Children's sweatshirts

Children's sweatshirts

Increasingly, children when choosing clothes for winter and autumn prefer sweatshirts. They have significant advantages over traditional jumpers or sweaters. In addition, designers offer an incredibly interesting, original versions that attracts young people to this piece of clothing.


Hoodies have several features:

  • They are available in various configurations, with zippers, hoods, without them, etc. This allows you to make the most optimal choice for yourself;
  • A sweatshirt is an all-season wardrobe item;
  • Sweatshirt is called the type of jacket Its distinguishing feature is thick material and long sleeves.


If we talk about the benefits, it is especially important to emphasize the following points.

  1. All seasonality. Sweatshirt can act as clothes that you wear under your jacket in winter. Also a sweatshirt can be useful in the summer when it becomes cool in the evenings and you don't feel like being cold.
  2. Protection. Sweatshirt protects from cold, wind, snow. This is especially true of models with a hood. If you do not have an umbrella or a hooded jacket on hand, a hoody will allow you to get home, school, work without getting wet.
  3. High level of comfort. Thanks to the materials used, the sweatshirt gives a pleasant feeling of comfort, coziness.
  4. Versatility. Hoodies are sewn in a wide variety of designs, which allows them to be used for any season, to attend various events. A child can go to school in kindergarten in such clothes.
  5. Appearance attractive. The main reason for abandoning traditional sweaters, sweaters, classic jumpers among children was precisely the visual appeal of a sweatshirt. A variety of colors, patterns allows children to choose the most beautiful, suitable for them hoodies.

Fashionable styles

  • With fur. Fur inserts perfectly warm the sweatshirt, allowing you to make it an independent piece of clothing even for the winter period;
  • Warm and warmed. The excellent decision allowing to refuse jackets. Tolstovochki will be warm enough to warm your child and provide comfort, freedom of movement;
  • With a zipper. A practical, child-friendly solution. So he will not have to climb through the gate, the children will not be confused in the holes. The main thing is that the zipper should be of high quality, do not let the cold air through;
  • Bomber He is a kind of jacket-sweater, which was originally created for pilots. Today, the distinctive features of a bomber jacket are short style, zipper, elastic inserts and cuffs;
  • With fleece. In such hoodies baby comfort is guaranteed, warm. Perfectly suited for a harsh winter, when the insulating properties of one jacket are not enough. At the same time, the Tolstoyan stays thin enough so as not to hinder the movement of the child.

Thematic models

Since these are children's clothes, the appearance of the sweatshirts should be appropriate. Mostly children prefer heroes of cartoons, films, computer games, etc. The most popular are the following themes for the design of a hoodie:

  • Batman Hero, protector, imitated by millions of children;
  • Spiderman A fun, but incredibly strong hero, able to fly on the web;
  • Minnie Mouse. Favorite heroine of little girls. Modest, funny, incredibly beautiful;
  • Dinosaur. The theme of prehistoric animals attracts both girls and boys;
  • Mickey Mouse. Minnie's friend, as well as the unchanging hero of millions of sweatshirts;
  • Minecraft (minecraft). One of the most popular games of our time, where everything consists of small cubes.

Actual colors

If we talk about the current children's fashion for sweatshirts, then preference should be given to the following colors:

  • Blue;
  • Blue;
  • Green;
  • Turquoise;
  • Red;
  • The black;
  • Gray;
  • Pink;
  • Purple;
  • Violet.

You can safely experiment, preferring brighter or pastel tones. It all depends on your taste, not fashion trends.


Modern hoodies are made of two basic materials. Each of them is characterized by its own nuances.

  • Fleece. Many are worried about the fact that fleece is a synthetic material. But fear for health, the warmth of the child is not worth it. Fleece is of high quality, protected from electrification. This material perfectly warms, allows you to feel cozy and comfortable. For all its merits, fleece is also quite thin. This allows you not to wear coarse, massive sweaters in order not to freeze in winter.
  • Footer. Not less popular material used for sewing sweatshirts. It is a cotton knitwear, complemented by polyester. Footer models are also thin, they can be warmed with the help of fur.

Due to the effectiveness of materials, sweatshirts can act as independent clothing, reliably replacing a child's demi-season, and sometimes a winter jacket. It all depends on the weather.

Where to wear

Children's sweatshirt is a great solution for those who:

  • Engaged in various sports;
  • Prefers sporty style;
  • Loves walking with friends;
  • Goes to workouts;
  • He plays football, basketball from morning to evening;
  • Attends school.

How to choose

  • If there is a hood on the hoodie, it can be used as an independent piece of clothing, replacing the jacket.
  • If a sweatshirt with a hood, and the weather requires to wear a top and a jacket, then the latter should not have a hood. It is important to choose a jacket with removable hoods.
  • Material two - fleece or footer. They have equally many advantages, because here you should be guided by your taste. If you do not want your child to wear synthetics, choose a footer.
  • Purpose The choice of model, style, color in many respects depends on the purpose for which you buy a child a hoody. For school, kindergarten is better to take more restrained, strict hoodies. For sports sections, walks, games, be guided more by the taste of the child, his preferences, favorite cartoon characters that can be depicted on clothes, etc.

Cool images

  • Fashionable jeans, beautiful sneakers and a Tolstoyan with a “brutal” print will make your boy not only well-warmed, but also incredibly fashionable, cool. He will definitely impress the girls;
  • A bright, stylish sweatshirt with an original pattern, complemented by sneakers, a color cap and a scarf to protect the neck allows you to create an excellent bow for your child;
  • Hoodies with Mickey or Minnie Mouse are always relevant. And they look cool in pink and normal gray. Complementing the image of a bow-ears in the style of a cartoon mouse, your daughter will be irresistible;
  • A fashionable zipper bomber jacket will allow you to create a cool bow if you combine it with a bright T-shirt and youth jeans;
  • Undoubtedly look cool hoodies with hoods. Warm options warm up perfectly, and complemented by jeans, stylish sneakers or boots, a trendy print on outerwear will complete the creation of a magnificent image.

Manufacturers Overview


Next or Next is a British clothing manufacturer. In their assortment, you can meet excellent children's hoodies. NEXT products are distinguished by a high-tech approach to production, which is closely related to longstanding traditions.High quality goes well with an affordable price, which makes the Next brand one of the most attractive in the market for children's clothing.


A brand that needs no introduction. The company specializes in children's sweatshirts as well. Excellent quality, original design, wide range. All this makes Puma a segment leader.


Famous American brand, which was born in 1969. Now he cannot be called incredibly popular, but he has his own audience. If you are interested in quality, attractive design, developed taking into account not only the views of adults, but also the children themselves when developing sweatshirts, then the Gap brand will definitely become the number one choice for you.

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