Children's hoodies for boys - the convenience and style!

Children's hoodies for boys - the convenience and style!

Popular models

With hood

Hooded sweatshirts are an indispensable thing in every boy's wardrobe. They reliably protect from bad weather and perfectly fit into a daily image.

Many boys consider models with a hood an integral part of their own style.

On lightning

Sweatshirts with a zipper - it is always convenient and practical. They are easy to put on and take off, they can be worn unbuttoned when they hit the room or a slight warming outside. Many brands use the lightning slider as a place to put a corporate logo.


Insulated sweatshirt perfectly protects at low temperatures, while remaining as comfortable and comfortable as a regular sweatshirt. Hoodies are insulated with natural and artificial fur (sherpa), wool and fleece lining.


The bomber jacket is a stylish and practical sweatshirt without a hood and with a zipper. The model assumes the presence of cuffs on the collar, sleeves and on the bottom of the product. Real bombers have large roomy pockets.

On fur

Children's fur sweatshirts are a great success in dry weather. In the early spring or in the autumn, on condition of absence of a rain and snow, models with a fur lining will become fine option of outerwear. Boys choose sweatshirts for their stylish look, and their parents can be sure that the child is warm and comfortable.

Models by age

For boys 5.6 years

Bright and stylish sweatshirt for a boy of 5-6 years without a clasp for everyday use. The attention of the child to this model will certainly attract an interesting print with the image of a dog in a helmet. Such a sweatshirt can be worn all year round as a separate item of clothing, put on a t-shirt, shirt or warm under a jacket.

A stylish model, reminiscent of an adult anorak, relished little fashionistas. The sweatshirt has a semi-adjacent silhouette and is made of high-quality soft and pleasant body fabric. An additional advantage of the model is a functional hood with drawstring.

For teens 12, 13, 14 years

A bright red model will allow a teenager to stand out from the crowd and create your own stylish look. Cuffs in the form of wide elastic bands on the sleeves and along the bottom of the product protect against the penetration of wind and cold air inside and ensure a comfortable fit. The predominance of cotton in the product ensures excellent hygienic properties and eliminates skin irritation.

Casual sweatshirt with a zipper will be indispensable for a teenager at any time of the year. Through lightning allows you to quickly undress in the room, without attracting the attention of others, and the hood reliably protects the head and neck from the weather. Soft fabric provides comfort throughout the day.

Actual colors


White hoodies are the most elegant, but at the same time quite brandy. White color requires special treatment and washing after each sock. White children's sweatshirt is combined with any pants. They will make good sets with jeans as well as with classic models.

The black

Black color always remains relevant regardless of fashion trends. As a rule, children's black sweatshirts are diluted with colored details or bright prints. Black models are combined with clothes of all colors and shades and is an excellent companion for both light and dark things.


Children and teenagers love bright colors for the opportunity with their help to find individuality and stand out from the crowd. Red improves mood and increases cravings for everything new. Red looks good with jeans and trousers in military colors.



Knit sweatshirts are made of fabrics with a looped weave. Due to the looped structure, knitwear products have a great fit, they stretch well and have an excellent ability to pass air. Most knitted models have mixed fibers in their composition. This is mainly a combination of cotton and elastane.


Sweatshirts, knitted yarn like teenagers for the originality of the texture and attractive appearance. Manual and machine binding gives the ability to create models in a single version.


Fleece sweatshirts are a reliable protection against cold and wind. The texture of fleece allows you to create comfortable and stylish products for little boys and teenagers. Fleece fabric is pleasant to the touch and does not irritate the skin.

How to choose

Sweatshirt for the boy is selected by age and its intended purpose. For kindergarten and day walks, light models of bright colors with images of animals, means of transport and animated and fairy-tale characters are usually selected. Teenagers prefer more adult models with prints in the form of inscriptions or sports symbols. It should be noted that even a baggy cut sweatshirt should be matched in size and provide comfort during the whole time of wearing.

What to wear

Sweatshirt is usually attributed to the sport style. A classic example is the compilation of a set of sweatshirts, jeans and sports shoes (sneakers or sneakers). Hoodies with military trousers and casual look harmoniously. Sweatshirt is adjacent to a t-shirt or unsportsmanlike shirt. In the winter season, you can wear a jacket or coat over a sweatshirt.

Brand news


Stylish knitwear for teens in deep blue. The volume pocket of a kangaroo will be to the liking of fans of the popular anorak style. The unobtrusive print brings the sweatshirt closer to the design of adult models and allows you to combine it with any clothes in a sporty style, as well as with clothes close to classic.


Fashionable hoodie is perfect for everyday wear. Lightning along the entire length is easily undone and allows you to dress and undress very quickly. Children and teenagers will like the fact that in the slit pockets on the sides it is easy enough to hide their hands from the cold. The model is made in three beautiful colors: green, dark gray and blue.

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