How to wash jeans?

How to wash jeans?

Jeans are so comfortable thing that it is difficult to meet the man who never wore them. This is a universal basic thing in the wardrobe of both men and women. Due to the fact that people wear this type of clothing almost every day, sooner or later they will have to face the question of how to wash their jeans properly.

Fabric features

To any item of clothing served for a long time, you need to follow the rules of caring for him. It is important to consider the material from which the thing is made. This also applies to jeans.

Almost everyone has this part of the wardrobe. It goes well with many shirts, sweaters, is comfortable and convenient. Therefore, it is important to know some of the features of this clothing. Despite the strength, with the wrong method of cleaning, jeans can quickly lose their original look.

There are different types of denim, which differ in the method of weaving threads, method of manufacture, dyeing, the origin of raw materials.

So, the following materials are distinguished by color and composition:

  • denim has a high density;
  • jeans are characterized by diagonal weaving;
  • Stretch gives clothes elasticity.

Each of the materials must be properly maintained, taking into account the most favorable conditions for them.

In general, the denim thing has several advantages:

  • universality;
  • the ability of fibers to pass air;
  • convenience.

Regardless of which fabric the jeans are made from, the new surface loses its original look a bit during the washing process. But, in order not to spoil the thing completely, it is important to wash it with due regard for the peculiarities of the fabric and with the observance of the required water temperature.

Types of pollution

Denim pants are highly absorbent, so in order to remove stains from this product and to prevent further penetration of substances into the fibers, it is necessary to take preliminary measures to protect the material before washing itself. It is important to establish the origin of the contamination and select the protection that is specifically suited for this stain. Of course, the quality of the cleaning agent and the timeliness of taking measures to remove dirt play an important role:

  • Fat marks are easy to remove with table salt, as it absorbs dirt. The same method is effective for removing fresh red wine stains. People apply the method of cleaning white wine. To permanently remove dirt, the next step is to use a professional stain remover.
  • The marker from jeans is displayed with alcohol or glycerin. Alcohol is first applied to a cotton towel or napkin. Then the stain itself is soaked.
  • If the item is contaminated with resin, then do not rush and immediately wash the stain. First, it is recommended to remove the mark mechanically with a sharp object, then leave the jeans product for a while in the freezer. Low temperatures will help remove the remaining tar. After you need to rub the area of ​​jeans previously moistened with alcohol or turpentine napkin. If none of the above was not there, then as a solvent, you can use nail polish remover.
  • Often, after using chemicals, the material looks faded. To avoid damage to the fabric, it is recommended to use an iron. To do this, you must put a clean cotton towel under the product, on which the remnants of the resin will fall under the influence of temperature. After this procedure, it is important not to forget to send jeans to the washing machine.
  • The stained spots from the pants are harder to remove, but possible.Gasoline comes to the rescue in such cases, however, it should not be dirty. Otherwise, yellow tracks may appear on the jeans, which are unlikely to get rid of.

The use of turpentine is also effective. It is applied on a napkin, then it is treated with a contaminated place. After twenty minutes of waiting, the product can be rinsed with cool water and then washed in an automatic machine.

Subtleties and ways of washing

It often happens that after a few washes, your favorite jeans were not in size and stretched significantly, and this was not due to the decrease in body weight. Due to improper care, the pants lose their original look. Knowing some of the subtleties of the washing process, you can avoid another waste of money to buy a new thing.

Care needs to be if these are stretch pants, since The fiber feature does not allow the material to be treated with high temperature water. You should not resort to frequent washing of clothes of black color, as each time the saturated shade is washed away and becomes less bright.

Water at the right temperature has a positive effect on the material and helps wash your favorite pants so that they sit down. Therefore, it is necessary to use water of the optimal index depending on the choice of the method of washing.


Due to the density of the fabric, it is quite difficult to wash the stain on jeans by hand. However, experts believe that washing with hands will allow to preserve the appearance of clothes longer.

There is a certain sequence of actions for more effective removal of pollution:

  • Immediately before washing start soak the jeans thing with a small amount of powder for half an hour. Water temperature should not be higher than forty degrees.
  • Wash the fabric with the hands using a brush and liquid. Do not rub the surface areas together. Processing is always carried out from the wrong side.
  • Before you begin the washing process, it is important to let the material get wet. Brush need to lather the selected tool and move along the fibers of denim. This will contribute to more rapid removal of contamination. Then you need to unscrew the pants and repeat the procedure.
  • After finishing it is important to remember to thoroughly rinse your jeans with clean water. At this stage, in order to make the pants sit perfectly, a positive result is achieved by rinsing in both hot and cold water.
  • Rinsing is best done under the shower. Here it is important to treat the material with water so that there are no traces of detergent left.
  • To hang out to dry a thing is recommended indoors without hit of direct sunshine by suspension on the dryer for a belt.
  • If all steps of the process have been followed, then there is no need to iron the product.

As for the choice of cleaning products, here the list is quite large. If you have to deal with a complex stain on clothes, then ordinary soap will help you. The reliability of this method is confirmed by the use in the composition of natural fats that protect the skin. Differ in safety and powders of plant origin.

Hand washing is more gentle and saves fabric fibers better, but it requires some time and energy.

In the car-machine

In the washing machine, there is a special program for jeans, which greatly simplifies the process of washing. All modes are located on the body of the machine and on the label of the thing itself, which indicates the composition of the material and the requirements for care. But here, too, has its own nuances, since it is important to choose the right washing powder and water temperature.

Before the process itself, you can turn the product on the wrong side to avoid damage to the fibers of the front part. It is also important to remove all the items from the pockets. Then follow all the zippers and buttons.

It is necessary to choose a good laundry detergent so that the pants do not shed.It is recommended to wash jeans using chlorine-free products so that the quality of clothes is maintained for a long time. This substance can deep clean even the most difficult spot, but at the same time it can create a number of problems:

  • loss of fabric strength;
  • chlorine can cause skin allergies;
  • with poor rinsing stains remain.

For white pants, powders for a delicate wash are best suited.

If the goal is to reduce the denim thing in size, then there is a proven way to do it. In the automatic machine, you should always turn on the spin mode, this will reduce the product by one or several sizes.

Daily washing of jeans without serious stains is best done without soaking. Now on sale there are a large number of not only cleaning products, but also air conditioners. They help to make any fabric softer and more pleasant to the body. Do not neglect the use of such emollients.

In addition to using a special mode for jeans, you can include modes for hand or delicate washing. The material after them does not lose its quality. No need to set the temperature above forty degrees. If spinning is used, set it to the minimum number of turns.

What remedy is better?

The answer to this question is not so simple, just because there are many types of pollution, and in each case a particular tool is more or less effective.

The result will depend on the color of the material. So, for washing light fabrics you can not use bleach and stain remover. Here it is better to resort to popular methods, if the pollution is very serious. Dark-colored denim pants are washed in a set with other black things in an automatic machine at a temperature of thirty degrees.

Very effective for both hand and machine washing is pre-soaking jeans in a solution with the addition of vinegar. It is recommended to dilute one tablespoon per liter of water. This method will allow the fabric to maintain the brightness of the color.

When choosing a product for washing jeans, you should pay attention to the use of the following compositions:

  • liquid gels;
  • powders for color products.

Experts do not recommend using bulk materials because they can damage the structure of the material.

Tips and tricks

Denim things love good care. To keep them longer, you need to comply with some requirements:

  • The product is always turned inside out before washing.
  • Jeans are washed separately from other clothes or together with jeans of the same color.
  • It is not recommended to use strong spin.
  • You can resort to using iron to make the fabric soft. Ironing is best done on a wet surface.
  • In the absence of serious contamination wash your pants only after the fourth socks.
  • If there are decorative elements on the material, then it is worth to abandon washing in a washing machine.
  • Dry clothes need only in the shade.
  • Before drying the product must be leveled at the seams.
  • If possible, do not give jeans to dry cleaners. A large number of chemicals destroy the appearance of the fabric.
  • When choosing a wash in the automatic machine, turn on the mode with the number of turns no more than eight hundred.
  • You should always read the care information for not labeling things.
  • On leather inserts can be applied glycerin solution. This method will give a smooth skin.
  • During drying, the fabric should not interact with the buttons.
  • Denim clothes can not be washed in a typewriter. This leads to scuffing.
  • If possible, large jewelry on jeans should be removed before washing.
  • Use the minimum amount of powder in the presence of a pattern on the surface of the product.

It is important that your favorite wardrobe item does not lose its appearance over time. If you follow all the above rules, it is not so difficult to keep jeans in order. It is enough just to erase them in compliance with important requirements and recommendations.

On how to wash jeans so that they do not lose color and size, see the following video.

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