Effective means and methods of washing socks

Effective means and methods of washing socks

Each of us is familiar with situations when our favorite socks are not washed by the usual methods. Hands just drop, and you have to throw a thing. Do not hurry. There are effective methods for cleaning socks from stains of varying complexity. White, colored and even waterproof socks can be washed at home.

Preparation for washing

Before washing it is important to sort the socks, like the rest of things. Be sure to separate the white socks from the colored ones, and divide the colored socks into light and dark. If you find strong dirt on things, be sure to soak them before washing. Alternative option - rub socks with simple soap and leave for 12 hours.

With knowledge of various cleaning products and how to use them, you can even buy white socks for everyday use. Do not be afraid of caustic stains - everything can be washed. Knee socks or socks will remain white, if you soak them in a solution of boric acid before washing. To prepare it, dissolve 6 g of acid in 2 liters of water. This method will help eliminate traces of black soles.

Very dirty things should be especially carefully prepared for washing. Use stain remover.

Remember that you can soak things only in water, the temperature of which will not exceed 40 degrees. More hot water will bring the opposite result. Dirt will burn to the fibers of the fabric more strongly and will be much more difficult to remove.

There is no need to run the washing machine for the sake of only socks, you can wash them with other things. Before washing in a washing machine turn every sock inside out. So you leave all the rubbish and mote outside the drum.

Machine and hand wash

Each housewife chooses the method of washing. This choice can be associated with both personal preferences and the lack of certain amenities. Each method has its own secrets that will help speed up the process and achieve a good result.

A pair of tennis balls can be thrown into the washing machine drum, which will increase the washing efficiency. You can also add soda (200 ml) to the rinse aid compartment. Before loading the laundry in the washing machine, be sure to turn the socks inside out.

Hand wash requires proper selection of water temperature. Socks with protein contamination (blood) can not be immersed in hot water, otherwise the protein will curl and wrap the fabric fibers. It is better to wash such stains in a cool will. Heavy contamination requires temperatures of around 40 degrees.

Typewriter wash

For machine wash it is important to choose the right mode. Use the soak function to deal with severe contamination. The washing mode and temperature should be selected according to the type of material of the socks. Products from cotton, synthetic and capron are erased at 60 degrees using any powders.

Socks can be washed with other clothes of the same material. It is best to combine products with household items. It is important that the type and degree of contamination match. Baby socks should be washed separately from adults.

Often in a typewriter a couple are confused. This is especially inconvenient if there are similar socks. Special clothespins that connect socks come to the rescue.

If the socks are still lost, then you need to check the gap between the drum and the body of the machine. Often things fall under the gum seal.

Everyone faced cases when socks got confused in other things and couples were lost. Laundry bags for small items will fit when combining clothes and socks.Such bags ensure that you find all clothes after washing.

Hand wash

Many housewives prefer to wash their socks with their hands. The reason may be a lack of confidence in the washing machine, unwillingness to drive the drum with a small amount of clothing, or no car at all. For such cases, it is important to know the features of hand washing.

With ordinary pollution cope classic laundry soap. Just rub them things and leave for a few hours. Then put the representatives of one pair on the palm (like mittens) and rub it vigorously together. You will need about 3-7 minutes to clean the trampled traces.

Products made from wool should be washed by hand. Capricious material may deteriorate due to rough handling. For the cleaning procedure, choose a special detergent and rinse for wool.

Products from this material are erased in a special way - separately from the front and seamy side. It is important that the water should be cool, about 30 degrees.

Hand washing heavily soiled socks is difficult. It is better to first soak things in a soap solution, and only then proceed to the procedure. Men's socks are often harder to wash, so their soaking is not negotiated.

Save white socks

Things from white material easily get dirty and quickly lose their original gloss. Such products must be washed immediately, it is very difficult to wash out old stains. Often, socks can be returned to cleanliness using classical digestion. Add lemon juice or citric acid to water, boil things on low heat for about 10 minutes, this method is only suitable for products made from natural fabrics.

Black sole can be washed using chlorine based products. Such detergent must be diluted in water. in a 1: 1 ratio. In a solution, moisten the sponge and treat the place of pollution before washing. Bleaching can be used only when washing cotton socks. Do not overdo it when adding bleach, it is harmful for the socks gum.

Citric acid and bleach will help you return socks to their original whiteness.

Remember that after washing with bleaching agents it is impossible to hang products on the open rays of the sun. As a result, yellow spots will appear that are almost impossible to remove.

Quickly dry things

Sometimes socks need to be dried urgently. Perhaps you washed them late or an urgent meeting appeared - the reasons are mass. Here are some ways that will not damage products:

  • Use the iron. Put cotton towels under the socks and on top, turn off the steam function on the iron. Now just iron the socks until the moisture evaporates.
  • Can help and hairdryer. To do this, put a sock on the device and turn it on at an average temperature and maximum speed.
  • A fan can come to the rescue in an unexpected situation. Secure the socks on the grille of the device and turn it on. As you gather, your socks will dry out.

Such methods can be used only in extreme cases. Each of them can break the electrical appliance that is used. Better have 1-2 spare pairs of socks for similar cases.

Tricks experienced housewives

Often girls make mistakes due to lack of experience. Housekeeping tips will come to the rescue:

  • Buy 30 identical pairs of socks. So you can not worry about losing a pair. Moreover, this amount can be washed once a month and not mix socks with other things.
  • If the socks are not dirty, and washing is needed only for refreshment, then you can put one in the other. So you do not lose a pair. But to use this method for washing heavy dirt can not be.
  • If you have toenail fungus, then you must wash the socks after each use, protecting your hands with thick rubber gloves. When machine wash set the heat. Before hand washing be sure to boil things with the addition of disinfectants (peroxide, soda).After drying, iron the socks on all sides.
  • Children's knitted socks need to be washed on a delicate mode, and it is better at all by hand. Use only soap, avoid aggressive cleaning products.
  • Socks made of waterproof fabric should be washed at low temperatures (about 40 degrees). Do not use regular powders, bleach, bleaches and conditioners. These funds ruin the fabric. Better use soap.
  • Socks of the membrane and thermosocks can not be twisted in order to spin. Otherwise, the tissue structure will be damaged and the effect will disappear.

Sock tips

So that the socks and their washing do not cause unnecessary problems, It is necessary to adhere to the elementary rules:

  • In order to avoid the appearance of an unpleasant smell from socks, it is worth changing them at least once a day.
  • Do not neglect the sorting of socks by color and material. Black socks can be washed with jeans and things of a similar color, and white ones, on the contrary, should not be combined with other clothes.
  • Do not put socks in the drum if the washing machine is too loaded.
  • White socks can not be dried on the battery and the sun. High temperatures can cause yellow spots.

How to wash white socks, see the following video.

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