Hoodies for men and women without hood

Hoodies for men and women without hood

Casual clothing is an integral part of our life, so its choice should also be wisely approached. One of the best options is a hoodie without a hood. Both women and men can wear it.

What is the name of

Many somewhat complicate their own search for a suitable hoody that does not have a hood. This is especially true for purchases through online stores.

In order to choose a hoody shirt that is suitable in all respects, you should first find out how this clothing variant, devoid of a hood, is called. And his name is a cardigan, pullover or jumper. Slightly less popular options are hoodie sweatshirts. So when you go to the online store or boutique for a new sweatshirt, keep this in mind.


Some interesting points about sweatshirts.

  1. Sweatshirts got their name from the famous writer Tolstoy. Although in fact his wardrobe consisted of a blouse. These are shirts that have no hood.
  2. Sweatshirt was originally called long, fairly spacious men's shirts, sometimes made on a yoke. For sewing the use of dyed fabric.
  3. Previously, sweatshirts wore only pants.
  4. After the clothes gained popularity, they began to be modified and improved with the aim of increasing comfort, practicality and visual appeal.
  5. Modern interpretation is a blouse made of thick knitted fabrics, which is worn over the underwear.
  6. The main feature of the sweatshirt is effective heat retention.
  7. In the manufacture of sweatshirts most often used footer or fleece.

Popular models

Many class sweatshirts by two main features:

  • With a zipper. More comfortable in terms of dressing models that do not necessarily stretch over your head. This makes the model more practical, gives a certain sporty style. It all depends on the performance, color, prints. When choosing a model with a zipper, it is important that the fastener itself be of high quality and not let in the cold;
  • Without lightning. Put on over the head, which somewhat confuses girls who want to keep their hair. It does not have to monitor the state of lightning, its protection from the weather.

In this case, all hoodies are divided into four categories.

  1. Classic knitwear. A great solution for various sports, hiking, outdoor activities.
  2. Hoodie. A somewhat longer version, complemented by a stand-up collar. It allows you to protect the neck area and your face from the cold wind. As a rule, hoodies are equipped with spacious and comfortable side pockets.
  3. Sweatshirts Model of free type cut without zipper. Their peculiarity is the presence of a kangaroo pocket.
  4. Bombers Hoodies made of wool, quality fleece or footer. An obligatory element and a distinctive feature - a stand-up collar, made with a zipper.


The colors that are relevant for this season include:

  • The black;
  • Gray;
  • Beige;
  • Green;
  • Yellow;
  • Red;
  • Turquoise;
  • Purple.

How to choose

  1. Features of the figure. If you are overweight, do not buy volumetric, free models, otherwise they will only aggravate the situation. For full ladies and men, the best solution will be fitted sweatshirts, visually pulling the figure.
  2. Growth. If the height is small, choose sweatshirts or other types of sweatshirts, which have a straight silhouette and no ties.
  3. Shorter models emphasize slender legs.
  4. Wearing a sweatshirt during fitting, pull the arms fully up. If you choose the right model, the abdomen and your lower back will not become bare when you stretch your arms.
  5. Workmanship.Check the quality of seams, zippers, stitches for the absence of scuffing, protruding threads, traces of glue.
  6. Symmetry. Make sure that the sleeves and other elements of the sweatshirt are the same length and width.

What to wear

For men

Men usually wear a sweatshirt with a t-shirt, sneakers or sneakers and jeans. This allows you to create a semi-sports image. Another option includes a coat, boots, shirt, creating a beautiful image in the style of street chic.

For women

For a half-sports look, use a T-shirt, jeans, and shoes — sneakers, ballet flats, or platform shoes. A bow with a combination of sweatshirts with a zipper, a knee-length Greek dress and ankle boots is suitable for bold beauties. If you do not want a dress, arm yourself with a blouse of a free cut and a mini-skirt.

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