How to wash thermal underwear?

How to wash thermal underwear?

For the enthusiastic winter sports and outdoor enthusiasts in the cold, manufacturers produce special thermal underwear. Recently, it enjoys extraordinary popularity. This is not surprising, because due to the special interlacing of fibers such clothing regulates heat transfer, removes excess moisture to the outside. But, like any other thing, thermal underwear requires special care, and therefore there are a number of recommendations for washing this product.

How often to wash?

Heat transfer occurs due to the special structure of thermal underwear. Microcells formed by fibers, over time, become clogged with particles of skin and settled dust. Air ceases to flow into the product, and the accumulated moisture can no longer evaporate from the surface of the skin.

By smell it is impossible to determine the degree of contamination, as the fabric used for sewing thermal underwear does not absorb them even after a week of everyday wear. And therefore, if you do not wash clothes from time to time, then you will notice changes in the functions of this product only in case of freezing.

The frequency of washing products with the prefix "thermo" depends on its purpose. Underwear designed for intensive daily workouts, in which there is an increased sweating and fast clogging of tissue cells, it is necessary to wash daily, after each workout. Normal underwear used for everyday wear and worn less often can be washed 2-3 times a week. For outerwear with “thermo” functions, the frequency is somewhat different; to cleanse all dirt it is enough to wash them no more than once a month.

How to wash?

The fibers that make up the fabric used for the manufacture of thermal underwear, directly affect the choice of products that need to be used for washing. Conventional washing powder is not suitable for such products, regardless of the type of fabric. It is poorly rinsed, its particles clog micropores, and therefore it is better to use other detergents most suitable for each type of fiber.

As a rule, manufacturers indicate on the labels the composition of the fabric, and therefore the choice of means will not be difficult.

For products where cotton prevails as a percentage, it is better to use laundry soap. It is always previously dissolved in water. Do not use various stain removers that contain such an aggressive component as chlorine. Dry cleaning for thermal underwear made of cotton is also excluded.

Wool fibers that make up the linen, also need to use special tools. These include: gels, powders for woolen and delicate fabrics, baby soap. These funds must be applied, even if the percentage of wool is not in the first place. The use of chlorine-containing detergents is unacceptable.

The fabric, which contains polypropylene fibers, needs funds, which include substances that give the product antistatic properties. Thermo underwear with a polypropylene thread is better to wash by hand.

Care for the product, which is composed of polyester fibers, it is better to carry out with a special powder or laundry soap. In no case do not use for washing such products products containing chlorineotherwise, the fibers may simply collapse, and such a product will simply have to be thrown away.

Regardless of the composition of the fabric, the best option for washing thermal underwear are specially designed products for these products.They perfectly cope not only with strong pollution, without disturbing the structure of any type of fibers, but also are well rinsed from the fabric, which means that the favorite product will last for a long time without losing its functionality.

Washing recommendations

As a rule, all manufacturers indicate their washing recommendations on product labels. But, if it was accidentally cut off, or the information is written in too small print, then you can use the recommendations listed below.

For any thermal underwear, regardless of the composition of the fabric, It is necessary to observe temperature conditions. As a rule, the water temperature should be between 30-40? С. Too hot water adversely affects the fibers of the product. Under the influence of high temperatures, the thermal underwear can be drawn out, the product loses its original shape, and its thermoregulatory properties disappear, since the deformed fibers no longer form the cells through which heat exchange takes place.

There are two ways to wash thermal underwear: it is a manual and machine method.

Machine washable

The easiest and easiest way is washing the product in the machine. In order to avoid deformation of the fibers, you need to include a delicate wash program. As a rule, in this program the water temperature is set automatically and must be within 30-40 ºС. If this function is absent, then the temperature mode is selected manually.

Machine wash is recommended for products that contain more synthetic fibers, namely, polyester and polypropylene yarns. It is also necessary to disable the spin function, as there is a possibility of damage to the product. When choosing a detergent in the automatic machine should prefer liquid substances which can be added directly to the drum with linen. For better rinsing of detergents, it is better, after a full wash cycle and draining of water, to include an additional rinse program.


Manual washing method is chosen not only because of the composition of the fabric, but also because it is not always desirable to wash one set in the car, and it is unwise to mix it with other types of linen. Washing by hand is troublesome, but in order not to spoil the thermal underwear, you will have to spend some time cleaning up this not-so-cheap underwear. After all, good men's and women's underwear costs a lot of money and therefore, in order to keep all its functions and serve for a long time, you will have to make some efforts.

There are several rules for hand washing:

  • Temperature conditions must be strictly followed. Manual, as well as machine wash, should be carried out at a temperature not higher than 40C. For wool products, the temperature should not exceed 30 ° C. You can check the temperature of the water using a thermometer or in the old way, namely, by lowering your elbow into a basin of water. At a comfortable temperature, the water will not burn the elbow.
  • The best detergent is a weak soap solution. To do this, rub the soap on a grater and place in a small container with water. After the soap has completely dissolved, pour the solution into a basin of water and place a set of thermal underwear there.
  • Do not expose the laundry to rough mechanical impact, rub or stretch. After being placed in a basin of water, the kit is left for some time. As a rule, 30-40 minutes is enough for all the dirt particles to dissolve. After soaking, the undergarments begin to rinse in cool running water. For products made from synthetic fibers, a small amount of conditioner should be added at the end of the last rinse.
  • It is strictly forbidden to dry products with a “thermo” function in an automatic machine, as drying, as a rule, is carried out at a high temperature.Polyester and other synthetic fibers at a temperature above 60? C can melt, which means the product will become unusable and have to be thrown away.

How to dry?

After washing by hand or in the machine you need to properly dry the laundry. Proper drying is no less important than proper washing.

Due to the fact that a set of thermal underwear after washing does not undergo handwashing, or removed from the machine without pressing, it is completely wet. Therefore, it is necessary to take care in advance about the location of the linen for drying. It is better to save expensive parquet or valuable carpet from flowing water, and hang the kit over the bathroom first. After most of the water is drained, you can hang it in a well-ventilated place.

Drying underwear can be on the balcony or on the street, but you must remember that the sun's rays are detrimental to this fabric, and therefore it is better to choose a place in the shade. To dry the laundry, you can use a rope or a crossbar, the main thing is not to clamp the fabric with clothespins, so as not to damage the fabric fibers.

Drying time is in direct proportion to the season. In the cold winter period, the kit will dry much longer, but reducing the drying time with electric dryers and batteries is not a good idea. After all, their use can adversely affect the quality of the material, which means that its functionality will be lost. Do not use the iron and steamer even in the presence of natural fibers, especially in this there is no special need.

How to wash thermal underwear, see the following video.

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