How to remove white spots from deodorant on black clothes?

How to remove white spots from deodorant on black clothes?

Almost every person has a deodorant. This tool has shown itself well in the fight against unpleasant odors and sweat. During the use of antiperspirant, many suffer from traces remaining after its use. In this article we will look at how to remove white spots from deodorant on black clothes and other materials.

Causes of pollution?

In the human body there are about three million glands, which produce approximately a liter of sweat per day. In contact with clothing, this substance causes white and yellow spots. Traces of deodorant in the armpits can ruin any even perfect image.

In some cases, a high level of sweat production may indicate an abnormality in the body. If perspiration is accompanied by an unpleasant and sharp odor, you should consult a doctor.

In the summer season, you can get rid of sweat only with the help of specialized products, but it leaves traces on clothes. The key cause of stains is the composition of the deodorant. After reviewing the annotation, you will note that most of the funds contain aluminum salts. When this component comes into contact with the sweat gland, yellow spots are formed on the clothes.

There are deodorants on sale in which there are no aluminum salts, but the purchase of such products does not guarantee disposal of contaminants. The appearance of white spots may be due to the influence of other components that are present in each deodorant.

To get rid of such problems as white spots on clothes, you should follow two rules:

  • deodorant can be applied only on dry skin;
  • wait until the tool dries, then begin to dress. The waiting time depends on the type of deodorant. If you use a liquid sticker, you must wait a couple of minutes, for gel and creamy means the time interval increases to five minutes. Spray should be sprayed at a distance of 20 cm from the body.

If you followed both rules, but white spots still remain on your T-shirts, study below for information on how to remove such contamination from the material.

How to wash?

Many believe that black clothes and deodorant are incompatible things. Indeed, white spots with grout immediately catch the eye on the fabric of a dark color. Since it is impossible to remove antiperspirants from your everyday life, you need to learn ways to eliminate white spots from black clothes.

It is possible to get rid of deodorants by the following means:

  • vodka. This tool is considered the most popular and effective. You will need to moisten a cotton swab in a liquid and treat the damaged tissue with it. Blot the material so that the vodka soaks the stain completely. Wait a few minutes and the traces of deodorant will dissolve before your eyes. If the stain is old, wait a little longer, but not more than an hour. Prolonged contact with vodka will damage the product;
  • 72% soap will effectively remove white traces from clothes. Rub the contaminated area with soap and leave for 15 minutes. After a time, proceed to wash the material. If you do not like the smell of laundry soap, use modern analogs: "Antipyatin", "Vanish";
  • Many housewives use aspirin against yellowing on clothing. The procedure requires crushing several tablets and mixing them with water to a mushy state. Apply porridge to the desired area and leave for a few hours.Then it is necessary to wash the mass with water and wash it;
  • using ordinary water and baking soda, you can remove white spots from black clothes. You will need 0.5 cups of warm water and 4 large spoons of soda. Mix the ingredients and rub the mixture into contaminated areas. Leave the clothes for one hour, then rinse the product under running water;
  • food salt will help to eliminate even old spots. Moisten the area before rubbing the area. Wash off the salt after 10 hours. Then you can wash clothes;
  • some women simply soak the product in the salt solution for one hour, then rinse the clothes in clean water. For the solution, you will need 1 large spoonful of salt per 1 liter of water;
  • process the stained place with pure glycerin, then remove the substance with a napkin moistened with acetone;
  • You can dilute the vodka with water and apply the resulting solution for 30 minutes. Then you can wash the thing in the usual way. Pure alcohol is also relevant against sweat residues. Moisten the area with the substance and leave the clothes outside. Alcohol vapors evaporate independently;
  • gasoline with ammonia. Moisten a cotton swab in gasoline and treat the desired area. Wait until the fabric dries and proceed to remove dirt. Apply ammonia solution to the surface and after two minutes rinse the clothes. Such a processing method will remove even old traces of sweat;
  • Traces of sweat from clothes removes hyposulphite solution well. You will need one spoon of this substance, dissolved in a glass of water. Moisten the desired tissue with the resulting solution and rinse with warm water.

These tools will help you remove stains from an antiperspirant with your favorite clothes and give her a second life.

How can I wash?

White stripes can be easily removed if you start washing immediately. This option is acceptable for any material. Choose a powder that is right for your belongings. Washing should be done in a washing machine at low temperatures.

If you decide to wash contaminated things in hot water, the stains will begin to soak into the fibers of the fabric, and you will not be able to get rid of them.

If you do not have time for washing, you can stop fixing stains by soaking clothes in warm water. Do not forget to add washing powder.

If you need to eliminate stains from antiperspirant with woolen or knitted clothing, you can use vinegar solution. Pour a little money directly onto the stained area and leave for half an hour. Due to the fact that natural fibers are resistant to acids of organic origin, you can easily return the armpit area in its original form.

If yellowish stains appear on clothes, it will be more difficult to wipe off such contamination. Similar traces appear after mixing the deodorant with sweat particles. Despite the fact that these spots are more eroded into the fabric, There are ways to help eliminate the lack of products:

  • To eliminate the yellow spots from the white material, many resort to bleaching powder or substances with its content. You shouldn’t do that, because you can’t remove yellowness, on the contrary, it will become more noticeable;
  • if you want to eliminate the pollution on the colored material, you can use table vinegar, which is diluted in water, in a ratio of 1: 4. Due to the low concentration, you will not damage the drawing, but remove the yellow specks;
  • With the help of a concentrated saline solution, you can remove dirt on white clothes. Soak a shirt or T-shirt for a short time and verify the effectiveness of the method;
  • lemon juice is only suitable for white fabric. Moisten the yellow stains with juice and wait until they dry. Then you can wash clothes in the usual way;
  • ammonia solution with water is effective in many situations, including yellow and white spots on clothes. You will need to mix substances in a ratio of 1: 8. Treat the area moistened with a cotton swab until the yellowness or white traces disappear. Soaking in a solution of clothing is not allowed, as ammonia can destroy the structure of the fabric.

In addition to home methods, there are specially designed products that you can buy in the store. To remove yellow and white spots from things, you can purchase:

  • washing powder. Stir a few tablespoons of powder with water and apply the resulting gruel on the axillary region. Leave the clothes on all night, then wash in a washing machine. This method is suitable for black, color and white material;
  • stain remover White alcohol effectively and carefully returns to clothing the original appearance. This substance has a reasonable price category and is present in the everyday life of almost every woman;
  • for white and colored t-shirts special soap is produced Frau Schmidt. Products suitable for any material. Many housewives appreciate this soap due to its mild effect on the fibers of the fabric;
  • spray spray Amway Pre Wash. The company offers environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic products that copes well with the tasks. Even people prone to allergies can use this spray;
  • stain remover from "Vanish". The manufacturer offers products for white material and for color. Products in black can also be processed using this product. You can purchase the product in the form of powder or gel. The list of product components contains active and aggressive substances that have a negative effect on the skin. For this reason, gloves should be worn;
  • dishwashing liquid. Pay attention to high quality products. Many women prefer to use "Fairy". Apply the gel to the underarm area and leave for half an hour. Then you can wash the clothes in the washing machine. In addition to sweat stains, Fairy perfectly removes greasy marks from the fabric;
  • products against stains from "Dr. Beckmann. The brand offers its audience an effective stain remover that removes any reminders from deodorants. Apply the substance to the armpit area and leave for one hour. Then you should rinse the product in tap water and wash it in a typewriter.

If you have tried all the methods described, but the prints from the deodorant still remain on your clothes, try to apply for dry cleaning. With the help of specialized tools and equipment, your clothes will return an attractive look.

Tips and tricks

To better remove stains from antiperspirant from clothing, study the recommendations for care. Performing these items will help keep your product an attractive long-term view and eliminate possible errors that many hostesses make because of inexperience.

Experts recommend to follow the following rules:

  • Before washing or cleaning clothes, examine the type of fabric. If you take into account the features of the material, you can achieve better results;
  • Before starting any method, it is recommended to clean the surface of the fabric with a brush. Such actions will remove the boundaries that separate the product from the damaged area. Wetting of the contaminated part with warm water is allowed;
  • test the material. Treat the selected agent to a small area of ​​fabric to determine the degree of strength of the material;
  • You can find out information on a suitable method of washing, as well as the rules for the treatment of contamination, on the label located on the side seam of your thing. Refer to the instructions that came with the selected stain remover to ensure that it can be used with your material;
  • remove traces need a special sequence. Perform processing, moving from the edge to the center of the spot. When cleaning the fabric, pay special attention to the boundary of the contamination and its edge. If you decide to disregard this advice, be prepared for the reappearance of the stain on the dried material;
  • try to immediately begin to eliminate stains. Do not postpone washing in the far box, as this may lead to the impossibility of restoring clothes.

There are many ways to help you remove unwanted traces from clothes. Based on the degree of limitation of contamination, the type of fabric, choose the appropriate option. It is not always necessary to buy expensive funds, as in most cases, you can handle the traditional methods.

For more tips on how to remove stains from deodorant on clothes, see the following video.

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