How to wash the ink from the pen with clothes?

How to wash the ink from the pen with clothes?

A pen is a necessary item at home, at school or at work. But many schoolchildren or office workers are familiar with the situation when a given thing, left in its pocket, is flowing, thus smearing clothing with ink. There is a logical question, how to get rid of the stain quickly and efficiently. And this can be done in many ways.

Fresh tracks

Removing a stain that was formed a couple of minutes ago is easier than an old one:

  • First you need to make sure that the pollution does not increase, spread over the fabric. You must immediately sprinkle talcum powder or baby powder on the affected area, you can use the starch (they will not allow the ink to stick into the fabric structure). After a couple of minutes, blot the stain with a napkin or towel.
  • If you have a stain remover at home, it is better to use it. To do this, apply a means to pollution, wait about fifteen minutes, then dip the thing in cold water and wash it with regular powder. Now in stores you can buy a stain remover in the form of a washing pencil, which effectively removes ink from clothes. To do this, rub the contaminated and pre-moistened area with a pencil until foam is formed. After fifteen minutes, the solution is washed off with water.
  • Many people have ammonia or medical alcohol, which will be a worthy alternative to stain removers. It is necessary to wet the cotton pad with an alcohol solution, attach to the ink stain and wait about two minutes, then change the cotton wool and repeat the same. Do not rub the pollution, it will turn pale under the influence of the applied cotton wool with alcohol. After this thing must be washed in the usual way.
  • To remove traces from the pen, you can use food. Milk or lemon is not difficult to find in the refrigerator. You just need to pour on the heated milk or lemon juice. Then you should wait for about ten to fifteen minutes, after which start to erase the thing.
  • Eliminate contamination from ink by using heated glycerin. It is necessary to apply it to the pollution, the fabric under it will soften, after that the clothes should be washed. To glycerin did not leave a trace on things, you can add liquid ammonia.
  • In addition to the pen, ink from printing can stain clothes. It is important to get rid of stains while they are fresh. You can use hairspray. The product is sprayed onto the dirt, then a cloth is applied to it. The procedure is repeated until the ink is completely gone. And only then the thing can be washed.

Old stains

To clean the old spot is more difficult than fresh, but still there are ways:

  • Turpentine and liquid ammonia are suitable for colored clothes. From these components a mixture is prepared, to which glycerin is added. This solution removes the old stain within two hours. Thing after the procedure must be washed.
  • Hydrogen peroxide (in equal proportions) can be mixed with liquid ammonia instead of turpentine. This solution is added to warm water, in which the contaminated thing is lowered for several hours. Then the clothes are washed with the addition of powder and (if necessary) bleach.
  • An ordinary kefir, which is easy to find in the refrigerator, will help to quickly remove the old ink stain from synthetic or silk fabric. It should be heated. Either it is applied to the stain, or the whole thing is soaked in it.Such a means is valid for three hours, after which the clothes are rinsed and washed in a typewriter or manually.

How to wash?

Ink from the pen can be wiped off the clothes not only with the help of professional stain removers, but also using home remedies. So, you should not immediately run to the dry-cleaner, but you should try to cope on your own. It is important to know the type of fabric on which the stain appeared, in order to choose the right cleaning agent:

  • For cotton (for example, T-shirts) an alcohol solution will be suitable, with which the fabric is carefully soaked until the stain brightens. After this thing must be washed. Hydrogen peroxide and liquid ammonia will help remove the stain from a denser cotton fabric (for example, from a men's shirt). They are mixed in equal proportions.
  • Remove contamination with silk Dress blouses or sweaters can be using kefir or sour milk. They need to be preheated and applied to the stain. Milk can also remove the stain from the velvet fabric. Another option for silk is baking soda. It carefully manages the fabric structure without destroying it.

To do this, a little water is added to the soda to obtain a pasty state, this gruel is applied to the damaged area, then after half an hour it is washed off with the help of warm water.

  • Remove stains with jeans or with a denim jacket is quite problematic, one washing here is not limited. This will require a brush with soap. Its foam is applied to the contaminated area, then carefully rubbed with a brush. This method is suitable for complex blemishes. If it is small, then you can try to do with a cotton pad dipped in alcohol.
  • Get rid of ink with leather stuff (for example, pants or bags) can be salt. It is poured in thick layers for contamination and left for forty-eight hours, then shaken off with a sponge soaked in turpentine.
  • If the fabric is not colored, but white, then a method with acetic acid is suitable, which must be applied to a cotton wool and wipe the stain for five minutes. You can use soda with water, as well as peroxide with alcohol.

Thus, in order not to lose sight of the choice of means of removing ink from a sweater or raincoat fabric, you must proceed from the material, otherwise there is a risk of spoiling the favorite thing for good.


To wash the paste from a ballpoint pen, you can use improvised means:

  • Well in this case, the toothpaste works. It is applied to the stain, then removed after a few minutes. It is only desirable that the toothpaste be white in color, otherwise the color will be harder to wash off.
  • For any fabric (but not white), a way to remove ink with lemon juice will do. It is applied to pollution, then the item is erased.
  • You can use shaving cream. He fights off ink blots on clothes. Just put it on the polluted area, wait a while, then rinse the thing.
  • A good way is to use alcohol with acetone. These two ingredients are mixed in equal amounts. The mixture should be heated and applied to gauze fabric. Through her place with ink blot need to properly iron.


Remove stains from gel pens harder than from the ball, especially if the stain has appeared long ago:

  • You can use citric acid. It is poured onto the dirt from the dripping colored or blue pen and lasts for thirty to forty minutes, after which the clothes are washed in a car or by hand.
  • In the arsenal of every girl there is definitely a nail polish remover. This useful tool can not only remove the varnish from the nails, but also to eliminate the ink stain, which was formed due to the gel pen. To do this, apply a liquid to the contaminated area, only the clothing must first lie on a damp cloth, so that the stain later transferred to it. Then the clothes are washed in lukewarm water.

It is worth remembering that acetone can not eliminate such stains from delicate fabric, otherwise there is a risk of spoiling the thing.

  • If the spot is small and not too deep, then you can try to scrub it with laundry soap, and then wash the thing with cold water.

Dry clean

If you do not want to resort to dry cleaning services, you should arrange dry cleaning at home. With this procedure, you can eliminate any stains, including ink, without resorting to the use of water. The fabric is not deformed, which is a significant advantage of this type of cleansing. Means for this procedure can be both chemical and natural. It all depends on personal preference:

  • One of the most popular means to eliminate stains during dry cleaning is the Minute gel stain remover. It is applied to the contaminated area, it dries out, and the powder is removed. It is inexpensive.
  • Another gel is “Woolite”, which removes stains on wool, knitwear and even delicate fabric. It does not have an aggressive composition, so the thing after using this gel will not fade. This tool is suitable for both color and white things.
  • The next tool is an aerosol and is called "K2r". It is sprayed on the fabric, and with its help all stains, including ink, dissolve.
  • As for natural means of dry cleaning, here you can use scotch. It will perfectly remove the stain from the leather product. Also suitable soda or starch.
  • If ink stains appear on fur items, then you can try to scrub them with heated sand. It needs to be poured on places of pollution.
  • If the stain is dead, gasoline will come to the rescue. But before using it, you need to protect your hands with rubber gloves and move away from the fire sites. But still it is a radical method of dry cleaning, and it is needed only when other methods did not help.


So that the favorite thing doesn’t spoil, and the works on ink rubbing were not wasted, It is necessary to consider some recommendations:

  • It is necessary to take into account the type of handle, because the cleaning methods will vary. It is easiest to remove ink from ordinary fountain pens (there is enough soap here), but pollution from ball and gel counterparts requires more effort. Eliminating blue ink will take less time than cleaning black or red.
  • Before you begin to clean the stain, you first need to blot it with a napkin or toilet paper, so that excess moisture is absorbed in them, and not smeared when cleaning the fabric. Scrubbing dirt without first removing moisture will cause it to become even larger than it was originally.
  • Also, so that the ink does not flow, you can use an ordinary molten candle. A cotton swab is circled around the spot, the paraffin is absorbed into the fabric, and the ink does not subsequently spread over the product.
  • Many hostesses at the sight of fresh stains from the handle on the clothes immediately begin to wash the product, and then they are surprised that the pollution has not disappeared.

The fact is that washing even more “fixes” the ink in the fabric, so you must first carry out the cleaning procedure, and only then load the item into the washing machine.

  • Bleach can be added to light things, but it can discolor colored things, so you should use this tool with caution. If the selected bleach contains acids, then you need to carefully monitor the exposure time and read the instructions, otherwise there will be a hole at the spot.
  • If water is needed for the preparation, then it should not be hot, otherwise you can not only spoil the structure of the fabric, but also aggravate the situation with the stain (it will even more deeply sink into the material).
  • After selecting a tool, you should not use it immediately, you should first test it on a separate section of the product or a fabric flap (they are usually attached to clothes when purchased).This is necessary so that the thing does not deteriorate under the influence of the cleaning solution. Some of them are quite aggressive and can damage the fabric.
  • Care should be taken with solvents, they can change color and adversely affect the structure of the fabric, for this a few drops of solvent are tried on a separate small area of ​​fabric and only then applied to the entire area of ​​contamination.
  • If after removing ink stains on clothes, there are traces of stains, they can be washed with simple soap.
  • In a pinch, you can turn to dry cleaning services, where professionals can remove even the most complex ink stains. Just before that, you should not try to handle the stains yourself, otherwise in the dry cleaners they may not accept this thing.

All these recommendations will help to quickly and efficiently wipe the favorite thing from ink stains, without causing damage to the fabric itself. But, in order not to remove such contaminants, it is worth being careful not to put handles that can leak into chest and other pockets.

For information on how to remove ink from white clothes, see the following video.

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