How to clean the rust from clothes?

How to clean the rust from clothes?

Probably every person at least once in his life faced the problem of cleaning their clothes from rust stains. Most often, rusty marks appear after drying things on heating batteries that have areas with peeled paint. Spots are also formed from small metal objects that they forgot to pull out of their pockets for the duration of the wash. Another reason for the appearance of rust marks on clothing is direct contact with rust.

If the trouble still happened, and you could not avoid rust pollution, you can use modern cleaning agents.

First aid

There are cases when even the most advanced technologies can not cope with stains of this nature. Some products are used for cleaning exclusively for white cloth items, and some need only be applied as soon as possible after contamination. It turns out that it is not always convenient for us to use them.

Find a way out of the current problem situation will help collected over the years, "people's" means and methods of getting rid of rust spots.

When rust spots are detected, first thing to do treat contamination with stain remover. Before use, you should carefully read the recommendations for use.

For a white cloth, the usual chlorine bleach will do. And for colored clothes and products from thin in circulation tissues, a tool is needed which contains a high content of oxygen or a preparation with a special mark. First aid is important in order to continue to return the clothes to their original appearance without any difficulty.

To provide first aid to a dirty wardrobe item, you can use stain removers with a gel structure. Because of their consistency, these gels, unlike powdered agents, act gently and at a deeper level in the fibers of the fabric.

The first thing you need to remove excess rust, and then rub a small amount of gel in the contaminated place, if necessary, treat the stain with a brush or sponge. Leave the item for the time indicated in the instructions so that the gel is better absorbed. Cover the product with the usual laundry detergent, preferably with your hands. And if you didn’t work out the pollution on the first attempt, try to repeat the process again.

What to do at home?

Our people have been collecting methods and recipes for years to remove rust stains from things in case special cleaning devices are not available:

  • Tomato juice. Treat the stain with the juice of ripe tomatoes, wait about 20 minutes and rinse. Rinse the product with water and send it to the washing machine for normal washing.
  • Oxalic acid. If you have crystallized oxalic acid in your home, you need to take and dissolve a couple of crystals of acid in 1 tsp. Dip a tampon into the resulting liquid and thoroughly soak the area exposed to rust. It is necessary to rub to the complete disappearance of traces of pollution. After the procedure it is necessary to thoroughly rinse the product in cool water.
  • Glycerin and chalk. Take equal parts of chalk, glycerin and water, mix before paste-forming. Apply a sufficient amount of paste to the problem area and rub thoroughly. After this treatment, the fabric will be cleaned very quickly. This method is also suitable for use against rust stains on colored fabrics.
  • Ammonia. Perfect for getting rid of difficult stains from white things.Soak a cotton swab with alcohol and treat the problem area. The processed place needs to be left for some time, then to wash a product.
  • Lemon. Cleaning fabrics according to this recipe is recognized as the best way to remove traces of rust. This method is suitable for processing any materials. Take a gauze cloth and put some lemon pulp in it, distribute this mass over the polluted place, and then heat this area with an iron. To completely get rid of the stain, repeat the process if necessary.
  • Lemon juice. Lemon juice is used similarly to pulp. Pollution is plentifully moistened with fresh lemon juice, covered with a paper napkin and ironed. If the stain is not completely gone, re-treatment is possible. To cleanse thin tissues, warming is not necessary, just soak the problem part with fresh juice, set aside for 15 minutes, and then send it to the wash.
  • Detergent for dishes and glycerin. Take an equal amount of ingredients. Mix, distribute the resulting product on the problematic part of the product and set aside the thing. Wash after several hours.
  • Toothpaste. Suitable in case of lack of all other funds. Mix a little toothpaste with water until the consistency of sour cream, put on the stain, leave for 40 minutes.

Remove stains from white cloth

White things require special care. Even the most accurate people are not insured against various incidents, and each of us can find traces of rust on a shirt, dress, other clothes and home interior elements, for example, tulle. In this case, we picked up several popular methods with which you can wash the rust from white fabrics. Choose a way to taste and dare:

  • Lemon acid. To remove rust in this way, you need to take citric acid (20 grams), pour it into a half glass of water and stir until the acid is completely dissolved. Heat the mixture in an enamel pot, do not bring to a boil, and then dip the part of the product, which is subject to contamination, and soak for 5 minutes. Hyposulphate can fully replace the acid, only it is dissolved in a glass of water.
  • Wine acid. This method will require tartaric acid and salt in equal proportions. Components to combine and stir until a slurry, which must be slightly diluted with water. Spread the mixture obtained over the problematic part of the product, put it in a transparent container located in the sun. When there are no traces of stains, carefully rinse and wash the item as usual.
  • Means for removing rust from plumbing. This recipe is suitable for de-rusting only for white cotton products. In order for the rust to disappear, you need to apply the product to the contaminated area, rub it before foaming, rinse thoroughly with plenty of water, and then wash the product after all this, according to the washing instructions. This method helps to remove even outdated contamination.
  • Hydrochloric acid. To remove rust from white things, we will need a 2% solution of hydrochloric acid. This solution should be poured into a container, only a contaminated area should be put there, and the thing should be left until the rust has completely disappeared. While you are waiting, you need to prepare a rinse solution. Take about 3 tablespoons of ammonia and add them to a liter of water, when the thing is clean, you should rinse it in the resulting solution.

Remove rust from colored clothing.

It is more problematic to remove traces of rust from colored products. This process has a direct connection with the dye, which is not always resistant to the effects of certain agents. Therefore, below we have collected several ways that can help wipe a rusty stain off any fabric:

  • Vinegar - one of the universal remedies, as it allows to get rid of rust not only from white, but also from colored fabric. It is important that the materials are resistant to acidic conditions. In order to prepare the product, dissolve 2 tablespoons of vinegar in 1 glass of water and pour this solution into a container for heating. Then dip into the hot but not boiling liquid the place of pollution and hold for 5 minutes. Then rinse the item first with clean cold water, and then repeat the rinse in a solution of water and ammonia. Ammonia dissolved in a liter of water. After these actions it is recommended to wash the item as usual.
  • Acetic acid. This tool will help in the fight against pollution, if you mix 7 liters of warm water with 5 tablespoons of acid. Soak the thing in this solution for 12 hours. Then wash the product in standard mode.

Due to its properties, acetic acid will update the color of the product and fix the dye in the fabric, which will prevent fading and fading of your clothes.

  • Onion. Onion is passed through a meat grinder until a homogeneous liquid mass is formed. Add 35 ml of glycerin and apply the mixture to rust. We wait about 3 hours, remove the excess with a paper napkin, we wrap the product with our hands. After that, wipe the areas treated with onion with a slice of lemon to eliminate the unpleasant smell. At the end of all procedures, the product should be washed as usual.
  • A mixture of acids. Take 5 grams of oxalic acid and 5 grams of acetic acid, dissolve with a glass of water, heat this liquid. Dip the problematic part of the thing for 3 hours. After that, do not forget to rinse and wash the product as usual. This recipe is suitable for removing even old stains.

How to clean the jeans?

Jeans - one of the most comfortable wardrobe items that we use for everyday wear and walking around the city. What to do if your favorite jeans are stained with rust?

Cleaning methods:

  • Means for struggle against a scum. Effectively removes rusty traces of denim clothing by means of anti-scale. Take a sponge or piece of cloth, immerse it in this liquid and soak the pollution well. Set aside a thing for 10-15 minutes, and then wash.
  • Lemon juice or acid. The previously described method of cleaning products from rust with lemon juice or acid is also suitable for denim. Apply the juice to the contaminated part, dry with an iron or hair dryer and erase the thing.
  • Vinegar with salt. Mix vinegar with salt until a thin gruel is formed. Spread the mixture over the contaminated area and allow to stand for several hours. After the procedure, rinse, send for washing in standard mode.
  • Hyposulphite. To fight the rust traces on light-colored denim clothes, prepare a hyposulphite solution: dilute 15 grams in a glass of water. Dip a spot with a hot liquid and hold it in until the rust has disappeared. After cleaning, rinse the product in room temperature water.
  • Oxalic acid and potash. Dissolve half a glass of acid in water and a fourth of a glass of potash separately, mix the resulting liquid and add water to half a liter. Soak jeans in a heated solution directly at the site of pollution. After a few minutes, remove the product. Wash the treated fabric with a few drops of ammonia or a pinch of soda.

Saving outerwear

For cleansing dirt from a jacket or woolen outerwear, you can use any of the methods already listed for you. Before using products, it is important to clean the product from dirt and dust and try to process invisible area to protect yourself from unpleasant consequences.

In addition to the previous methods, we have collected a few more, so that you can choose the one that suits you:

  • Soap and glycerin. Mix water, soap and glycerin in the ratio 1: 1: 1, rub the stain with the mixture and leave for 24 hours. After processing, wash in the usual way.
  • Lemon and hydrogen peroxide. Saturate the contamination with lemon juice, swab in hydrogen peroxide and rinse under running cool water.

Safety Precautions and Tips

To successfully remove rust stains, you should follow a number of recommendations and tips:

  1. Before you begin the process of cleaning, you need to thoroughly shake the thing to remove all small particles of dust and dirt. You can clean the surface with a regular brush for clothes.
  2. To avoid the unexpected reaction of the dye on the tool, it is better to first try it on an inconspicuous area, and also apply the agent from the wrong side.
  3. A cotton swab or a piece of soft cloth will help to remove contamination more quickly. It is desirable that this fabric was a light color, so as not to leave a stain from the dye.
  4. We advise you to start cleaning with a solution of low concentration, which, if necessary, can be increased.
  5. The speed of your reaction will be a decisive factor in the cleaning result. It is important immediately after detection to begin to remove the stain. Because after a while, removing it will be problematic.
  6. Rusty stains must be removed before washing in a washing machine, since each interaction with moisture only contributes to the absorption of rust into the fabric fibers and exacerbates the problem.
  7. When working with acids and their solutions, observe the safety rules and precautions. Need to work in gloves and ventilated area.
  8. To avoid stains during washing, check the powder tray, as rust can accumulate inside it and white things can get dirty from rusty water.

To remove dirt and return things to the original form, you need to make a little effort to find the right way, and maybe even try several ways. If all your efforts did not bring the desired result or you are afraid for a delicate or thin fabric, you can turn to professional dry cleaners.

They use effective, but not aggressive means that will easily remove any contaminants and at the same time do not spoil the fabric.

To remove rust stains from clothes, see the next video.

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