Hoodies from Puma

Hoodies from Puma

A sweatshirt is an element of wardrobe that is popular with women and men of the whole world who prefer a sporty and casual style of dressing. Hoodies from Puma - the choice of those who appreciate quality, comfort and unique style.

About brand

Puma is a world famous German brand producing sportswear, shoes and accessories.

Founded in 1948, today the company has more than one hundred branded stores and branches in many countries. Inspired by the achievements of famous athletes, Puma constantly develops new models for them and all those who prefer an active lifestyle.

Sportswear Puma is recognized as one of the best in functionality and quality. High-tech, pleasant to the body materials can increase the productivity of training. Comfortable pockets and other details of clothing, thought out to the smallest detail, turn the products of the brand into convenient sports equipment. The company's clothing is manufactured on the most modern equipment, using advanced technologies and its own unique developments.

Classic models of sweatshirts, long beloved by fans of Puma, and stunning new items have a comfortable, anatomical cut, stylish design and the highest quality.

Most models of collections are suitable not only for sports. They are versatile, perfectly combined with clothes in a semi-sports style and look great in casual bows.

The cooperation of the brand with famous designers allows us to produce models for every taste. This laconic hoodies discreet colors and bright models for dynamic people, and the original options with prints.

Products of Puma are chosen by connoisseurs of comfort and quality all over the world. The company continues to improve and regularly pleases its loyal fans with chic novelties.

Popular models


The PUMA Ferrari collection bears the name of a luxury expensive car for a good reason. Hoodies from this line are characterized by restrained elegance and the highest quality.

Red, black, gray and blue are the main colors of the collection. Models have a semi-fit fit, zip and Ferrari logo in the form of a shield. Cotton and polyester are used in the production of sweatshirts of the collection, they are pleasant to the body, give warmth and comfort. Anatomical cut provides a great fit.

The Ferrari model will perfectly fit into a casual wardrobe and will occupy a special place in it due to its spectacular design and stylish appearance.

Mercedes AMG Petronas

The hoodies of the Puma Mercedes AMG Petronas collection are distinguished by their strict style and absolute level of quality. Zipper, side pockets, discreet colors (black, gray and gray-green) are common features of MAMGP models.

Red bull racing

The Red Bull Racing collection includes several models of sweatshirts with an original design. Contrasting bright details, eye-catching prints and a non-trivial look make RBR sweatshirts an excellent element of urban wardrobe.

Fashion trends

In addition to the classic, always current options, the brand regularly presents new fashion models. For the fair sex - this is fine sweatshirts with delicate floral patterns; models of rich colors of the adjacent, feminine cut; overseas options. Novelties for men are models with unusual prints, combined options, narrow-cut sweatshirts.

New Product Overview


Sweatshirt PUMA X CAREAUX Crew Sweat - an elegant option designed by Carroll Lynn. Graphic drawing depicting the delicate petals of a large flower gives the model a special charm. Two colors - snow white and black - classic style. The sweatshirt is made in the shape of a sweatshirt that allows you to combine it with jeans, and with pants, and with skirts of any style.Perfect for feminine bow in a casual style.

Sweatshirt Archive Logo Crew, FT - a spectacular sweatshirt made of soft cotton with polyester. A large image of the brand logo in a gradient color on a black background looks incredibly stylish. Ideal for everyday wear and create urban images.

Sweatshirt ESS No.1 Hoody FL W - comfortable hoodie for the fair sex. Three color options (light gray, hot pink and cherry) emphasize femininity. The classic semi-fit cut provides a perfect fit. A standard kangaroo pocket and a hood add comfort. A great option for every day in combination with leggings, jeans and sports pants.


Model SF Hooded Sweat Jacket - a stylish sweatshirt from the Ferrari collection. A classic fit, zip and elegant design are the hallmarks of this model. Sweatshirt is presented in three colors. It is a laconic black, calm gray and uncompromising red. Any connoisseur of quality, convenience and style can choose their option.

RBR Graphic Hoodie Sweatshirt - The original model from the collection of Red Bull Racing. Dynamic print and bright red inserts on a gray background convey the energy of racing. Comfortable hood with lining reliably protects from the wind. A great option for a casual look with jeans or sweatpants.

Sweatshirt Mesosphere Crew - an unusual solution from Puma. The space print transforms the laconic sweatshirt of a classic cut and creates an incredible mood. Spectacular sweatshirt for those who are not afraid to attract attention and those who are close to the romance of the starry sky.

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