How to wash grass stains from jeans?

How to wash grass stains from jeans?

A warm spring day or a hot summer time is a great excuse to get out into nature, enjoy the fresh air and delicious food taken for a picnic. All this is truly beautiful, but this pastime often has an unpleasant side afterwards - green patches of grass on the clothes, left as if to remember. Usually it falls to the lot of your favorite jeans, because it is in them, so versatile and comfortable, many people go on a similar vacation.

However, such an “accident” is not a reason to throw away the wardrobe item, as the grass can be washed away, and in a variety of ways. It remains only to choose the most suitable.

Little tricks

Although this is possible, it is unlikely that you will quickly remove the pollution, because the green contains a special pigment that, when it comes into contact with the fabric, gives it a green color. But there are a few tips that will increase the speed at which a favorite thing gets rid of stains, and it does not matter how to use the cleaning option:

  • It is not recommended to delay. Start getting rid of this trouble should be as soon as possible, ideally - right from the moment it was discovered, otherwise the process will become much more complicated;
  • It is contraindicated to try to wipe the stain with water. The desired result will not be achieved anyway, and even will be the opposite - the penetration of the pigment will only become deeper;
  • having the ability to use a special agent that removes grass, it is better to use it.

Despite the effectiveness of specialized chemical products, not everyone has them at home, and in fact you need to act quickly so as not to turn the stain from fresh into old. Therefore, various means of assistance come to the aid of this struggle.

Hydrogen peroxide

It is not only cheap and copes with bleeding, but it is also able to remove green stains from jeans fabric. All that is needed is a couple of drops of money per item and about an hour of time for the peroxide to complete its task. After you can already use, for example, a washing machine. But still, This option is more suitable for lighter clothes., as the appearance of divorces is possible.

Baking soda

This product is familiar to very many. Soda is used in cooking and in economic affairs, but not everyone knows that it can also save jeans from pollution. This procedure is extremely simple: a couple of tablespoons of soda dissolve in water, forming a slurry, which is then treated with a stain. Then you should leave the item in this condition for at least an hour, but you can try rubbing the processed place with your hand, doing it as carefully as possibleand wash.


Wine or table - there is no fundamental difference, you can simply take the one that is present in the kitchen. Persistent soiling is not a problem at all for vinegar, and after it jeans will look like new. There are two whole ways here: having a really lot of product, you can soak a thing in it for about 60 minutes; but the result will be no worse if you simply rub the stain with a brush, after wetting it with vinegar, and then take up the usual washing.

In the case of the struggle with the old "greens", it is recommended to combine the forces of soda and vinegar. Drip vinegar on soda, you should process the stain with maximum speed until the chemical reaction that has occurred has come to an end, and send the article of clothing to be erased.


Regular toothpaste (white, without colored elements) and an old brush for oral hygiene is another weapon in the fight against grass. You only need to brush with a little paste on the stain and wait about half an hour for drying to occur. After that, it remains to remove what the pasta has become and wash the clothes.

Also suitable tooth powder, diluted with water to the desired consistency.

Alcohol solutions

Ammonia copes with the consequences of a long walk, making it extremely effective. At the same time again, no special effort will be needed. You need to take about 200 ml of warm water and dilute a teaspoon of alcohol in it, process the dirty jeans with the resulting liquid and leave them for 30 minutes. Then it is important to apply soap to the “green” section and leave the thing again, now for 60 minutes. When all stages will be completed, it remains to use the washing technique. It is worth noting that alcohol fits the most different:

  • ammonia;
  • ethyl;
  • ordinary vodka.

There is a chance that the stain will not disappear after the first procedure, even if everything was done correctly. In this case, you do not need to lose heart and go with jeans in the trash. Repeated actions will certainly relieve the problem completely.

Hot water

It is quite possible that none of the listed products are in the vicinity, for example, on a hike or at a dacha. But even there is a way out of it - you can literally wash the stain with water, or rather, with maximum boiling water. Here it is only necessary to water the pollution and, if possible, rub the dirt with laundry soap, watching the subsequent magic result.


If during the gatherings on a hike no one thought to take the soap with them, standard salt will certainly come to the rescue, fine or coarse - this absolutely does not matter. This product can also be handled in two ways: sprinkle salt on a wetted spot with plain water or initially soak it in water, and moisten the place of pollution with the resulting solution, not sparing it.

It will not be superfluous to use any brush when applied.


Here, fresh juice of real lemon and citric acid will work fine. Processing one of these products (citric acid must first be dissolved in a small amount of ordinary water) will not take much time, and then it will take only half an hour, after which, removing the remnants of the funds, you can safely wash your favorite clothes.

Laundry soap

Once this tool enjoyed a decent cleaning power of his popularity, but in recent years, it has been unfairly relegated to the background. This is very in vain, as the laundry soap perfectly fights with complex contaminants, the main thing is to learn how to use it properly. In fact, you do not need to have any special knowledge.

It is enough to soak the thing in hot water (it is better to study the tag and check what the highest temperature jeans can withstand) for a couple of minutes, and then process the necessary place well with soap and leave the pants for the night in the resulting state. In the morning, it remains only to send them to the laundry with a powder.

Other options

Having the fear of not coping and yet losing your favorite piece of clothing, you should find a specialized bleach for colored fabric and use it, having studied the instructions on the package. If this task is not accomplished in any way, it is possible to replace the product with any washing powder, dilute it with water, put it on the green trail and do other things for a couple of hours. When the time comes to an end, the washing equipment will be in line.

Fortunately, there are so many cleaning methods that it is simply impossible not to get rid of the grass imprint, therefore you can not worry and calmly communicate with nature.

On how to clean the jeans from the grass, see the next video.

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