Hoodies by Reebok

Hoodies by Reebok

About brand

The history of the famous and popular brand Reebok began in the distant 1895, when a lover of an active lifestyle and shoemaker by vocation to Joseph William Fost, had a brilliant idea - to make boots with spikes. According to the runner, such a detail was supposed to increase the grip of the sneakers with the treadmill, allowing it to pick up more speed.

The idea was so good that its author decided to create a whole company specializing in the manufacture of sports shoes. Thus, the trademark J.W. was founded in the small town of Bolton (England). Foster & Co.

Her workers manually sewed running shoes, which differed from the products of other firms by the presence of iron spikes on the sole. An unusual footwear was immediately experienced by amateur athletes and professional athletes, and they liked it.

In 1958, there were global changes and further change of the company name, which made it possible to distribute its products in some European countries.

In 1986, there were two new divisions for sewing clothes and other products.

In 1993, the British authorities forbade the company to use the symbols of the state, and as a result, the company’s logo was changed urgently. In 2006, the company was absorbed by the equally famous brand Adidas.


Clothing company Reebok has become popular in every corner of the globe, especially sweatshirts, different ergonomic cut. This feature means that the clothes do not hang, do not tighten and do not hinder movement, repeating the contours of the body. Protects from wind. When sewing hoodies, they use various additional technologies that make smart hoodies from simple ones.


Classic (Classic) - a collection of products from Reebok Classics is a huge assortment of different goods: sneakers, boots, sweatshirts and hoodies, hats, gloves, mittens, backpacks and bags. Products for connoisseurs of quality and reasonable prices.

Ufc - production equipment and form for the performance of fighters in the ring.

Crossfit (Crossfit) - the clothes of this series are a season of new ideas, high-quality material, and innovative technologies. It is convenient to do sports in the hall and in the open air.

Fashion trends

Reebok is always in trend. Although it is better known for all its shoes, clothing brand is not inferior to the quality and originality. The 2016 season has once again proved that Reebok sportswear is stylish, comfortable and comfortable. The combination of sweatshirts with zippers and sneakers with springy soles is perfect for every day.

New Product Overview

In the new season, a unique way has emerged from the crowd thanks to the new Studio Mash-up collection, which combines a line of yoga, dancing and workouts in the gym. Its creation was preceded by the inspiration of the authors of the energy of street culture and dance music. At the same time, they paid special attention to fashion trends, not forgetting about functionality. All new models fit together, allowing you to create an ensemble that fully corresponds to the inner world of man.

For men

An excellent option for casual wear will be a sweatshirt with a zipper. Pockets make it comfortable if you don’t have a backpack with you, and the hood will always save you from unforeseen rain or strong wind.

Hoodie sweatshirt is the perfect wardrobe piece for off-season. A heavy pocket and collar, which will be useful as an outerwear worn over a T-shirt, is also suitable in terms of independent clothing, which can be worn with sports pants or jeans.

Any walks or trips to nature, active recreation ideally complement the sweatshirt - soft with long sleeves on the cuffs, which you can optionally roll up.

For women

Dance line is designed for active girls. It includes tops with an interesting strapless design, T-shirts with sequins, lightweight sweaters to create a multi-layered bow, leggings with original patterns and inserts of innovative materials. A new series of clothing for training is the perfect assistant in the gym.

Thanks to her, you can withstand any load, preserving femininity while performing impossible tasks. Tops with support, T-shirts with holes and inserts from innovative materials, stylish body, tresses and shorts - in such things functionality is integral to fashion trends.

Traditionally, the line for yoga is created with the support of designer Tara Stiles. Co-production products are distinguished by the absence of seams, which excludes the possibility of rubbing the skin, pleasant to the touch materials and pleasant tones enhance the feeling of comfort.

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