentle images will suit girls, while boys prefer courageous decor or its complete absence;
  • With long sleeve. Universal model at any time of the year, because if necessary, the sleeves can be pulled up if it becomes too warm. Under long-sleeve sweaters they wear T-shirts, T-shirts, shirts;
  • Short-sleeve. A good choice for a period when wearing a long-sleeved sweater is to wear late, and only wear a shirt or t-shirt early. It also eliminates the need to carry a jacket, windbreaker;
  • Without sleeves. The perfect solution to wear a jumper shirt.

How to choose

Consider for what specific purposes you are planning to buy a cardigan for children. Depending on this, you should select the appropriate model for the design and materials.

  • School. This is a fairly strict jumper, made in a restrained color palette. Yes, in some schools it is allowed to wear bright, informal clothes. So it all depends on a number of factors;
  • For a teenager. In adolescence, children, and especially girls, form their tastes in clothes. Therefore, let us have the freedom of choice so that the child would wear the jumper with pleasure;
  • For the street. Here do not limit the freedom to choose colors, prints, patterns. For the street, jumpers with the image of a beloved hero are perfect, models with short sleeves, which will not allow the child to catch on the branch or fence. Plus, pay attention to the fabric so that it does not wear out quickly, does not stretch, and is easily washed. Street jumpers you have to wash frequently;
  • For important events. For such events, you can take a classic jumper and put on it a golfik, shirt or T-shirt. Although a more universal and simple solution for the child himself is a jumper-snapshot.

What to wear

Practically all representatives of the wardrobe can act as "partners" for a children's sweater:

  • Windbreakers. Suitable for light models of jumpers that are not able to fully protect the child from the current weather;
  • Jackets. In winter, a combination of a sweater and a warm jacket will provide the necessary effect, they will not let you freeze;
  • T-shirts. T-shirt is worn under a jumper. Only when choosing pay attention to the matching of the neck of the sweater and T-shirt.Otherwise, a T-shirt may simply be ugly hanging out from under a jumper, disrupting all attempts to create an attractive image;
  • Mikey Simple lining between a jumper and a naked body. This is especially true for knitted jumpers that can prick the body of a child, delivering discomfort;
  • Shirts. The neck of the sweater allows you to beautifully apply a shirt with a tie or bowtie. Yes, and for everyday life, a stylish shirt in combination with a single-colored jumper creates a stunning effect;
  • Trousers. The classic solution that is useful when planning school clothes. Beautiful, neat, stylish and fully meets the basic requirements of the school dress code;
  • Jeans. For children, this is even more preferable than pants. Jeans are youth, comfortable, beautiful clothes. And with jeans both strict jumpers, and bright models with drawings, prints and numerous color palettes look great;
  • Dresses, skirts. Girls prefer beautiful skirts and dresses to trousers and jeans. Jumper cool complements these items of clothing, creating at the same time a gentle, feminine, practical and warmed image;
  • Shorts with a jumper can be relevant for boys and girls. In pair with a thin top, with appropriate weather, shorts are quite capable of playing their part in a profitable way;
  • Footwear. In terms of footwear there are no restrictions. The main thing is that the jumper is combined with the child's footwear. Shoes, sneakers, sneakers, sandals, boots, etc., are suitable for this purpose.

Stylish models

For girls

  • A dark jumper with animal prints and images perfectly complements ordinary jeans. Stylish and comfortable image for the daily life of the girl;
  • A bright, original sky-blue cardigan with prints looks great paired with pants in color and a sleeveless jacket;
  • An attention-grabbing rich image can be created using a combination of yellow and shades of blue. What color to wear up and what is down, you decide.

For boys

  • Classic pants, a sleeveless jumper and a long-sleeved shirt are a great, stylish idea to create a business look for a child;
  • To create a bright, eye-catching bow for a girl, a teenager can wear a red zip jumper, a discreet palette T-shirt and trendy jeans;
  • Jumper-snag will be an indispensable attribute when creating the right, comfortable and practical image for the school.
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