Adidas sweatshirt for women

Adidas sweatshirt for women

Fashionable women who prefer an active lifestyle, just need clothes in a semi-sports style. Adidas sweatshirt for women is a great opportunity to look stylish even when doing sports, going out in the countryside or just walking the streets with friends.

About brand

Adidas is a world famous brand of sportswear and footwear. Established in 1949, today it is one of the leaders in this industry. Professional athletes have long appreciated the highest quality, convenience and presentable appearance of the Adidas models.

Hoodies of this brand are universal and suitable not only for training. The exclusive design allows them to fit perfectly in casual wardrobe casual wear.

Breathable fabrics are pleasing to the body. Comfortable fit ensures a perfect fit. A variety of models allows you to choose an option for every taste. Sweatshirts, zipper sweatshirts, elongated hoodie, fleece warm models and light cotton options - any fashionista can choose the hoodie of her dreams.

Adidas is constantly evolving, presents new collections, collaborates with famous designers, creates special production technologies.


The choice of sweatshirts in favor of Adidas is due to the undoubted advantages of the brand's products.

  • High level of quality. High-tech materials for a long time retain their appearance and brightness of color. Durable and reliable hardware ensures perfect lightning performance.
  • Comfort. Anatomical cut provides freedom of movement. Soft materials give warmth, and light models allow the skin to "breathe" in warm weather. Thoroughly detailed details add comfort when worn.
  • Stylish appearance. Brand designers offer customers a variety of fashion hoodies. This and classic options for fans of concise sports classics. This and the original model, allowing to stand out in the crowd. This gentle styles, created specifically for romantic natures.

Series overview


The Adidas Originals collection is designed for fashionistas who prefer unusual models. Spectacular sweatshirts are the perfect solution for stylish urban outfits.

Adidas Originals Farm presents women's zippers and comfortable sweatshirts. Sweatshirts for bright and bold images are decorated with predatory, ethnic and abstract prints.

The Originals by Rita Ora collection includes trousers, t-shirts and hoodies. Original colors and patterns give a semi-sportswear a special mood in the style of street chic.

Performance Essentials

Collections Adidas Performance - clothing, created with the latest technology and modern materials. Her goal is to facilitate sports and improve the results of training.

Hoodies from the collection of Adidas Performance are designed in such a way that they can be worn in everyday life, enjoying special comfort in any weather.

Manchester United

A series of clothes with the emblem of Manchester United - warm and comfortable models for Red Devil fans. The logo of the English football club suggests a jubilant crowd of fans. And the soft material of the sweatshirt will warm you on a cool day and give you a feeling of comfort.


Adidas sweatshirts, sweaters and sweatshirts with the Real Madrid emblem are made for dedicated fans. Models are made of soft, pleasant materials and look great.


The combination of beautiful, comfortable clothing and patriotism is reflected in the collection of "Russia" from Adidas.A sweatshirt with the emblem of the RFU is a great way to show what place the Russian team plays in your heart.

Brooklyn basketball

For NBA fans, the brand has presented a special collection. These are sweatshirts in black, white and gray with the words Brooklyn basketball and the emblem of the National Basketball Association.


Sweatshirts with the emblem of the English Chelsea Football Club have also found their place among the products of a famous sports brand.

Since 1949

The collection of clothes that says “Since 1949” belongs to the Originals collection. It was since 1949 that Adidas has pleased his fans with comfortable, high-quality and stylish clothing. The date the brand was founded on a sweatshirt is not only a spectacular print, but also a piece of history. Sweatshirts of this series were released in different colors - in classic black, gray, and also in bright versions.


The Adidas Daybreaker collection includes comfortable women's hoodies of various colors and styles. These models are good for training and for everyday wear in the city.


The hoodies of the Adidas Climacool collection are made using breathable materials with excellent microscopic maneuverability. Special mesh inserts in certain places enhance the air exchange and give a pleasant sensation of coolness and freshness.


Adidas Equipment is a famous line of clothes and shoes, popular since the nineties. In 2010, the collection turned 20 years old. In honor of this event, Adidas repeated the very first models of clothes and shoes, beloved by fans of the famous brand.


The Adidas Neo collection was created for those who are young at heart. Models do not have a pronounced sports orientation, they can easily be included in the everyday wardrobe. Neo sweatshirts are distinguished by bright colors, original prints. Models combine a sporty style, the latest fashion trends, convenience and traditional brand quality.

CSKA sweatshirt

Hoodies with the emblem of the football club CSKA are designed for athletes and active fans. Models are made in different colors, may have a different design.

Actual colors


Sweatshirts in white look very impressive. They look amazing with blue jeans and black skinny pants. In the summer, a white sweatshirt can be worn with denim shorts. A sweatshirt style sweatshirt can be combined with a skirt.


A bright blue sweatshirt is especially suitable for owners of blue eyes and allows them to stand out from the crowd. A dark blue deep shade will create a calm and soft image.

The black

Black is one of the most popular. Its versatility allows you to create any color combinations and always look stylish.


Gray is a calm, neutral color that fits all. Gray hoodies are ideal for playing sports, traveling to nature and creating casual images in casual style.


Red sweatshirt is for active fashionistas who like to be the center of attention. Even in training, she will attract the views of others with her dynamic and vivid color.


Orange color creates a sunny, cheerful image. A sweatshirt of this color will warm and elevate even a gloomy autumn day.


Pink sweatshirts are especially popular with the fair sex. And it is not surprising, because pink is the most gentle and romantic color. He emphasizes femininity even in sports looks, and casual bows with such sweatshirts look especially cute.


Sweatshirts in green are presented in various shades of the brand - from emerald to pistachio. Any lover of this nice color can find its own choice among collections.

New Product Overview

The classic pink sporty model is a great option for romantic natures. The large emblem of the brand on the chest in the tone of the fabric and the combination of a terry footer with silky viscose give the model a special charm. Jumper will take its rightful place in everyday wardrobe and will become the basis for creating feminine and stylish casual images.

Sweatshirt from the collection of Rita Ora - the original model. Bright colors and images of petals with numbers, reminiscent of paper colorings, give the sweatshirt chic and individuality. Soft knitwear is pleasing to the body, and an interesting design turns the model into a spectacular urban version.

Team Issue sweatshirt is a classic model. It is made of soft fleece with special climawarm technology, which allows the body to "breathe" and retains heat. Zipper and hood - details that provide additional convenience. Elongated cuffs with thumb holes prevent the sleeves from moving. Bright purple color is ideal for a feminine dynamic image.

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