Men's Cardigan - season hit

Men's Cardigan - season hit


A jumper is a piece of clothing that is made of knitwear or wool. The jumper has no zippers and a stand-up collar; instead, it has a roundish collar. Translating from English, “jumper” means “jumper”. The fact is that the jumper was originally created as the clothes of athletes. Only at the beginning of the last century, this piece of clothing began to be used for daily use.

Popular styles and models


Jumper polo - the upper part of clothing, most often of knitwear, with a triangular collar and brand name on the chest. Polo goes well with denim pants. This model is perfect for creating an image for every day.

On lightning

A jumper with a zipper represents the upper part of clothing with a long vertical zipper. Most often, these models have a stand-up collar and side pockets. Such a thing is perfect for everyday wear in cool autumn weather.


A buttoned jumper has a high collar and a small slit, which is buttoned. There are also models that are fully buttoned. This jumper goes well with jeans and trousers. This model is suitable for those whom the work requires to be on the street in cold weather.

With hood

This model is tailored in such a way that gives complete freedom of movement for men. This jumper will help you create a modern look for every day.


A sports jumper is created from soft, stretching fabric. It is suitable for sports and for the daily image.

With v-neck

Jumper with a cutout similar to the letter V. This model is combined with almost any clothing wardrobe. Such a jumper is worn with or without a shirt. This model can be in harmony with a tie and pants, so you can safely complement your business image with a jumper.

A big-knit sweater goes well with denim pants. Dark-colored jeans are suitable for light-colored jeans, and, on the contrary, light-colored jumpers for dark-colored jeans.

This model is perfect for a casual look.

With collar shirt

A shirt with a shirt collar is a knit product with a cotton collar insert. Such a model often has a triangular notch. This jumper is perfect for office style.

Without sleeves

This model differs from the classic sweater only in the absence of sleeves. This model is usually combined with a shirt. This model is ideal for classic trousers to create an image in the office.

With throat

This model is ideal for wearing in the winter. The high neck protects against the cold wind, and at the same time the high collar focuses on the face. A sweater with a throat can be worn with jeans and pants. The main thing to choose classic. So you will look even more courageous.


This model is distinguished from inserts by a simple sweater. It can be an insert from a collar or sleeves. Under such a jumper, of course, you no longer need to wear a shirt. The jumper snag can be buttoned or zipped. The color gamut of this model is diverse: you can choose both classic colors and bright colors.


This jumper is suitable for wearing in the summer or spring. Under the thin jumper you can also wear a shirt. The jumper can be fastened both with buttons and a lock. Some models have a hood.

Patterns and prints

With braids

Braided sweater is also called fishing.Irish fishermen wives knitted such sweaters from natural, but raw wool, so they were smelly, but they were well protected from the cold and getting wet.

According to legend, braided braids on a sweater also possessed magical properties - symbolized success and success in business, and also promised a safe return for the fisherman to go home, diamonds and diamonds - promised wealth, and weaving in a net - reminiscent of a fishing net.

Today, such sweaters are also made from natural, but already treated wool. It is best to combine such a jumper with thick fabrics, such as denim pants, wool hats, and massive jackets.

With an image

In addition to jumpers with weaves, there are a large number of jumpers with patterns. In the boutiques you can find a jumper with any pattern from famous designers. The most popular models are models with animals and with drawings of ethnic character.

Actual colors


White color is good because it can be easily in harmony with other colors. At the same time, white sweater looks bright and elegant. A white jumper harmonizes well with both white, light gray tones and contrasting black and dark blue. White jumper looks especially good on a man with dark skin.

The black

A classic black jumper is an indispensable part for an image for a business meeting or office. A black jumper is usually complemented with a white shirt. A black jumper is often combined with black and navy pants.


The burgundy cardigan is suitable for creating a casual look. Burgundy jumper can be worn with trousers and jeans.


If you love to be in the spotlight, then a red jumper will help you with this. And the red jumper is suitable not only for everyday look. In combination with a white shirt and pants in black or gray, a red jumper will look stern and very stylish in an image for the office.

Red color harmonizes with white. For example, you can choose white pants for a red jumper, but this image is more suitable for a rest. If you want to use red for the image for every day, then it is better to choose “NOT flashy” red.


Blue is the most common color of men's wardrobe after black. Since childhood, we have attached the label "blue for boys, pink for girls". Blue color goes well with brown jeans or trousers. In the collections of fashion designers are different shades of blue. Blue color is not whimsical, so you can easily pick it up from your wardrobe. Wear a blue sweater with a light blue or white shirt for a casual look.


Many people believe that the yellow color is too strongly striking, but having chosen the right color combination for it, you can create a stylish and concise image. By the yellow jumper you can pick up the pants of a calm light gray color, they will dilute the yellow color and then it will not be too obvious.


Rarely when you can find a thing pink in the men's wardrobe. However, designers in their collections have repeatedly represented this color. Pink color is suitable for men with a slight tan. Pink sweater is a perfect fit for a weekend or a walk in a friendly company.


Another classic color. Go for a gray sweater and black trousers or light-sleeved jeans. Wear a gray sweater and black trousers for a casual look.



A cashmere item in a wardrobe is a sign of great taste and style. There were times when cashmere material was worth its weight in gold, but today everyone can afford the cashmere thing for a reasonable price.

A cashmere sweater is best combined with classic business style things.You can wear a cashmere jacket over a jumper or just a jumper with a white shirt and tie to go out. Classic shoes will complete this look. For a casual outfit with a cashmere sweater, you can wear dark jeans.


Woolen jumper is a practical choice during hard frosts. Natural wool perfectly absorbs moisture and at the same time passes air. But the wool jumper has its drawbacks: the jumper can not be washed in a washing machine, you can only wash by hand or use dry cleaning; over time on the jumper formed "pellets."


Fleece sweaters are most often intended for sports or outdoor activities. Fleece material is pleasant to the touch, allows the skin to breathe, while maintaining warmth. The fabric is soft, but very durable. A fleece jumper will protect you from the cold wind, even if your clothes get wet.


Knitwear jumper has one feature: it fits snugly to the figure, literally enveloping it. Knitted fabric is very soft and warm. Knitwear sweater can be worn in cool autumn weather.


There is no such wardrobe in which there would be no cotton stuff. Cotton is easy to use, not whimsical, and is not expensive. Cotton items have good breathability. Cotton sweater can be washed in a washing machine. However, cotton has one drawback - a cotton thing can stretch out and change its shape over time.

How to choose

Every man’s wardrobe should have a stylish jumper. When choosing a sweater, you should pay attention to the following nuances:

  1. Material. Choose natural materials: wool, cashmere, cotton, etc. If you choose a jumper for the winter, it is better to choose a jumper from wool. If for the fall, then from knitwear or fleece. For a warm summer fit thin sweater.
  2. The size. Hangers should be in place. A jumper should not be too long or short.
  3. Convenience. Jumper should not interfere with movement and cause inconvenience.
  4. Suitable style. For men with a sporty physique fit tight models, for obese men - models of free cut, for thin ones - straight, not tight models.
  5. Colour. Choosing the color of the sweater you need to consider where you are going to wear it. For example, in an office, it is best to choose classic colors. For other places brighter colors will do.

What to wear

Under the shirt

Sweater with a rounded collar - the most common model. This model is perfect for a jacket. A rounded collar, unlike a V-shaped collar, conceals more clothing. This has its plus and minus. Plus the fact that you can put on a jumper any T-shirt, even the old one. And the downside is that if you put a shirt under a jumper, it will not be visible.

When choosing a jumper for a shirt, you need to choose a model with a large enough collar so that the shirt collar is visible.

Under the jacket

The typical casual style is a jumper for a jacket and jeans. This image can be complemented by a scarf. At the same time, the scarf can be the center of attention, besides, in cold weather a scarf will protect your throat from the cold wind. In addition, under the jumper you can wear a white shirt.

If you decide to wear a jumper under your jacket, then you need to look so that the sleeves of the jumper do not look out of the jacket under any circumstances.

Overview of brand new products


Nike presented a large number of fleece jumpers in its collection. Fleece jumper will allow you to play sports, while feeling comfortable. Nike sweater provides warm in cold weather, does not hinder movement. Closes the model data on the lock, which serves as an additional protection from the wind.


The jumper is made of soft-touch material. The Demix jumper has a special insulation that keeps the warmth of the human body well. The zipper, which is fastened with a jumper, allows air to circulate without problems.On the sleeves there are cuffs that provide additional protection from the wind. From the rain will save the hood, which can be adjusted and adjusted to itself.


The Puma jumper is ideal for sports training, but it can also be worn every day. Jumper has:

  1. Comfortable pockets
  2. Cuffs,
  3. Hood.

Such a thing will make your workout convenient and comfortable, and will focus on your image. Jumper Puma has original patterns and prints.


Fleece sweaters are a sensible choice for relaxing in cloudy weather. Fleece retains heat well, besides it is pleasant to the touch. Special cut sweater does not hinder movement.

Top models

  • Blue jersey jumper with V neckline. Can be combined with a white shirt or light-colored shirt. This model is perfect for dark jeans.
  • Buttoned jumper. Perfect for a casual look.
  • Knitted wool sweater. The model is suitable for both a strict business style and for a casual look.
  • Cardigan with a round collar. This model is suitable for an image in the office or for every day. It can be combined with trousers in a classic color or with jeans.
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