How to wash the paint off jeans?

How to wash the paint off jeans?

Among the many problems that arise during the repair, there is contamination of clothing with paint. Moreover, a stain of paint can be “planted” both at work, and at the entrance, and on a bench in a park, and in many other places. It is important to know how to cope with such a situation and not to destroy the thing with final ill-conceived measures. However, the work on the cleaning of denim has its own specifics and features that certainly need to be taken into account.

What kind of paint can be stains?

Often water-based paint gets on the jeans. In addition to her, sometimes you have to deal with clogged trousers. such varieties:

  • Spray paints;
  • Hair dyeing compositions;
  • Color and black printer ink.

Oil paint is bad because it does not wash off at all. Aqueous emulsion formulations dissolve well, and the best thing is right as soon as a spot is planted, soak it in warm water or stand over steam. Then the jeans are washed with the usual detergent - dishwashing gels, powders, laundry soap with a brush. The solubility of the paint must be taken into account remember that it can spread therefore, clean the stain, moving from its borders to the middle. The residue of water-based paint after cleaning is removed with medical alcohol or nail polish remover. If you managed to cope with the traces, you still need to lock your jeans in the usual way.

Regardless of which of the above types of paint got on the clothes, removing it will be quite a difficult thing, because for dyeing in any case, apply the most resistant substances that adhere well to the surface, quickly absorbed into it and resistant to destruction.

Fabric features

The popularity of denim is understandable: it is durable, reliable and wears little, but it is precisely because of the high density of matter that any dirt that gets on the jeans almost instantly penetrates into the deep layers. It will be harder to remove than a surface stain. Denim of any kind necessarily contains cotton fibers, therefore clothes from it should not be machine washed at a temperature above 40 degrees.

In the presence of embroidery and decor is not allowed to wash when heated more than 30 degrees.

Choose modes with a maximum speed of 800 revolutions per minute, and the enhanced rinsing function will not be superfluous. Load washing machines with jeans and denims twice as small as compared with regular ones, so as not to overload them. Whitening or oxygen-containing products are not allowed., use only colored laundry powders.

How to wash?

Oil paints can be removed and folk remedies - mix washing powder with butter, rub the mixture into the stain and wash in 3-5 minutes. Well removes acetone paint: soak a cotton swab in it and gently wipe the dirt.

Do not use too much acetone, do not touch them with a clean surface. This tool is not suitable for working with black or bright trousers, but white and other bright colors are almost safe.

Another means by which the stain can be removed will be White Spirit. Both reagents should be used only with gloves, in the open air or near a slightly open window.

Jeans stain removers are the safest to use, but don't forget to find out if your product is coping with paint or not.

When there are no cleaning products at home, cover the fresh stain with soap, soak and bring as soon as possible either the same stain removers or white spirit.In order to get rid of dirt, it is sometimes necessary to wash a thing repeatedly; a stain may disappear only after the third or fourth wash.

Do not use motor, boat gasoline, because the additives it contains only pollute the fabric even more. Take the one that is intended for lighters.

The original product is a mixture of white clay (one tablespoon) with the same amount of pure gasoline. Mix the workpiece thoroughly and rub it with a place of pollution. After drying, rinse the mixture off with soapy water or a powder diluted in water. Replacing the clay can make ordinary chalk.

Preparatory work

Preparation is especially important when working with old stains. They are soaked in an aqueous solution of glycerin for half an hour. Only after that it makes sense to proceed to the use of stain remover, to washing and so on. If there is no glycerin in the apartment, then there will definitely be sunflower oil. Do not be afraid to leave greasy traces, they are easily removed with detergent for dishes.

Any potent or unfamiliar to you by the action on the fabric means you need to apply as carefully as possible.

How can I scrub?

It will be necessary to use either mechanical cleaning or potent means in order to bring out the water-insoluble oil paint. Often these methods are combined: first, scrape the stain with a rubber spatula, the blunt side of a knife, a wooden spatula, then use a preparation for removing oils - it is relatively gentle. If this tool does not help, you need to use solvents, but do not forget to try them on invisible sites. Vegetable oil should be kept for half an hour, it is best to apply it with a cotton pad (so you do less soiling yourself).

This treatment does not eliminate the need for normal washing after the completion of the visible cleaning. Only in this way will it be possible to remove the base, the “core” of pollution.

At home, it is quite possible to cope with watercolor pollution, it is eliminated by simple treatment with soap. After rubbing with a bar, rinse the cloth in clean, warm water. When clogged with gouache or watercolor, they wash the dirty place with running water (cold, of course) and soak it in soapy liquid for a short time. To finally remove the remaining traces, use additional reagents. Be careful with dark fabrics, they can become covered with white stains.

To wash the paint from jeans (acrylic) should be as soon as possible. First of all, remove the dried particles with a blunt object, blot a fresh stain with a napkin to remove as much paint as possible. Jeans turned out and washed under running cold water, then washed with a rich addition of powder and fabric softener. It happens so, unfortunately, that the stain is washed off badly. Then it can be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol.which is poured onto the marks and rubbed towards the center with an old toothbrush. An alternative option is to soak in a water solution a mixture of ammonia and table vinegar, followed by washing. Soak need for half an hour.

If you make it awkward when dyeing your hair, first wipe the affected area with warm water using a sponge. After that, it will be possible to remove stains with glycerol, a solution of salt and vinegar, ammonia. Important: All these manipulations must end with a full wash. When paint is sprayed onto the fabric from an aerosol can, it is advisable to use professional products - stain remover, powder.

Sometimes it is possible to remove completely fresh dirt with a cotton swab dipped in medical alcohol. Printer ink can be removed with alcohol and baking soda paste: it is applied to the troublesome part of the pants, then you need to wait half an hour and wash the clothes with a stain remover. Wash dirty jeans is not so difficult, you only need to recognize the type of paint and act deliberately.


If the stain appeared a few minutes ago, there is still an opportunity to remove it with the simplest means. Cover it with soap, rub the foam with a stiff brush. If at least a little paint is gone, you need to stand soaped jeans for 2-3 hours, then wash again and rinse thoroughly.

This method copes with water-based paints, other compounds are purified much worse.

Just as actively as laundry soap, any concentrated dishwashing detergent cleans stains of paint.

In many cases, the trace of paint is not immediately detected, or the measures taken “hot on the trail” do not give a good effect. There are special ways in which you can remove old paint from jeans. Start with a stiff brush or knife, but proceed as carefully as possible so that the matter remains intact. The next step is flushing with pure gasoline: under the wrong side they put a soft, unnecessary rag that will absorb the leaking excess. On the front side, the stain is rubbed from the edges to the middle, without undue diligence. When the cleaning of visible traces is completed, thoroughly soap problem area, rub and rinse.

For the final consolidation of the result you need to stretch the jeans in the car, however, note that liquid preparations for washing are used before loading things into the car, and the capsules need to be put when the jeans are already washed.

Very old stains can sometimes be removed with a combination of turpentine and soda solution. First, fill the paint with turpentine, wait until its visible traces disappear. Dissolve a tablespoon of soda in a glass of water, thoroughly wash the damaged part of the jeans. And again, it is necessary to complete all the work of machine wash. Alternatively, you can apply glycerin in the evening and leave until the morning, and the next day clean up the remaining dirt with ordinary alcohol.

Glycerin should be heated in a water bath.

Prevention of pollution of trousers with paint is not difficult, but it will not be superfluous to repeat the simplest recommendations. Always work with building paints carefully and without excessive haste, remember "Saved" minute can turn into long soaking hours, washes, or you even lose a piece of clothing. Preparing for painting, you should change into something that you will not feel sorry for, have solvents and acetone ready to take off fresh stains immediately. On the street, in any building, see where you sit, what you are leaning against.

If you still need to clean, be sure to follow the instructions for the solvent or cleaning agent. Do not exceed the allowable concentrations and processing time, even if the contamination is very large and deeply ingrained: it is better to repeat a couple of times than to get an ugly hole. When there is no confidence in a good result, or attempts to solve the problem on your own did not help, it is better to immediately take the thing to dry-cleaning, it will be safer and safer.

How to remove paint stains from other fabrics, see the next video.

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