How to wash white things yourself?

How to wash white things yourself?

The white color of the clothes is light, youthful and refreshing. However, white things require more thorough care. Many do not dare to include them in the wardrobe due to the fact that they are very branded.

But for those who still chose white, you should remember about the methods of bleaching things. Methods include chemical methods of whitening yellowed tissue and folk recipes for removing stains.

What could be pollution?

It is possible to give clean clothes to stale clothes with little effort. But removing stale and old stains from white things, for example, fat and oil, coffee, blood, grass, beet, chocolate is much more difficult. In practice, most stains can be removed at home. It is only necessary to correctly determine the type of stain in order to correctly select the means for excretion.

Pollution is divided into the following types:

  • Non fat spots - with contoured contours, often yellow. Such spots appear from juice, tea, fruit.
  • Fat spots have blurry contours, in color from dark to light matte. Such spots appear from the effects of oils, wax, and fat. They are easily soluble when exposed to a special agent.
  • Spots of mixed type remain from milk, blood, sauces. All fat penetrates the fibers of the fabric. They are considered to be difficult to remove stains.
  • Old oxidized spots that appeared from the natural effects of light and oxygen. Their color is in shades from red to brown. Such stains usually appear from wine, berries, coffee, cosmetics, mold.

There are stains that can be easily removed, as well as dirt that will require multistage cleaning to remove. There is a diverse approach to various pollution:

  • Fat stains are removed with dishwashing liquid, and regular school chalk absorbs grease from the material.
  • It is enough to bloody traces in cool water. Otherwise, hot water turns off similar stains, and it will be difficult to erase them.
  • Remove traces of coffee and tea, you can try a solution of salt. For old stains you need ammonia.
  • Paint, varnish and traces of cosmetics are recommended to be removed with nail polish remover. For more complex stains, use white alcohol solvent.

How to wash?

Means with concentrated active ingredients perfectly wash the soiled things, returning them to the original purity. From the most effective purification options, the most famous are distinguished:

  • Cheap and affordable "White" can successfully remove the yellowness from white clothes. The soiled product is kept in cool water for about an hour. A mixture of tools and hot water is added to a container with things and incubated for 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and use regular laundry.
  • Get rid of the yellowness of the fabric with powder and gel. Clothes poured ready-made solution for 30 minutes.
  • Laundry soap with bleaching elements is able to clean the grease from dirt. To do this, wet the contaminated place, rub it with soap and hold for 10 minutes. Then things just wash out.

On the basis of soap, you can prepare an effective solution for digestion of white bed linen.

In everyday life there are quite adequate and effective folk recipes against stubborn stains:

  • 20 ml of hydrogen peroxide is diluted in 10 liters of water, and linen is kept in this solution for an hour. It is good to bleach white t-shirts with this method.
  • Hydroperit tablets (10 pieces) are diluted in 10 liters of water. The solution removes dirt from white clothes.
  • To give the product its former shine, it is soaked for at least an hour in a solution with the addition of water and ammonia.
  • Concentrated soda and salt are indispensable in washing delicate fabrics. Soak the laundry for three hours and stand for some time. Next, wash and rinse in the usual way.
  • Unexpectedly, baking powder for the dough is an alternative in the fight against yellowness on snow-white things. When washing 2 tablespoons of funds complement the washing machine. Old stains are removed by soaking for at least an hour with the addition of the same baking powder.
  • Boric acid is a unique means for rinsing after washing. A few minutes - and the original whiteness will return to the thing.
  • Aspirin tablets will not only clean the clothes, but also help to remove an unpleasant odor. Powder from crushed tablets is distributed in places of contamination, stands a little and well rinsed. Or a 3-hour soak with the addition of a solution. This method will remove the yellow stains of sweat from a blouse, T-shirt.
  • Vinegar eliminates stubborn stains. But not applicable for thin or delicate fabric.
  • Citric acid cleans dense white tissues well. One teaspoon of citric acid should be diluted with a glass of water. The fabric is moistened with essence. After 1.5 hours, wash and rinse.
  • A powerful tool for removing stains is household gasoline and ammonia. It is important to use rubber gloves and a mask when working with such substances in order to prevent the inhalation of harmful vapors and exposure to the skin of the hands. The polluted site of clothes is filled in with gasoline and rubs a sponge moistened in ammonia solution. After prostitiruetsya in the machine several times to eliminate the tart smell.
  • Chicken yolk mixed with denatured alcohol is also able to remove many stains. After applying this wonderful solution, a crust forms on the surface of the stain, which is easily scraped off along with the dirt.

It should be remembered that to remove stains on white, you must take into account the texture of the fabric of the thing itself. Natural fabrics such as silk, wool, cotton, linen fabric require a different method to remove dirt than synthetics.

How to wash?

Clothes are laundered remarkably at home by hand or in a washing machine.

To give a whiteness to an office blouse, to remove stains from white T-shirts, to save grayed underwear, you must first use soaking with the use of chemical components or folk recipes.

The temperature of soaking and washing should not exceed that recommended on company tags of things. Cotton fabrics can even withstand boiling when washing linen items requires lower temperatures. For things made of artificial materials with a machine wash, the mode of washing fabrics from synthetics is chosen. For mixed fabrics, you can use the wash, similar to synthetic things.

It is recommended not to set the spin program to the maximum speed. This can be fraught with damage to various types of fabric, namely, crumpled linen is removed from the machine, which makes smoothing more difficult.

The degree of contamination and texture of the fabric depends on where to wash white things. In the car, you can under the following temperature conditions:

  • 40 degrees - giving freshness to things.
  • 60 degrees - eliminates stains and yellowness of clothing.
  • 95 degrees - washes heavily soiled cotton, flax and calico. Often washed in this mode, baby clothes and diapers.

To ensure a high level of whiteness of clothes, you should use detergents and bleaches. patented trademarks.

In addition to soaking and washing, an effective way of cleansing from dirt and stains is boiling. You can boil clothes before washing and after washing, if stains have not disappeared. You can boil only products made of cotton and linen fabrics. Do not place the product in the already boiling water, otherwise the pollution will be even more embedded in the fabric.

For the best cleaning outcome, white linen is recommended to be dried in the sun.It is noteworthy that ultraviolet has a small whitening property and contributes to the lightening of stains.

Delicate fabrics are dried in shaded ventilated places. An outdoor shed or balcony would be a great place to dry similar things.

Even expensive clothes can lose their whiteness immediately after the first wash. First of all, the cuffs, collar, pockets foul, turn yellow and fade: these parts of the product are especially branded, and after washing can lose their original luster.

In some cases, any shampoo will be able to wipe off the graying white shirt collar. To remove contamination, shampoo is applied to the stain abundantly and rubbed with a brush. For enhanced effective cleansing, soak the shirt in hot water. This approach to washing returns the former whiteness. To get rid of the rest of the shampoo, re-scroll in the washing machine.

If the shirt was not washed after the first socks, then it will be difficult to remove the gray marks on the clothes. In order to completely remove contamination, clothes are soaked for an hour with the addition of concentrated products.

High-quality powders designed specifically for white fabrics will keep things in good condition longer. In addition to chlorine and oxygen products, optical powders are equally popular. They are hypoallergenic, do not spoil the fabric. The peculiarity is that the particles are deposited on the fabric, namely on the stain, visually lightening it.

It is difficult to wash things from the top wardrobe, especially if they are white. Jacket, coat, white down jacket tend to get dirty quickly. Particularly dirty on the collars, pockets and sleeves. The dry cleaning option is not always a budget way. Therefore, many people prefer to wash such things at home.

Washing a down jacket implies a competent approach. Such things are better washed separately from other clothes. After processing the stains, the down jacket turns inside out and is placed in a washing machine. To keep the down from falling, several tennis balls are placed inside the down jacket. When washing the washing liquid with addition of the soft conditioner is used. The washing mode is set delicate, and the water temperature is up to 40 degrees. Spin mode, it is desirable to choose the minimum speed. It is recommended to remove the washed item with gloves in order to avoid contamination from hands on clothes.

In order to prevent stains on clothes - white is erased separately from color. If such washing was not to be avoided, then manganese copes with the removal of colored stains from white things. Half a cup of powder and potassium permanganate are dissolved, so that the solution becomes pink. Then the solution is added to the basin with the thing and sealed for a couple of hours. After the procedure, the thing must be thoroughly rinsed.

It is possible to remove multi-colored spots from white products by soaking with the addition of ordinary bleach. In the case where there are several different stains on clothes, a special stain remover is used. Means is put on pollution and maintain some time then erase.

To eliminate the stains on the clothes, a mixture of soap, chopped with shavings, half a glass of regular salt, a small amount of starch, citric acid and water is prepared. With thick paste we cover the stain, and the thing is aged for a while. At the end of the product is thoroughly rinsed.

Faded thing also save ammonia and hydrogen peroxide solutions.

To apply methods for bleaching a delicate white thing, you can first apply a little money on a similar matter and watch. If the fabric has changed structure, the risk will not be justified - it will be more reliable to carry the product in a dry-cleaner for professional washing.

Tips and tricks

Some expert tips will help in eliminating stains on white clothes:

  • When white things are erased with dark elements, molting is possible. In order to get rid of the characteristic stains, you should dilute a high-quality stain remover in water.Thing to stand for half an hour in the basin with a solution. After rinsing well. Next, you can prepare a solution with oxygen bleach. Already in it soak the product. After a day, remove the item and wash it manually or in the car.
  • An alternative to this method is to prepare a mixture of ammonia, dishware and water. All components are mixed in equal proportions, and soak the thing in the resulting solution for 40 minutes. As a result, the clothes must be rinsed thoroughly.
  • It is recommended to wear white clothes for long. If possible, immediately wash up. This is especially true for t-shirts and shirts.
  • In the case when traces of iron remain, remove the yellowed area can be a solution of bleach. The solution is prepared in proportions - 1 teaspoon to 1 cup of water.
  • In the machine wash of light things, it is necessary to spin the drum in the “rinse” mode in order to rid the drum of the car of particles of colored things.
  • Dirty kitchen towels are refreshed by soaking in kefir.
  • You can try to get rid of rust on white clothes with citric acid. Means poured on the contaminated surface, pre-soaked with water.
  • If white clothes have changed color after washing together with colored clothes, immediately wash it several times with detergent in plenty of water. The result mainly depends on the type of matter: the denser and more natural it is, the less you should expect a result from the procedure of highlighting a painted-up thing.
  • It is better to wash underwear in bags-nets.
  • If when rinsing white terry robes and towels add a small amount of salt to the water, they will become much softer and more pleasant to the touch.
  • If you lavishly stain, put the item in the bag and hold it for at least 24 hours, you can even get rid of old contaminants.
  • When rinsing white tulle, ordinary milk is added to the water solution with blue. Curtains significantly changed.

In the next video you will see the old way of washing white laundry and removing any stains.

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