How to wipe the ink from the pen?

How to wipe the ink from the pen?

The handle is a simple and familiar item, we use it regularly. And for schoolchildren and students, this subject is simply necessary every day.

But sometimes it happens that the ink flows and stains on different things. Even more incidents occur if this item falls into the hands of small children. And if it is possible to wash the ink from the fingers, though not immediately, with soap and warm water, then it can be quite difficult to remove them from things.

So that ink does not remain, and things are not spoiled, you need to wash stains properly.

How to wash the ink correctly?

Almost everybody came across with spots from a ballpoint or gel pen. But not everyone knows whether there are effective and safe means of things.

Fortunately, there are means and ways to wipe the pen, and there are quite a lot of them. But they can not be used indiscriminately - it is necessary to take into account what material the soiled thing is made of.

Ball and gel pens well dissolve alcohols and alcohol-containing liquids, acetone, gasoline, various solvents and even hairspray and face cream. But they can wash the paint off the surface of the material being cleaned, leave ugly stains and even dissolve some materials.

There are also many folk remedies that we always have on hand. They act on different surfaces much softer, but they cope with the task just as well. However, they are not effective on all surfaces.

Also remember that Fresh stains are much easier to handle and remove.

Before using the product, it is always advisable to try how it will act on the barely visible part of the product.

How can I remove a stain from different surfaces?

In the process of work, a drip handle can leave a stain on any object: on furniture, on the floor, on clothes and a bag. And children can put a spot in the most incredible places.

With furniture

Most often spots appear on the table.

If the table is covered with plastic, then you can try to wash the ink with ordinary soap, dishwashing detergent or other detergent. Wet wipes will do.

For larger pen marks, you can use nail polish remover. It effectively dissolves ink, so take care not to smudge them on a clean surface. Then swab the table with the same liquid to wipe the table until the traces disappear completely. Finish cleaning with a damp cloth.

Fresh stains from the table can be removed with an eraser.

Also suitable tools that are available in the kitchen at hand.

if you have lemon, squeeze a few drops on the ink. Leave for a couple of minutes for the sour lemon juice to dissolve the contamination, and wipe the table.

Schoolchildren often paint desks. Covered with plastic or painted with oil paint desks is best to try to scrub with chalk and wash the usual laundry detergent.

For a chair with a leatherette seat, use salt or soda.

Apply the soap solution to the dirt, sprinkle salt on top and wait for 2-3 hours. Then remove the composition and wash the surface. Or prepare a slurry of soda and water and leave it on the stain until it dries. After drying, remove it from the surface, and wipe the chair with a soft, damp sponge.

Child-painted doors are also laundered. Do not rush with potent chemicals - they will wash away the ink, but together with the ink can remove a layer of paint from the door. Try to treat the place soiled with fat - any, for example, available in every house will do. vegetable oil.

It is possible to scrub ink stains from the surface of wood with dishwashing detergent.

5 grams of this liquid (a teaspoon) is mixed with a third glass of water. The solution should be mixed well to obtain a rich foam. Be sure to make a test on the safety of the solution for your furniture. If everything is in order, then with a cotton swab or a soft cloth, take a little foam and rub the stain. Then clean the remnants of the solution with a clean, wet swab and dry the surface.

If the ink is deeply ingrained into the wood, rub this spot. metal washcloth. Be very careful that the washcloth does not remove too much wood.

Less aggressive for wood means - soda. Leave the gruel out of it on the stain for a quarter of an hour, and then remove with a clean, damp cloth. Dry the surface.

Well proven agent - White Spiritwhich is sold in hardware stores. A safety test is required. Apply white spirit on a rag and clean the stain. For old stubborn stains, apply the product on a metal washcloth.

Then you need to thoroughly wipe the surface.

Sometimes ink gets on the lamp shade lamp. If it is glass, it is best to apply soap solution or alcohol-containing liquids. In this case, you need to make sure that the liquid does not wash the paint off the lampshade, if it is colored. With a cloth or plastic lampshade, wash off the ink with a paste of soda or soapy water.

There are even more ways to wash the paste off the linoleum. This is a very unpretentious material, so you can safely use both chemical liquids and much of what you have in the kitchen.

Wash fresh stains with a solution of soap or dishwashing detergent, hair spray and even an eraser.

Mix salt with citric acid and hold on the spot for a quarter of an hour, or apply mustard or gruel of soda and wait a longer time. Warm vinegar, glycerin, hydrogen peroxide and sulfur from matches can also help.

For linoleum can be applied gasoline or turpentine, nail polish remover. Very effectively the liquid acts by which the machine is cleaned of bitumen.

With things

A lot of grief is delivered to a woman by a soiled bag.

To remove traces from the handle on the bag of leather or leatherette, it is best to use ready-made special preparations from the store. They will clean the product without spoiling it.

There is no this drug - it does not matter. Any woman has face cream or hand hairspray. They will cope wonderfully with the problem. Everything else, the cream will bring additional benefits to a leather bag.

The stain can also be washed off with soap, alcohol, cologne, a gruel of soda.

Modern children go to school with backpacks, and mothers occasionally have to clean them from ink.

Lightly moisten a fresh stain and sprinkle salt on it. Leave the salt for a few hours, then gently remove.

To wash the stain off the backpack, you can use alcohol, vodka, any alcohol-containing liquid.

The only condition is that the liquid must be colorless, otherwise I may remain divorced, which then have to get rid of.

With a cotton swab moistened with liquid, carefully blot the stain without rubbing it, so as not to increase the area of ​​contamination. Dissolving ink will remain on the pad. You will have to change tampons often, as this is a long and laborious procedure.

Things that have got ink will have to be washed. Washing with powder, as a rule, well removes traces of the handle, especially from fabrics made of artificial fibers. However, before washing it is better to try to remove the stain.

Use salt, soda Do not experiment with aggressive liquids: some of them can spoil the fabric.

Unconventional effective way. Pour into a small vessel. kefirand lower the stained place into it. Leave for half an hour, and then lock the thing.

With leatherette

If you or your children have stained the couch or armchair, upholstered with leatherette, then do not panic - there are many tools that allow you to clean the surface.

Try to wash the fresh stain with soap.

Effective will be the application ethyl or ammonia, glycerin, cologne.

Special stain removers with natural or artificial leather are available. When developing them, the features of the material are taken into account. Your task is to follow the instructions.

When there is no opportunity to visit the store, use the means most likely available at home.

Prepare the composition of the soap solution and salt. Apply it on the stain, rub a little and leave for a couple of hours. Then rinse and dry the place well.

Also fit soda, vinegar, lemon or citric acid. Lemon juice can be mixed with milk.

With plastic

In our domestic environment, many parts and coatings of plastic.

Since the plastic coating is quite resistant to various substances, you can apply alcohol, vodka, lotion, toilet water and other available liquids. To clean a cotton swab, they apply a liquid and gently rub the stain. As the tampons change, they change.

You can apply the improvised means - the usual business matches. Their heads are moistened with water and rub them stains until they disappear.

Silicone is a modern material, phone cases and other items are often made from it. Unfortunately, they also get ink, as we put them on the table, in the pocket of clothes or in the pocket of the bag along with the pens. To clean the ink from the pen with a silicone cover can be a nail polish remover. Take the liquid without acetone.

The refrigerator can also get into the view of young artists. Chemicals can not always help remove their drawings from the refrigerator. In addition, chemicals can damage the surface.

Use unconventional tool: hair spray. From a short distance spray paint on the pattern to form a small puddle. Then wash the surface with a wet cloth.

Off paper

Students, office workers and people of other professions who need to write a lot or fill out forms, periodically face a problem - the document is corrupted.

Small traces on certain types of paper can be removed without the help of any means.

Use a sharp blade to gently cut or scrape ink ink. Then sand this place with a smooth object.

Be very careful not to remove too much paper. Do not use a blade on thin paper.

There are also corrective fluid. They are sold in the departments of stationery. They are convenient to use, as they are equipped with a thin brush, they dry quickly and you can write on top of them. However, sometimes it happens that they do not match the tone of the paper.

The corrector can remove the stain from the textbook and correct the wallpaper on the white areas.

But on some types of paper and on colored wallpaper, you cannot use the corrector

If your child painted the wallpaper, one of the common ways to remove his art from the wall is to use vinegar and manganese.

Dissolve the potassium permanganate crystals in vinegar. The color of the solution should be saturated purple. Then gently remove the ink lines with a thin brush or cotton swab.

From potassium permanganate on paper may appear stains. After the paper dries, remove the streaks using hydrogen peroxide.

With a not very big handle track, she can handle herself peroxide.

Another way is to use lemon juice or in a mixture:

  • citric acid - 10 grams;
  • oxalic acid - 10 grams;
  • water - 0.5 cups.

Similarly - with a brush or a cotton swab - remove traces from the pen.

With rubber

The house may be items made of rubber. You can clean off the ink on them with solutions containing chlorine, or bleach.

But these tools can be used only for shoes, covers and other things that do not have contact with products and which small children do not have access to.

Stain with rubber wonderful washes alcohol.

It is better to wash off the ink from a baby doll or from a ball using soap or soda gruel. Also, a baby doll is safe and efficiently rubbed with a lemon wedge.

Useful tips

If possible, try to wash off the stain until it is fresh and does not stick to the surface:

  • Do not grasp the first available tool - seek advice from familiar relatives, look for information in books and on the Internet.
  • Use products suitable for this material.
  • Before use, be sure to test the product on the barely visible part of the product.
  • If you are going to use a chemical, use gloves, try not to inhale the vapors, and work when the window is open.
  • Be patient, if necessary, repeat the procedure several times until the ink marks disappear completely.

For information on how to remove ink from a ballpoint pen on clothing, see the following video.

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