Correctly remove grease stains from clothes

Correctly remove grease stains from clothes

Spots from fatty foods can appear on clothes due to carelessness or just an annoying accident. Often such things are considered hopelessly spoiled, although this type of contamination is much easier to remove than stains from berries, coffee or chocolate.

What are the pollution?

First you need to figure out what are the types of pollution:

  • Spots of grease on clothing are considered fresh, if they are not more than three hours. It is easiest to withdraw them using modern household chemicals.
  • If the specified time has passed, then the stain is considered to be ingrained. The fact is that fat molecules penetrate deep into the structure of the tissue and dye its fibers. Even after a thorough wash, yellowish stains can remain on the spot, which is very difficult to get rid of. Such contaminants require other disposal methods. Special tools are suitable for their removal.
  • Often clothes with a stain that could not be disposed of are left until better times. Fat molecules on such things penetrate deep into the fibers of the fabric, destroy their structure and change color. Older contaminants from fat are worst exposed to disposal. Sometimes in such cases popular methods and repeated washing come to the rescue. Stagnant stains can also be removed by dry cleaning. Professionals will select the most suitable composition for the fabric, which will carefully clean clothes without damaging them.

Thus, you should get rid of fat spots on your favorite things as quickly as possible, without allowing the substance to penetrate into the fibers of the material.

Nevertheless, even if the stain was not able to be noticed on time and the contamination has eaten into clothes, there are a number of folk methods that allow things to be returned to its original appearance. These methods are tested by any generation of hostesses and can cope with the fat on any matter.

How to wash?

Special cleansers will help to wash the grease stain off the fabric. But you can use the popular methods. Before you start washing, you need to remove dust from things. To do this, just clean the clothes with a dry brush. Then prepare everything you need to remove the stain. You may need a cotton swab, a napkin, a small shred of fabric on which to test the selected solution.

To clean the oily stain, you can use a whole list of substances that can often be found at home. This list includes ordinary laundry soap, chalk powder or talcum powder, table salt, tooth powder, ammonia, mustard, potato starch.

Fresh stain should be treated with any substance that has absorbent properties. For these purposes, perfect tooth powder or salt. The crystals will absorb the fat in themselves and will not allow it to penetrate into the fibers of the fabric.

Mustard powder also able to destroy a greasy stain on clothes. But this option can damage some materials, leaving them with specific stains. Therefore, before rubbing off dirt, you should check this method on a small section of fabric.

An extremely unusual method of dealing with stains from fat - beer. The foam of this drink penetrates deep into the structure of the material and eats away oil molecules. It only remains to get rid of the sharp beer smell with the help of regular washing. If you accidentally spilled milk on yourself, dripped with mayonnaise or another sauce, borax will help to cope with the mud. A tablespoon of the substance is dissolved in a liter of water and the area is treated with this mixture, and then washed in running water.

There are more complex ways to remove the ingrained fat spot.For example, it is believed that shaving foam can cope with such pollution. If you do not work out the stain the first time, you should resort to quite aggressive means.

For example, the solution gasoline able to remove fat molecules from the fibers of the fabric. The blotted material is impregnated with the cleaned substance and placed under the stain, then removed with a cotton swab. In a similar way, you can remove contamination from grease on clothing thanks to turpentine.

Mixture of ammonia and turpentine will help to quickly and effectively clean grease stains from clothes. For this, the substances are mixed in equal amounts, with cotton watered contamination and leave for several hours. After soaking and washing in warm water, the stain should disappear.

Another way to quickly remove grease from clothing is to use glycerol. To clean things you need only a few drops of this tool. Glycerin is applied directly to the contaminated area and allowed to soak into the material for half an hour, after which they simply stretch the treated area.

It only takes fifteen minutes to remove the fat stain with laundry soap with sugar. The pollution is washed and copiously covered with sugar, then set aside for twenty-five minutes. It is necessary that the mixture starts the reaction and has time to penetrate into the structure of the material.

Via ammonia You can clean the spots of different origin, including fat. To do this, a teaspoon of the substance is dissolved in a glass of water, the resulting mixture is applied to contamination using a cotton pad. After that, any cotton fabric is put on the stain and ironed with a non-hot iron. All fiber fat should remain on the fabric flap.

A great helper in removing fat from clothes - vinegar. It is mixed with water in equal proportions and the contaminated place is treated, after which it is left for an hour and washed under running water. An unusual way to wash a greasy stain from clothes is sweet soda, for example, Coca-Cola. Soiled clothes are soaked in aggressive drinks for several hours, then washed in the usual way.

Dishwashing liquid often have the ability to destroy fat molecules, so they can become faithful helpers in the fight against such spots on your favorite things. The soiled area is simply wiped up with a special gel or foam, and then rinsed with running water.

In the fight against fat on clothing can come to the rescue hair spray. The contaminated area is covered with a thin napkin or blotter and sprayed, and then ironed. Motorists are advised to use shampoo designed for interior cleaning to remove old dirt. These products are usually quite soft and do not harm the tissue, but they are excellent in removing fat molecules.

Stain on delicate clothing can be removed with shampoo. It is worth choosing an agent for oily hair. Substances contained in it, carefully dissolve the fat molecules, but do not damage the material.

How to effectively wash?

The choice of the method of cleansing tissue from fat stains depends on what type of material has been contaminated. Different tissue structure requires a different approach to the removal of pollution. For example, velvet or silk are delicate materials that should be handled very carefully so as not to spoil the thing.

For rough material, such as jeans, aggressive substances are perfect. A fat stain from such a tissue can be removed with ammonia or ammonia. An old stain can be removed with soap and sugar. Do not damage the clothes and professional cleaners.

Often, grease stains appear on outerwear. In addition to accidental contamination, the collar and sleeves of jackets and down jackets are prone to brining. You can remove grease from a raincoat fabric using dishwashing detergent, such as Fairy.The stain is washed away, left for half an hour, and then spread the thing with a regular powder.

It is possible to wipe greasy spots from such fabric by means of gasoline. This method is perfect for old and ingrained dirt. If gasoline does not cope with the stain, you can resort to a more aggressive method. To do this, mix a hundred grams of ether and magnesia powder. Treat the stain with the resulting paste and leave the thing until the peculiar smell of ether disappears completely. Then the soiled thing is caressed in cool water.

A mixture of ether and magnesia well removes fat from the bolonya tissue.

Grease with velvet can be cleaned with the help of breadcrumbs. Warm a piece of bread roll on the polluted area. Bread absorbs fat, after which clothes can be washed in a typewriter. In the same way you can clean the fat from the plush. If this method does not cope with pollution, use turpentine. This substance is more aggressive, but such tissues do not harm.

With the most delicate materials, such as silk or tulle, it is best to remove fat with the help of professional soft products. If you still want to use traditional methods, mix two tablespoons of ammonia with water and process the material with the resulting solution. This way you can remove grease from curtains or linen.

Absorbents will help remove the stain of fat from cotton or linen. You can use crushed chalk, talcum powder or baby powder.

This method is most effective for getting rid of fresh stains. The powder will absorb the fat, and you will only have to wash the thing in the usual way.

Often, stains from fatty foods appear on the tablecloth: after a feast, random stains remain on the fabric. It is possible to clear linen matter immediately. Pre-from the tablecloth is to remove dust and crumbs, then sprinkle contaminated places with salt and let it absorb fat. This procedure can be repeated as necessary two or three times, after which the tablecloth should be washed in cool water with soap or powder.

Tooth powder will come to the rescue if an oil stain appears on woolen clothes. The procedure is identical with the removal of contamination from cotton or flax. The powder is gently rubbed into the affected area, then the clothes can be rinsed on a delicate mode in a washing machine.

The method of removing stains from fat at home depends not only on what kind of fabric to clean, but also on the type of clothing. For example, a stubborn greasy stain on trousers can be removed in a rather complicated, but very effective way. To do this, the thing must be placed in the sink, put a stain remover or soap on the place of pollution. Twenty minutes later, wash out your pants in very hot water, turn inside out and repeat the whole process from the very beginning.

If the dress has suffered, use a method suitable for the fabric from which it is cut. The quickest way to clean a greasy stain from a T-shirt - wash it with dishwashing detergent. Modern gels rather delicately dissolve fat and cannot damage flowers. The same method can be used to clean the collar or shirt cuffs.

You can wipe off the stain of fat from a jacket or sweater with the help of delicate stain removers. The structure of wool or mohair is susceptible to the rapid absorption of dirt, therefore, such stains should be removed immediately.

It is also worth remembering that to clean a wool sweater or jacket you should not use an iron or aggressive substances, such as ammonia.

But these methods are great to return the original look of a bag or backpack. Leather or suede products can be processed in various ways. Fresh spot to start is wiped with wet wipes. They will remove excess fat. Any absorbent is suitable for further processing. The easiest and most familiar is corn starch, and the more familiar one is also suitable - potato.It is diluted in water to the state of a paste, the resulting gruel is rubbed into the pollution. Starch absorbs fat, after which it should be carefully removed with a napkin and wipe the area with a soft cotton cloth.

Another popular way to get rid of fat on a bag or leather jacket is onion juice. This method is extremely simple: the bulb is cut in half and treated with pulp pollution. The stain will disappear in a couple of minutes.

If the onion smell is unpleasant to you, you can replace this vegetable with lemon. But you need to remember that things from dark skin lemon juice can lighten and thereby spoil the look of your bag.

The color scale of clothes must be taken into account when processing. Aggressive agents can damage the material, causing the colors to fade. Bright things, blue, dark or red is best treated with dishwashing gel. It dissolves grease, but does not lighten clothes. You can use a special soap to remove stains from colored matter, it is applied directly to the pollution and left for ten to fifteen minutes, and then rinse the thing in cool water.

White things that have suffered from fat should also be handled with care so that there are no yellowish stains on the clothes. If the contamination is fresh, it can be treated with salt and then washed. If the fat has managed to enter the light-colored fabric, then it can be removed with the help of ammonia. To do this, dilute a tablespoon of the substance in a small amount of water and treat the stain with a cotton pad.

On the next wash, add a little bleach to the powder to make the clothes look like new.

If the composition of the fabric allows, clothing with an old fat spot can be boiled. For this thing immersed for twenty minutes in hot water. Under the influence of high temperature, the fat in the fibers of the fabric is split. After boiling, clothes can be washed with regular powder or a special gel.

Tips and tricks

Here that it is worth remembering hostesses:

  1. It is worth remembering that coping with a fresh spot is much easier than with one that has already penetrated into the fabric. Therefore, as soon as the trouble occurred and there was a greasy stain on your clothes, try to treat it with salt or any other absorbent, and then wash according to the instructions.
  2. Whatever way you choose to get rid of the oily stain, it is necessary to treat the pollution, starting from the edges, gradually moving towards the center. Otherwise, the stain may increase in size and even after washing leave yellow stains on clothes.
  3. When rubbing old and stained stains with aggressive agents, be sure to use rubber gloves. Gasoline, ammonia, ammonia can damage or burn the skin of the hands.
  4. Before you choose a method of processing clothes to remove greasy stains, try it on a rag of a similar fabric. You will be able to see how the material behaves, whether the colors fade and the fabric structure is damaged.
  5. Clothing with a greasy stain before washing should be treated with a napkin, cleaned of dust with a brush.

By choosing the right method, corresponding to the type of fabric and its color, you can easily get rid of even a stubborn and old stain. But if you are afraid of damaging your clothes, you should seek the help of a dry-cleaning professional.

In the video below, you can see an experiment to remove grease stains from clothes.

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