We remove the yellow spots on the armpits with clothes

We remove the yellow spots on the armpits with clothes

Most often, it would seem, athletes should find yellow spots on their clothes. But this problem is faced by all people, without exception. Most of us do not know how to deal with this problem, so send damaged things straight to the cottage or in the trash. Although you should not do this, as there is a way out. Today, there are so many ways to deal with yellow, white and brown spots on clothes.

Causes of stains

Sweat stains on armpits on clothes appear for various reasons:

  • poor-quality deodorant, with a large amount of aluminum;
  • synthetic fabrics or fabrics with poor perforation;
  • non-compliance with personal hygiene;
  • congenital diseases.

Therefore, in order to get rid of yellow spots, it is necessary to understand the reason why they appeared.

Many people think that with repeated use of deodorant, they will eliminate the problem of the appearance of spots under the arms. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Deodorants remove only the smell. Yellowness eats away from deodorant in clothes and is more difficult to wash off, therefore such stains should be soaked immediately.

Brown and dark spots are less common. They appear with profuse sweating and pigmented skin, causing sweat to turn a brown color. Such stains are harder to remove from clothing, especially white.

An even bigger problem will arise with old and persistent stains. The longer such clothes are, the harder it will be to wash them. They are derived from clothes very hard. Although it is really possible. Such marks on clothes can be removed using stain remover or oxygen bleach, as well as folk remedies.

How to wash?

Before washing, you need to soak the stain for some time, for this there are many ways and folk remedies. One of them will be in your closet.

The most common method of removing yellow spots - This is peroxide and soda, but there are other methods:

  • Fairy. This tool, which is used by many housewives. It perfectly removes the terrible spots under the arms. To do this, dilute 10 ml of Fairy in 200 ml of ordinary water and treat the annoying spots, then leave for a few hours for exposure. Once the product has been absorbed into the fabric, you can proceed to the second stage - washing with laundry soap.
  • Soda. A great option for fresh pollution. If your thing with a yellow stain of sweat is already more than one day, then this method will not work. Prepare the "porridge" - 50 grams of soda and 50 grams of water, mix until smooth. Apply to the problem area and after 10 minutes rub it with a toothbrush and leave for another 1 hour. In the future, rinse a couple of times.
  • Hydrogen peroxide. In this case, everything is simple: just pour peroxide on the stain, wait 5-10 minutes, depending on the contamination, and rinse.

In the case of clothing made of silk, the peroxide should be diluted with water in the proportions of 15 ml of peroxide and 200 ml of water.

  • Aspirin. This is not just a headache pill, but also an excellent remedy for yellowing clothes under the arms. To do this, 4 tablets of aspirin need to crush and pour 200 ml of water, then pour the stain and leave for 50-60 minutes. Then rinse.

This method is suitable not only for old stains, but also from stains after deodorant, but you must act immediately.

  • Salt. The most famous way to zastiryvaniya various spots. This method well helps not only for stains from wine, but also from yellow. Mix 250 g of salt with 1 liter of water, apply to the stain, leave for 10 minutes and rinse with warm water.
  • Petrol. According to many, this is a strange way to clean, but works no worse than the above. However, not everyone in the house there is gasoline. It is necessary to moisten cotton wool and to process the polluted place.
  • Vinegar. The application is the same as in the previous paragraphs. Apply to stain and wash with soap.
  • Lemon acid. This tool is applied for a large amount of time and it is unknown whether there will be a result. Apply 200 ml of water to 10 ml of citric acid on the stain and rinse with water.

How can I wash?

Before we put things with stains in the washing machine, as we already found out above, you need to first lock them up or soak them for a couple of hours.

A washing machine can not wash the yellow and white spots without super funds. It is best to use oxygen-containing stain removers. Not without primary soaking. This must be done, because the smell can go on to other things.

There are effective shopping tools. You can take an ordinary washing powder, for example, Taid or Ariel, Make a gruel of it and put on the stain, then wash in the usual way.

Another way is soap, for example "Antipyatin" or child. Lubricate the place of contamination with soap and leave to dry, then wash in a typewriter. Another option is a remedy for the company. Amway. Use as written in the instructions.

Often, in addition to stains, we are faced with an unpleasant odor. No matter how much you protect yourself with deodorant, With strong perspiration, no antiperspirant can cope. Therefore, stains and odor remain. Remove the smell of salt will help. Dissolve a spoonful of salt with a glass of water and rub into a cloth, then rinse the soiled area.

The second effective way is similar to the first, but with the addition of ammonia.

An effective way to eliminate odor is soaking clothes. with shampoo for hair. It defats the stain and removes the unpleasant smell from clothes.

In addition to yellow, there are white spots on clothes that appear from the use of deodorant. To wipe such stains is easy if they are not old. After wearing the clothes in the evening, remove them and soak for 1 hour, and then remove the stain with a regular wash.

If your sweater or T-shirt is black, the sweat on such clothes and, accordingly, the spots will be visible twice as strong, and they will be inferior than with light ones. On black clothes such stains are very prominent. If you do not immediately remove them, then you can say goodbye to the thing.

Take advantage of vodka or medical alcohol. Soak for a while and send to the typewriter. Old stains are removed very difficult. Sometimes they do not wash out at all. First, soak the clothes and rinse them, then use one of the methods to remove stains.

A bit higher, we have already considered various methods, but individually they will not cope with pollution. Therefore, you need to combine:

  • Ammonia and citric acid (or juice). Before washing, you must wait 2 hours.
  • Vinegar should be mixed with soda and applied to the stain. Additionally, do not use bleach.
  • Hydrogen peroxide and aspirin - an excellent tool and most importantly effective. Application time 10 minutes.

From different fabrics

When removing yellow spots, you should take into account the fabric from which the thing is made. The hardest thing to wash off stains with cotton fabrics, for example, with T-shirts and shirts. And back to the peroxide and salt. This unique tool is suitable even for delicate fabrics. When applying only do not forget that the solution must be filled with water so that your thing does not deteriorate.

Wool and silk are more “delicate” fabrics for exposure to chemicals. Fabrics will easily deteriorate due to the effects of agents such as salt, hydrogen peroxide and soda. But if you know the proportions, then everything will turn out without damage to the sweater or cardigan. You can also try hyposulphite. To do this, mix 50 g of hyposulfite with 200 g of water. Leave 5-10 minutes. We rinse in warm water.

Silk fabrics can be used to remove such contaminants with ammonia and white spirit. The method of application is also simple. It is enough to mix these ingredients in equal parts and rub the problem area. Be sure to rinse.

On things from delicate fabrics, yellow and white spots are much more visible and more difficult to deduce, but these methods will easily relieve you of such misunderstandings.

We consider color

When removing the yellowness under the arms, consider the color of clothing. For example, for colored clothing you cannot use hydrogen peroxide. We will understand in more detail.

To restore the color you can take salt and hyposulfite with a glass of water. This tool adds shine to the fabric, especially silk.

The yellow color of white clothes is perfectly washed off with oxalic acid. Create a solution: 1 teaspoon of acid powder and a glass of water, mix and put on the problem area.

Excellent help compound white spirit and ammonia, rub and leave for some time.

If the stain is not old, then this method is suitable for white or light-colored clothing: apply concentrated lemon juice and leave to dry. Next, wash either by hand or by machine wash. If the pollution is old, then add salt to the lemon juice - the stain will lighten before your eyes.

If you have colored clothes in front of you, use vinegar is best suited. "Dining". Dilute it in a ratio of 1: 4.

From the store tools fit Vanish. This is a gentle remedy that will rid you of contamination from both white and colored fabrics. You can take a cheaper product, for example, “Persol”.

For colored fabrics suitable several tools:

  • Laundry soap. They need to "grease" soap the place and soak in soapy water. Rinse well.
  • Careful solution - salt and soda.
  • Aspirin solution. Just don't hold it for long on things.
  • Dishwashing liquid.

Tips and tricks

There are general tips and tricks for removing sweat stains:

  • When removing stains in order to avoid streaks, move from the edge to the center of the spot.
  • When rinsing, use warm, but not hot water.
  • When using these or other methods of removing stains, carefully read the instructions on the label.
  • Soak the stain for a while, so that the fabric is soaked with a solution.
  • Watch the reaction of the solution with a cloth. The faster it came into action, the faster you remove the thing and wash it in the usual way.
  • After washing, turn the clothes inside out and use baby powder: apply it to the armpits, then iron it at a low temperature.
  • Under no circumstances use "Whiteness" or bleach! This common mistake will lead to the fact that the thing can be thrown out. The fact is that when you enter into a reaction with these substances the stain will darken.
  • Do not use benzol-containing solutions for synthetic fabrics.
  • Do not rub the stain too much, you may damage the fabric fibers. You wipe off the stain, but the thing will spoil.
  • Do not use strong acids to remove stains, such as hydrochloric acid and nitric acid.
  • When first using one of the methods, first test on a small piece of material.
  • Remove stains from the seamy side of things.
  • Rinse your thing several times.
  • White stains from deodorant can be removed with vodka.
  • Laundry soap is better to use on fresh stains.
  • Do not forget that the above methods may not help.
  • Do not use hydrogen peroxide for colored fabrics.
  • Wash clothes with heavy soiling immediately.
  • All well-known salt can even be added to the washing machine compartment. Only 2-3 tablespoons will relieve the disgusting smell.
  • When machine washable, double the amount of powder. This will help to remove the smell and stain.
  • If the smell is persistent and does not disappear after the first wash, wash it a second time.To get started, install a prewash, and only then the main one.
  • Dry your clothes not in a dryer, but in direct sunlight and in the open air.

Tips and tricks to prevent stains:

  • Carefully choose a deodorant, since a large amount of aluminum is bad for clothing and your skin, forming these terrible spots under the arms.
  • Reduce the amount of deodorant.
  • Follow the rules of personal hygiene.
  • To reduce sweating, do not use deodorants, and pharmaceutical means, for example, Teymurov paste. If you prefer deodorant, then after applying wait a bit until it is completely dry on the skin.
  • To avoid the appearance of yellow or white spots, you can buy in the pharmacy hexamine or formidron. They can be applied to the area of ​​the armpits with each wash.
  • If you smell clothes, do not wear them a second time - this will only aggravate her condition.
  • In summer, in hot weather, wear cotton clothing. In her skin breathes better than through synthetic tissue.
  • If you wear a jacket, jacket, then be sure to wear a vest, top under the bottom.

For information on how to remove the yellow spots on the armpits from the clothes, see the following video.

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