How to wash Zelenka with clothes?

How to wash Zelenka with clothes?

Many of us know firsthand what Zelenka is. It is an effective, widespread and cheap treatment for wounds, abrasions, cuts and ulcers. The brilliant green solution is used especially actively in the territory of the countries of the former Soviet Union. Despite the huge choice of medicines, brilliant green remains popular due to its affordable price and effectiveness.

This medicine has a significant drawback - rich green color, which is difficult to remove not only from the skin, but also from clothes, bed linen and other things. The composition of the solution includes bright dye pigments, to get rid of which is sometimes not very easy. Some things, spoiled Zelenko, have to throw away. In order not to become victims of such a fate, the article will talk about how to remove a spot of green solution at home.

How to clean outerwear?

In order to remove a resistant stain from a textile material, it is necessary to decide on the type of fabric. If the woolen products or coats are stained with green paint, you should use a soap solution. Universal remedy - laundry soap. One washing, most likely, will not be enough to cope with the problem.

In order to get rid of the trace of the solution It is recommended to apply the soap solution to the stain and leave the clothes for a certain time., approximately 15-20 minutes. Then you can try to wash off the pollution with a brush.

If you are afraid to spoil the fabric, wash the stain with your hands without additional funds and objects. Finally, rinse the product with clean water. To completely get rid of the track you need to repeat all the actions.

Clear the skin

Hydrogen peroxide is used to clean products made from genuine or artificial leather. Moistened with a cotton swab wipe the stain. As a rule, to completely get rid of pollution, you need to scrub a trace of green stuff several times.

The second popular remedy for smooth fabrics - alcohol. Thanks to him, you can quickly get rid of the blemish, but be careful while using it on colored skin. Alcohol can damage the color of the product by removing the paint along with the stain.

Laundered stain on the fur

To bring Zelenka from natural fur is difficult, but possible. To cope with this problem, it is necessary to dilute a little in water. shampoo or washing powder before the formation of fluffy foam. The resulting mixture is applied to the damaged area and leave the product for a few minutes. After we remove the foam from the product and wipe the fur with a soft cloth. If the stain has not disappeared - try again.

How to remove a trace of green stuff from bed linen?

In this case, you can again resort to using peroxide. The stain is treated with a solution, after which you need to leave the laundry for about an hour and wash it in a typewriter with standard mode. In the process of washing you can add bleach, if the product is white.

In addition to peroxide, you can use solution made from water and alcohol. Components are mixed in equal proportions and neatly applied to the green spot. Later bedding should be washed at a temperature of 60 to 90 degrees Celsius.

Regular food vinegar will help to wash away lasting dirt from the fabric.To prepare the composition, it is necessary to mix water, vinegar in the same proportions and pour one teaspoonful of sunflower oil. After applying to the stain, the solution should be left for at least 2 hours. To consolidate the effect, the laundry should be washed with a high-quality and effective powder or gel.

We remove the green spot from the shirt white

Everyone knows that white fabric is highly susceptible to dirt. To remove a solution of greens from a white shirt, you can use regular starch. Lightly dampen the stain with water and sprinkle it with starch. Use a brush to rub the dirt and leave the product for a few hours for this component to take effect. After a while, rinse the area thoroughly with water. For greater effect, you can use stain removers for white clothing.

The second method is the use of modern means for removing persistent stains. The market of household chemicals offers a huge selection of products, thanks to which you can remove persistent stains from snow-white clothes, while maintaining the texture and density of the fabric. Effective means are not cheap, but they give an excellent result, even after the first use.

To remove stains from clothes often use substances to clean baths and toilet bowls. Be careful when using them. The composition of these drugs include aggressive ingredients that can spoil delicate tissues.

Remove Zelenka from colored fabrics

For cleaning clothes from bright fabrics, ammonia 10% is used. To remove brilliant green stain should be treated with the above means and leave for about 15 minutes. After that, the contaminated area should be washed using soap (suitable for both household and special soap for washing), gel or powder.

In addition, housewives often use manganese solution to combat stains from Zelenka. To this end, potassium permanganate is diluted in warm water. Do not overdo it with the component. Water should be painted in a delicate pink color. In the resulting composition, clothes should be soaked for 2-3 hours and after, washed by hand or using a washing machine. To get rid of persistent stains the first time during washing, use stain remover for bright things.

We clean the carpet or carpet

It should be noted that it is very difficult to get rid of the brilliant green stain on the carpet, given the texture of the fabric. The thicker and higher the nap, the harder it will be to get rid of the pollution, but there is a way out of this situation. You can try to process the trail of green stuff 10% ammonia. After the product works, the area should be cleaned using soap. Repeat the cleaning process should be until the stain disappears completely.

Hydrogen peroxide, which can be found in almost every first-aid kit, is useful not only for cleaning clothes, but also for removing green paint from carpet or carpet.

Efficiency is demonstrated by modern carpet cleaners, however, not everyone will help to cope with the problem, especially if the stain is old. If none of the above means does not help - ask for help from a dry cleaning specialist.

We clean jeans and jeans clothes from brilliant green

The fabric of the above type differs from other textile materials in a special coarse and dense structure. To remove the green stain from jeans, use acetone (you can use nail polish remover containing acetone). This tool must be used without prior breeding. A cotton swab dipped in acetone should be rubbed several times until the contamination becomes paler or disappears altogether. If a trace remains, it is recommended to wash the product in standard mode, before it is pre-soaked.

Be careful with stain removers. Some of them may contain bleaching ingredients. It is recommended to use special products designed for denim clothing.

We remove brilliant green from the sofa

If you notice on the couch a trace of a solution of zelenka it is necessary to get rid of it as soon as possible, otherwise the stain may enter the furniture paneling, it will have to be changed.

Safe and effective means - starch. It can be used to clean both natural and artificial fabrics with different thickness and density. It is necessary to pour a little starch on the dirt and soak it with water. After let the substance act, and leave it in this form for 2 hours. Once the soaked starch is completely dry, you should brush the sofa with a brush.

The second method is soda. It is actively used in the household for various purposes, from cooking to cleaning various surfaces. To clean the stains, it is necessary to make a slurry of water and soda, apply it to the pollution and rub well. You can leave the tool for 10-15 minutes. After it is necessary to wash the area with water.

If the sofa is leather, use the tips on cleaning leather products from the spots of green. This section is higher in the article.

We remove Zelenka from the skin of hands

As a rule, to clean the hands and other skin from the green solution is problematic, but there are still ways to cope with this task. Suitable hydrogen peroxide. It gently cleanses the skin without hurting it. This method can even be used by children.

It is recommended to clean the skin with cotton pads or a soft brush. To completely get rid of green stuff need to repeat the procedure several times.

Another effective and safe way is a mixture of citric acid and alcohol. With this solution, you can effectively clean your hands and body, but it will not work if there are open wounds or scratches in the places of contamination.

Ethyl alcohol can be used. On the Internet, experienced users note that this is an effective method. To clean the skin, wipe the stain with a swab dipped in ethyl alcohol. You can try again only after a few hours so as not to damage the skin.

Chlorine solution to clean the skin

Bleaching powder is used not only for cleaning and disinfecting sanitary zones. This component will help remove green spots from the skin. It is worth noting that This is a dangerous method that requires maximum accuracy. Rasters of bleach can leave burns on the skin. This technique is not suitable for people with hypersensitivity of the skin.

How to wipe Zelenka from the face?

In no case should chlorine and alcohol be used to clean face greens. It is recommended to use peroxide and other soft components. Especially gently treat the skin around the eyes. Use a cotton or soft cloth for cleaning.

How to clean clothes from traces of zelenka after chickenpox?

Chickenpox is a disease characterized by numerous ulcers covering the body. This ailment is experienced by each person once in a lifetime. On the territory of the former Soviet republics, the inflammations and traces of the chickenpox were treated with brilliant green, as a result of which the clothes got dirty, and some things just passed away.

The first way is to simply dry the clothes. Professional equipment is able to cope with various pollution, but it is a costly service. Therefore it is necessary to use methods at hand.

The most common and low cost tool for cleaning clothes - laundry soap. It is used by several generations of housewives in a row. To achieve more effectively you can use gel or laundry powder with soap. To do this, wet the stain, rub it thoroughly with soap and then add a little powder or liquid. After the reaction, wait about half an hour and repeat the procedure if necessary.


Zelenka is a persistent substance, the stains from which it is not easy to remove, especially if they are not fresh.However, experienced housewives have found many convenient, cheap, safe and effective methods that can be used at home. In order to derive a trace from zelenka, various substances are used that can be found in every home: soda, starch, hydrogen peroxide and more.

If any of these methods does not help to rid the thing of persistent pollution, try the following method. When performing cleaning, be extremely careful, especially if you use such aggressive components as technical alcohol, chlorine or acetone. They can harm not only products, but also the skin.

In the next video, you will see 11 ways to wash brilliant green from the skin. Each of them will be tested, you will only have to choose the most suitable one.

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