How to wash a greasy stain on jeans?

How to wash a greasy stain on jeans?

No type of clothing is insured against any pollution in the process of wearing. Denim pants are probably one of the most popular items in the wardrobe of many women, men, and even children. After all, jeans are practical, comfortable and durable, so many people don’t part with jeans, putting them on for work, parties, and a picnic. Naturally, such active use is fraught with various dirt on jeans trousers.

Fat spots

Probably, many are familiar with this situation. Feast at a party or a picnic with friends, tasty treats on the table, a pleasant relaxing atmosphere. And because of their own carelessness or because of the negligence of a neighbor on the table, an oil stain has been placed on their favorite jeans, which spreads on the fabric right before your eyes.

The mood is immediately spoiled, because the appearance of clothing becomes untidy. In addition, a painful question arises in my head: how to get rid of this contamination on trousers altogether, and whether it will be possible in principle.

Do not worry. The greasy stain on jeans is not a sentence for your clothes. This article will describe several ways to remove oily dirt from jeans trousers, which will help you to return a neat and beautiful look to your clothes.

Fresh pollution

To begin with, remember a simple rule that will greatly facilitate your struggle with the stain and save you from time-consuming operations to remove it. Take measures to clean jeans from fat should be as soon as possible. Here are some ways to provide fat-stained denim first aid pants:

  • A very important point: in no case do not begin to rub the stain with dry or wet wipes, pieces of cloth or a sponge. This not only does not help in the fight against oil trail, but also leads to an even deeper penetration and absorption of fat into the fibers of the material.
  • If the trouble occurred at your home or visiting friends, you can use the following method of cleaning soiled jeans. Take in your kitchen or ask the owners of the apartment regular salt. Sprinkle it with a piece of clothing soiled with grease. Press the salt on top with a dry napkin folded in several layers. It is very important to never rub the stain with salt, namely, to press the napkin with your hand and hold for 1-2 minutes.

Much of the fat is absorbed in a layer of salt and napkin. If the pollution does not disappear completely, then at least the spot size will decrease very noticeably. You can repeat this operation 2-3 times, shaking off the used salt and replacing it with fresh. A napkin is also advisable to take a clean one. In many cases, this method even helps to remove the greasy stain completely or significantly facilitate further washing and cleaning the product, because salt pulls the fat out of the fabric and prevents it from being absorbed into the fibers.

There are other ways:

  • Similar to salt, but baking soda and starch have a weaker absorbent effect. You can use these substances if salt is not on hand.
  • If you are in a cafe or other public place where it is impossible or inconvenient to use salt, soda or starch, you can blot the stain with a simple dining napkin. The rules are the same as in the above-described cleaning option: never rub, use a cloth folded several times, repeat the procedure 2-3 times, replacing the cloth with a clean one.

In this case, the paper napkin material acts in a manner similar to salt crystals. It absorbs oil and fat, pulling it out of the fabric.

Old traces

If it was not possible to take emergency measures for any reason, and the fat spot has been on jeans for a long time, you will have to use in several other ways to wipe it off:

  • The simplest and most affordable option in the case of old oil contamination is to wash it with laundry soap. Wet the contaminated area of ​​the product and rub it with a piece of soap. Leave the product for 15-20 minutes. After washing your denim pants in the usual way.
  • Wash the old oil stain from the denim material will help dishwashing detergent. Such gels have a sparing composition that can not harm the material, but at the same time there are included components that dissolve the fat well on the dishes. It is this property of this tool that will be useful for eliminating oily stains from the fabric. Apply dish gel to the product, leave without washing, for half an hour. Then rub the area with a sponge or soft brush and rinse under running warm water.
  • Any solvents will help to remove fat from jeans trousers quickly. These include acetone, nail polish remover, refined gasoline. With a solution of one of these substances it is necessary to soak abundantly with a cotton swab or sponge and attach it to the area with a stain. The fat will dissolve under the action of the composition, so on the back of the material it is necessary to put a piece of thick cardboard or a thick paper napkin. The oil stain will gradually descend and be absorbed into the material planted below.
  • Alcohol also has a property that dissolves fatty substances. You can replace it with vodka, only the exposure time on the spot will need to be slightly increased.
  • A convenient and affordable way to use at home is the hot iron option. The product must be spread out on the ironing board. As in the previous method, from the bottom you need to put a thick cardboard or napkin. A sheet of ordinary office paper is applied to the stain, salt is poured on top of it with a thick layer, and another paper sheet is applied over the salt. Hot iron must press all layers. Iron does not need to do ironing movements, just press and hold in one place for about a minute. Take away the iron and see if there is a greasy stain on the top sheet of paper. If not, hold the iron, as described above, for about a minute.

The procedure can be completed when a sheet of paper that is on top is saturated with an oily composition. This will mean that the fat has evaporated from the tissue.

  • To remove greasy dirt from jeans, you can also use a stain remover. Such compositions are of different types and are sold in the departments of household chemicals. Carefully study the label of the stain remover, paying attention to what contaminants it is intended for and what types of fabrics can be processed by them. It is necessary to use stain remover strictly according to the instructions attached to it.

Folk ways

Next will be given folk recipes and methods of cleaning denim material from fat. Many natural substances are much more sparing for the fabric, while they are no less effective in the fight against oily stains than chemicals. The most common tools from the people's piggy bank are:

  • Removal of oily stains using chalk powder. This method is most effective in the first minutes after getting fat on clothes, but it can also be used for the old spot, combining this recipe with other methods. The spot needs to be filled with crushed chalk, preferably crumbs. A layer of chalk should be about 0.3-0.5 cm. After half an hour, remove the chalk crumb from the fabric, then wash the product.
  • Three tablespoons of a solution of ammonia should be mixed with 1/2 tsp of table salt. Rub the mixture into the stain with a sponge or soft brush. After 1.5-2 hours to wash the composition under running warm water, then wash the jeans in the usual way.
  • Some housewives argue that it helps to remove the fat stain from any clothes finely grated raw potatoes. Gruel of frayed potatoes should be applied to the area with a stain. It is necessary to leave grated potatoes on the cloth until the top layer of gruel begins to dry out and become covered with a dry crust. After that, the potato mass is removed from the clothes, the product can be sent to the wash.
  • Another not quite traditional way to deal with fat on things is to use powder for children, it can also be talc or tooth powder. One of the above means should be poured on jeans and pressed with a sheet of paper or a napkin for 2-3 minutes. Then remove the substance from the fabric in a dry way. It is better to use tooth powder only on jeans of light colors: it can act on the material as a weak brightener.

General recommendations

As you can see, there are a lot of ways to remove oily and greasy dirt from denim material, and they are quite affordable at home. So despair and give up, accidentally misting your jeans with fatty foods and substances, is not worth it. In the end, you can give a few general tips and recommendations that should be followed when taking the removal of grease stains from jeans trousers:

  • Take steps to remove stains preferably as soon as possible. Do not tighten the process of handling the soiled area. The less the fatty substance is on the fabric, the easier it will be to remove in gentle and simple ways.
  • Do not attempt to scrub the stain with a dry or damp cloth, sponge or cloth, nor rub it with your hands. In the case of oily pollution, friction is absolutely contraindicated. Impact on the soiled material is made only absorbing and solvent substances.
  • Not always any of the methods described above work the first time. Be prepared for the fact that you have to repeat some procedure for cleaning jeans or use several methods. This is especially true of old fat spots.
  • If you decide to use a sufficiently aggressive substance, such as acetone, gasoline or a chemical stain remover, first do a test on the invisible part of the product. Apply a little selected product, for example, on the inner seam at the bottom of the leg or on the inner surface of the belt.

Observe whether the applied solution changes the color of the fabric. If everything is in order, you can safely use the selected tool to remove the spot from a prominent area of ​​the product.

How to remove a fat stain on jeans, see the next video.

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