DIY hydrophilic oil

DIY hydrophilic oil

An increasing number of girls in the care of their face and body tend to use natural products that will not bring any harm to the body. One of these products is hydrophilic oil. It is used to cleanse the skin of the face and body, and some use it to wash hair. Today we will talk not only about how to make hydrophilic oil with your own hands, but also about how to properly use it.

Description and benefits

Today, hydrophilic oil is used not only to remove makeup and cleanse the face, but also as a means of intimate hygiene, a natural replacement for shampoos and shower gels.

Hydrophilic oil is a mix of oils and water. This universal cleanser is a breakthrough in cosmetology. It is used to cleanse the skin of the entire body, carefully removing not only impurities, makeup, and most importantly removing excess fat from the pores. At the same time means is easily washed off with ordinary water.

How to make a hydrophilic oil with your own hands, you will learn from the video.

In order to achieve the perfect balance of water and oil, a special emulsifier was added to their mixture, which not easily allowed the oil to merge with water, but also ensures complete removal of its residues from the skin and its deepest pores.

Polysorbate is usually used as this third ingredient, which, depending on its type, can be one of the acids of natural oils. Like almost any cosmetic, it has a number of undeniable advantages:

  1. This is the most natural of all the means available today for cleansing the skin.
  2. You can purchase or make your own hands hydrophilic oil that is suitable for your type of skin.
  3. The principle of action is to apply the product to dry skin, which breaks down and removes dirt during rinsing with water. This avoids the feeling of tightness of the face or greasy gloss on it, as often happens when using other means.
  4. Unlike other cleansing cosmetic mixtures, this can be prepared at home on your own and without unnecessary trouble.

For cooking means you must use an emulsifier, base oil and essential additives to it.


Before proceeding directly to the creation of this product, you need to stock up with everything you need. First and foremost need water. If the oil is prepared with the addition of polysorbate, it is impossible to wash with mineral water, because the oil will remain on the skin. As for the emulsifier, it is better to give preference to oleic acid of olive oil or, more simply, to polysorbate - 80. You can buy it in specialized stores or the Internet. If you want to make a mixture without polysorbate, then get Olderm, which is a hydrogenated fat.

The base oil as well as the essential oil should be selected, taking into account the skin type.

So you can achieve not only the maximum effective removal of makeup and cleansing the skin, but also moisturize it, nourish with necessary substances.

For women with oily skin, choose as base sesame, grape seed oil or jojoba. As an essential supplement perfect extracts of borage, hemp, grapefruit, tea tree and lemon.

Women with dry skin should prefer it. linseed oil, shea or coconut, and the best additions to it will be ubergamot, jasmine or rose extracts.

For problem or combination skin, the best base oils will be peach, almond. Use as an essential additives better tea tree oil, mint or lemon.They will not only refresh the skin, but also calm and disinfect it.

Women aged 30+ as the basis for the hydrophilic mixture is better to use rosehip oil, macadamia and wheat germ. The best essential additives will be extracts of patchouli neroli and roses.

If desired, it is not forbidden to add any other essential extracts to the mixture.

Best recipes

Before you start preparing this cleanser, you need to remember that for one part of the emulsifier, you need 9 parts of the oil base. With regard to the addition of essential extracts, they require only a few drops, depending on the specific recipe. All of the following recipes are suitable for all parts of the body, including shampooing.

  1. We make a hydrophilic mixture without the use of polysorbate. To do this, we mix in the previously specified proportions Oliderm and grape seed extract, and also add three drops of Tamanu extract and lemon.
  2. For dry skin, a mixture of almond oil and polysorbate - 80 is suitable, to which 1 ml of lemon and neroli extract is added.
  3. 90 g of the base is mixed with 10 g of emulsifier and stirred well, 5 g of essential extract of lemon or tea tree is also added here. This hydrophilic blend is ideal for oily skin and hair.
  4. For combination skin, you can prepare a product consisting of an emulsifier and peach oil, with the addition of 3 drops of mint ether extract per 50 g of the mixture.

Based on these recipes, you can make a huge amount of various hydrophilic oils to your own taste and color. But it is not enough to make such means; it must also be properly stored and used.

Recommendations for storage and use

The principle of using this tool for all parts of the body is similar. It is applied to dry skin or hair and gently rubbed. Then a small amount of water is added and the body is once again thoroughly rubbed, and after that the mixture is washed off from the hair and skin with plenty of warm water.

Store the resulting product in a dark glass bottle, which must be shaken thoroughly before each use.

It would be nice if she had a dispenser. Try to prevent direct sunlight from falling on the container. Storage temperature should be from 15 to 27 degrees above zero. The maximum shelf life of not more than one month, so it makes sense to produce this product in small quantities.

Top Rated

If for some reason you prefer to use the tool from the store, rather than prepare it yourself, we suggest you pay attention to the following types of it:

  • Domestic product from the manufacturer Mi & Co offers a high-quality cleansing mixture with a rich composition. Mi & Co Facial Cleanser Ginger is suitable for all skin types not only effectively cleans it, but also nourishes, moisturizes and restores. The bubble has a dispenser that allows you to properly control the flow of funds, and the oil itself is very thick, so the tube of a small capacity is enough for a long time. Low cost, good composition, high efficiency - this is what the manufacturer offers its customers.
  • Hada Labo Gokujyun eAnother perfect ready-to-use product. It can be used to cleanse the entire body, but it is especially effective in coping with even the most resistant makeup. Thick formula and natural ingredients make its use a real pleasure. The great advantage of this product compared to others is the presence of hyaluronic acid in the composition, so it is especially suitable for women over 30 years old.
  • Apieu deep clean gently removes makeup residues from the face, deeply nourishes the skin, cleanses it, prevents acne, and has an anti-inflammatory effect. Does not overdry even the most delicate and sensitive skin.

Each hydrophilic oil sold in stores has a general principle of operation, but various additives in its composition have an additional effect on the skin.

This allows women to choose a tool that is suitable for their type of skin and hair.


Those who have already tried this new product are simply delighted with it. According to women, unlike many other cosmetics, it does not dry the skin, does not create the effect of tightness, does not allow the oily shine to appear a few minutes after washing. Ease of use and excellent cleansing, nutrition and hydration of the skin is what all customers note without exception.

The recipe for hydrophilic oil - in the next video.

Important advantages are also economical consumption, reasonable price and the ability to use one tool instead of three.

After all, hydrophilic oil can cleanse the whole body and hair, which means that you no longer have to spend money on gels and shampoos. Among the minuses, women singled out only one, namely the limited opportunity to acquire this mixture. Currently, not every store can be seen on the shelves. But thanks to the recipes described above, this is no longer a problem. Every woman will be able to cook this miracle tool on their own at no extra cost. The main thing is to use high-quality and natural ingredients.

Despite its recent appearance in our country, the hydrophilic mixture has already firmly settled on the shelves of many women. Natural composition, excellent cleansing, ease of use and economical consumption - this is exactly what is characterized by this oil. And whether you will cook it yourself or buy it in a store, decide for yourself.

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