Hooded sweatshirt: how to choose and what to wear?

Hooded sweatshirt: how to choose and what to wear?

What is the name of

The prototype of the modern sweatshirt is an ordinary peasant shirt, which gained fame in the late XIX - early XX centuries. thanks to the writer Leo Tolstoy. In European languages, she bore his name ("Tolstoy blouse"). After her “tour” in the world, the sweatshirt returned to modern Russia already in the form of a sweatshirt with a hood.


Sweatshirt - is one of the most popular types of clothing for both men and women.

First of all, for its convenience and versatility, it has earned the interest of the youth audience. Most often, sweatshirts are made of thick, warm fabrics, which allows you to wear them in the cold season or replace the outerwear with a sweatshirt. This is especially true in active sports, when training is held on the street all year round. The presence of the hood allows you to protect your hair from urban dust, and the drawstring allows you to adjust the size of the hood and customize it exactly to your individual sizes.


The sweatshirt has a cut similar to a sweatshirt, but its main difference is the hood.

Without sleeves

Recently, such a model has become a popular element of street chic style - in it sports and casual wear is modified into less functional, but more symbolic things. The most popular hoodies are used in men - it allows you to show the pumped up arms. In addition, there is a peculiar model of hoodies-mantle without sleeves.

With ears

One of the trends in women's clothing - hoodies with ears. They can imitate a cat, fox, panda, or other "cute" animal. This outfit is very popular among girls who like to experiment and show their playful nature.

On lightning

A sweatshirt with a zipper can be an excellent substitute for a jacket in cold weather. In addition, it is much more convenient to shoot it than the traditional model, and you can not be afraid to spoil the hairdo or make-up.


Sports sweatshirts have become an important attribute of the active life of residents of modern cities. Compared to other models, they are more widely available to the general public than earned their popularity. No sports shop can do without them. However, using such a model in everyday life, it is worth considering the image as a whole.


The “kangaroo” model has a characteristic pocket (or pockets) located on the stomach. As a rule, this pocket is roomy enough so that the owners of the sweatshirt can put the necessary minimum of things in it, for example, when they go for a morning run.

With mask

A sweatshirt with a mask, which is located in the hood - this is the best solution for practicing active sports. If you ride a skateboard, bicycle, etc., it will help protect your face from small stones, dirt, etc. flying into it. Since the mask, as a rule, hides only half of the face, safety glasses will perfectly complement it.

On fur

A fur-lined sweatshirt is a trend in northern countries where it is very cold even in summer. In cities such as London, she received a special distribution, as her fur protects from a slight frost, and the hood - from snow.

With a high collar

This model implies a high collar, which serves as an additional neck protection. This is true, for example, when riding a bike or in cold weather, thereby replacing (or complementing) a scarf.


The sweatshirt mantle is one of the main modern trends.The most fashionable is the black model, which, as the designers explain, was created for the “city nomads” and is designed to show its owner as a mysterious and somewhat detached person from everyday vanity. In this regard, the mantle received the greatest popularity among the creative youth.

This model is an elongated sweatshirt with a large hood that covers almost the entire face. It is fastened with buttons or worn open.


A great option for women's street-chic hoodies is skinny. This model does not look deliberately athletic, it is easiest to adjust under the feminine image. In addition, often cut women's hoodie add a pronounced waist, which adds to her femininity.

Warm and insulated

If summer sweatshirts, as a rule, make single-layered and they are poorly protected in the cold, then a warmed model with a lining can be an excellent find for autumn and even winter. There are also models of thermal underwear in the form of sweatshirts with and without a hood, which can be useful even in the most severe cold.

Thematic models


Sweatshirt in the style of the popular game "Minecraft" has recently become a special trend - it is chosen not only by guys, but also by girls. Thanks to its non-trivial design in the form of green cells or monochrome-green colors, this sweatshirt is quite universal.


Kriper sweatshirt is a special trend. Thanks to the additional elements on the hood, she becomes almost a full-fledged cosplay for this game character. Such hoodies are most popular among children and teenagers.


Model in the form of a panda - a favorite choice of girls who are addicted to oriental cultures, China, anime, etc.


Such hoodies are most often chosen by guys who are fond of computer games. This can be not only Assassin's Creed, but also Witcher, Diablo, etc.


Sweatshirts, repeating colors Spiderman costume, or with pictures on this topic - a kind of classic among fans of superhero comics and movies.


After the release at the beginning of this year of the film about another superhero - Deadpool. Sweatshirts with the appropriate print have become one of the main trends of youth sportswear and semi-sports style.

Models without a picture

Monochrome sweatshirts - the same classic. It is easiest to combine them with other items of clothing and in any outdoor activity situation you will not have to fear that applications or other decorations will deteriorate. In addition, if necessary, the easiest way to sew or redo them into something else.

Decorations and prints (Patterned, Striped)

There are a huge number of colors and prints. Such a variety allows you to choose a hoodie to any conceived image. Some stores also offer sweatshirts prints of any image of your choice.

Actual colors

The black

This is the most popular color of sweatshirts - primarily due to its versatility. In such clothes you can safely do anything - it is not only comfortable and free, but also unmarked, which gives it a great advantage over other colors.


Most often, gray is preferred by those for whom black seems too gloomy, and other colors too flashy. Gray is the most neutral color in the palette and is suitable for absolutely everyone.


White also belongs to popular colors, however, it is increasingly inferior not only to black and gray, but also to a bright shade. First of all, because white is the most easily soiled color, which very quickly becomes noticeable on walks, when playing sports, etc. In addition, low-quality fabrics after washing can very quickly acquire a yellowish tint, so choosing this type of sweatshirt should be very careful.


The green can be attributed as a classic green, which is quite versatile, and camouflage colors.The latter is best suited for trips to the forest, hiking or in everyday life. However, in the latter case, it should be borne in mind that any basic camouflage color thing gives the whole image some aggressiveness.

Blue, Orange, Red, Yellow

Bright colors, in contrast to neutral ones, require a special approach - for the best image, they should be chosen according to their color type and take into account the complementarity of colors when combined with other elements of clothing.


This color in its most delicate shades allows you to go beyond the street style, combining it, for example, with feminine skirts of chiffon or other lightweight fabric. Not bad look and straight skirts of a more dense material. But do not forget that, whatever the selection of additional clothing, the focus on yourself pull the hoodie. And in the case of pink, the final image will be associated with the “little girl”. Especially if you choose a hoodie with a cartoon print.


From the length of the sweatshirt depends on how the image will end up. It is not necessary to combine an elongated thing with a short skirt or shorts (when, like, on the contrary, a short jacket will look great with them). Do not chase after cumbersome things - the classic sweatshirt itself fills most of the space and draws attention to itself, so it will be difficult to compete with it in a lush bottom or a large number of accessories. But massive sneakers can be an excellent option for balancing the image.


Of all the variety of materials, fleece and wool / wool blend are most often used for sweatshirts.


Fleece is one of the most convenient materials. Due to its structure and properties, it is best suited for sportswear. If you run in the morning or do some other kind of sport on the street, a fleece sweatshirt will be a great solution - it is soft, warm (fleece keeps you warm) and does not hinder movement.


Knitted sweatshirt is intended primarily for those who are not close sports and street style. The right model can give elegance not only to a woman, but also to a man. It will be a wonderful element of your look in British or Norwegian style.

What to wear

Thanks to its convenience, the sweatshirt has become an integral part of street style, in which skaters, parkour drivers and other fans of street sports set the tone. Traditionally, the sweatshirt is worn with jeans or a narrow cut, with sneakers or sneakers.

Stylish images

Overview of new products from manufacturers

Traditionally hoodies from Nile They represent models of sports style without a hood, but there are models with it.

Adidas on the contrary, she prefers classic hoods with a hood. In addition, there are female options with a fairly wide color range.

These companies are the legislators of sports fashion, so other companies often focus on them.

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