Stylish hoodies with zippers

Stylish hoodies with zippers

Comfortable hoodies with clasps and with a hood - this is one of the most comfortable options for casual wear. Sweatshirts are soft, comfortable and warm, which is why they can be worn in cool summer evenings and in cold autumn or winter.

What else are called

Sweatshirts are usually complemented with a zipper from the bottom to the top. But there are models with a short snake at the very neck. This option is known as "Hoodie."

Lightning location options

The zipper that complements the sweatshirt may be located in any part of the jacket.


The easiest option - a jacket with a zipper, located in front of the jacket. Such hoodies are comfortable, and in the off season they are able to replace your light jacket or jacket.

On the side

Sweatshirts with side zippers look more original. Metal zipper, located on the side, allows you to decorate the front of the sweatshirt with an interesting logo or lettering.

With oblique lightning

Stylish oblique zipper also looks quite unusual. In this case, it is used more as a decorative element than as a functional addition to the sweatshirt.

Popular models

Sweatshirts, despite their apparent simplicity, are regularly improved and supplemented. Hoodies can be with a hood or without. The classic sweatshirt model is free, but there are also fitted options.

Popular sports sweatshirts, which are now used not only for fitness, but also for simple everyday walks. Sports sweatshirts can be as part of the costume, as well as a separate piece of clothing. It is best to combine them with things in everyday or sports style. You should not experiment by combining such a sweatshirt with a dress or high heel shoes.

Also relevant hoodies, decorated with an interesting print. For example, models with the logo of the USSR or three-dimensional pattern. Sports style can be slightly refined using unusual prints, for example, leopard. Such a sweatshirt can be decorated with fur, rhinestones or patterns.

Often young people choose hoodies that are far from sporty. A good option - a product stylized cardigan. Such a sweatshirt with a zipper can be elongated and complemented with inserts of leatherette or fabric with a non-main texture. Leather sweatpads on elbows or voluminous pockets can decorate a sweatshirt.

Actual colors

At the moment, hoodies of almost all colors are popular. The colors checked by time - black, blue and gray.

Also pay attention to such bright options as sky blue, yellow or coral. Hoodies of this color will bring a bright touch to your look.

Hoodies with patterns or volume prints will add personality to the image. Such models can both be purchased and ordered by creating your own unique print. Often on sweatshirts logos of famous brands, sports teams or groups are placed.

Overview of interesting images

Let's look at several options for combining sweatshirts with other things from the male or female wardrobe.

For men

Men often choose hoodies for everyday wear. Create a comfortable, but at the same time, an attractive image will help black sweatshirt with the original inscription. Well, it will look with matched sports pants and black sneakers.

For women

Girls can choose a comfortable fleece jacket for the cold season.Soft blue and soft white lining add simplicity and elegance to your look. In such a sweatshirt with the original slanting lightning you can go for a walk without fear of freezing. It can be supplemented with a simple black straight-cut skirt and comfortable shoes.

A black and white sweatshirt, which is part of the costume, is an ideal option for practicing fitness. Put on a plain gray jersey underneath, pick up comfortable shoes and simple accessories, and your look is ready.

Sweatshirt is a simple and versatile type of clothing. I can wear it both girls and boys. Regardless of your age, gender and social status, in a comfortable sweatshirt you will feel comfortable and cozy.

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