2019 Stylish Knitted Jumper

2019 Stylish Knitted Jumper

Just a few decades ago, sweaters were considered exclusively male part of the wardrobe, but gradually migrated to the female. Knitted jumper strikes a variety of styles, colors and models, and in contrast to the old days is considered very fashionable and stylish attire.

Previously, its main advantage was protection from the cold, now even avid fashionistas choose it to decorate their own image. But it is worth considering that such a detail of clothing is quite capricious and can easily simplify the image if it is chosen incorrectly. How to choose the right jumper and which models are considered relevant now.

Popular styles and models

Modern sweaters can be divided into two categories: those that are knitted by hand and those that are knitted from knitwear in a factory. Each model has its own distinctive features and looks different. Hand-knitted sweaters always look more original, because a model can literally be created at will. But among the factory jumpers are very original copies.

Raglan top

This model of sweater is different in that the sleeve begins to go not from the shoulder, but literally from the neck. With the help of this cut, you can visually reduce the shoulders, if they are quite wide. It is also relevant for children's models, because children grow quickly enough, and the jumper, knitted in such a cut, is almost dimensionless.

Large knit

Such sweaters have remained in fashion since last season. They are often knitted from coarse yarn to make the product bulky and easy to shapeless. Often there are angora and mohair models. Famous designers and fashion designers, like Victoria Beckham, Tommy Hilfiger, Protagonist, Vionnet, often produce entire collections of sweaters and jumpers, knitted in this way.

Garter Stitch

A jumper that would fit perfectly in everyday look. Light, uncomplicated pattern, despite the fact that it is neutral can be a stylish decoration, if you choose the right other items of clothing.

With bat sleeve

A model that looks great on young ladies of any age and build. The sleeves hanging excessively under your arms allow you to hide figure flaws. Thin girls, such a model slightly increases in volume and makes the figure proportional. Completeness, hides.


This model of sweater is often chosen by girls who appreciate comfort and practicality. It is easy to choose a wardrobe for such a sweater, because it is almost neutral, if you do not take into account the color and pattern.


A jumper that looks seductively on thin girls and elegantly on plump ones. It will look great both under pants and under pants.

With a cut on the back

Such sweaters are often chosen by young girls, because they look very seductive. The cutout can be both deep and not so. Often it is tied with a satin bow in the tone of thread - it looks very stylish.


Can be called one of the most original. Colors, patterns and even texture can be combined. To get a truly exclusive combination jumper needlewomen knit it with his own hands.

Prints and patterns

The current season pleases fashionistas with a variety of patterns and prints on jumpers. One of the most trending is animal print, as well as geometric. These can be straight and abstract lines, leopard spots and patterns of various animals. But the most popular at all times are sweaters with two types of patterns.

With braids

This print is found on both men's and women's sweaters.It can not be called original, but it is always relevant. Spit can be of different types and sizes - wide, narrow, voluminous and massive.

With ornament

Sweaters with such a pattern can also be called universal. The ornament can be absolutely anything from banal geometric shapes, ending with deer, snowflakes and other forms.

Actual colors

This season are bright colors sweaters. Among them are yellow, red and green. Models of colors are considered to be no less popular: solid, gray. But most often they choose completely different ones.


Sweaters of this color are always to the face of white-faced ladies, because they are refreshing. If the color is pale, it can easily fit into the everyday look, and if it is bright, it can be an ornament to the evening look.


The color is universal, beautiful though pretty brand. Such a sweater looks solemn, but it can also become an original addition to the everyday look.

The black

Always relevant, and therefore popular. Sweaters of this color are worn by both men and women. Appreciate them primarily for practicality.


The styles of knitted jumpers can be completely different, as well as their length. There are even asymmetric models, the back of which is long and the front is short. But most often choose the standard.


The concept of length can be different. Some models of short sweaters may resemble top, and some - to reach the belt. Chosen by young women and men.

A long

Sweaters of this length are more like classic tunics and are worn in the cold season. Well protected from the cold, even if on top of them wear a short jacket.


In order to knit a jumper using different types of yarn. It can be cotton, wool, synthetics and more. Sometimes several varieties of threads are combined in one model at once. Consider the features of popular models of jumpers.

Of mohair

Such a sweater has a soft and slightly fleecy structure. Thin sweaters from such material are always light, and thick ones are quite warm.


Thin woolen or half-woolen fabric gives lightness to the products, but they are always warm and look stylish.

How to choose a figure

For girls with a pear type, elongated sweaters like a tunic with a short sleeve will suit. Tight sweaters with a collar will suit girls with a perfect figure. Owners of a rectangular shape will go to elongated sweaters with a belt. For girls with narrow hips and wide shoulders, it is better to wear sweaters with a V-neck. For girls with small breasts cuts, it is better to choose shallow semi-circular.

For obese women

Balancing geometric shapes will help geometric print, preferably vertical stripes that lengthen the silhouette. The neck should be V-shaped, and the knit should not be textured. If you like volumetric patterns, choose darker colors, even black.

What to wear

If you want to create a laconic business look, you can wear a jumper shirt, and dilute the look with a classic skirt or jeans trousers. For the evening look, a multi-pattern sweater will suit you, which can be complemented with a skirt of interesting cut or original trousers.

How to decorate

You can decorate a jumper if you wear a belt over it. Thus, you can also narrow the waist.

Stylish images

A scarf and boots will create the most harmonious combination with a knitted jumper. A large, shapeless bag is the perfect complement to a jumper image. As a jewelry, you can choose a volumetric necklace, earrings or bracelet.

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