Makeup in the style of "Pin Up"

Pin Up Makeup

Make-up is considered to be the main tool in creating beauty; it not only cleverly masks all skin flaws, but also helps to look great. Thanks to modern cosmetics in a matter of minutes, any woman can turn into a fatal beauty. Today, there are many styles for the design of the image, but makeup in the style deserves special attention. "Pin Up". It began to apply in the distant 40s.

A distinctive feature in this direction are clearly highlighted with the eyes of the arrows, pale skin and bright red lipstick.

Style "Pin Up" always in fashion, as it allows to achieve excellent results in creating an image. Especially well suited for girls-yoke. The uniqueness of this makeup is in the combination of colors and shades. For example, bright lips and expressive eyes look especially on the bright background of the face of blondes or brunettes. It should be noted that this style is not everyday, but it will beautifully complement the costume party, where, thanks to the outrageous image, the woman will stand out from the crowd.


Typically, makeup "Pin Up" prefer confident and bright girls. Choosing this style, beauties become not only feminine coquettes, but also look fervent, captivating. The main rule in this make-up is a smooth texture of the face, decorated in white and peach color and the complete absence of skin imperfections. Eyebrows should have the correct form, which provides moderate plucking. For expressive eyes, use clear arrows, and lips are painted with bright lipstick.

"Pin Up" is also characterized by a certain sequence in applying makeup, so all cosmetics are applied step by step. To create a mysterious image is used:

  • Concealer;
  • Makeup base;
  • Concealer;
  • Powder, matched to the face;
  • White and black pencil;
  • Waterproof eyeliner;
  • Ink;
  • False eyelashes;
  • Shadows in a matte palette;
  • Blush;
  • Lip liner and lipstick.
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The main emphasis in the image is on the eyelashes, their volume and length are increased with the help of patch beams. Thanks to such eyelashes, the look becomes expressive and at the same time naive, refined. Of course, this style cannot be used in everyday life, but it will be indispensable for holiday events and photo shoots. It should be noted that to complete the image of the coquette, you also need to choose the right outfit, which would be harmoniously combined with the overall makeup. An important role is played by accessories.

Makeup "Pin Up" can be done both in a specialized salon, and independently, adhering to certain rules:

  • Eyes and lips are the center of the image.. The maximum attention is paid to them when applying cosmetics. It is recommended to use exclusively resistant products that preserve all the elements of makeup.
  • Skin tone made smooth.
  • Eyebrows should be properly removing excess sticking hairs. To draw the shape of the eyebrows, you can use a special bevelled brush or pencil. They are made brighter and slightly darker than normal color.
  • Classic "Pin Up" does not provide blush, but in the new interpretation of the image a slight digression is allowed, which recommends natural shades of blush.
  • Arrows are considered the most difficult element of makeup.. They are easy to draw, but require maximum precision. Therefore, at first it is best to make a few sketches with the help of a contour pencil, and then you can draw a sketch with a confident liner.As a result, the arrows should turn out to be steady, bright and even.
  • As for the lips, they are painted with extremely bright lipsticks.. As a rule, preference is given to red colors, but experiments with other original shades are allowed. Looks beautiful plum color or wine. Before applying lipstick lips must be shaped with a pencil.
  • The shadows in this make-up are a small addition, and therefore they can not be applied or choose pearl scale.

How to make yourself?

  • This type of makeup requires clean skin.therefore, before starting to use cosmetics, the face is thoroughly cleansed and moisturized. The creation of the image begins with the use of a tonal base, which is applied evenly in a thin layer. The next step will be the design of the eyes. It is worth noting that the style "Pin Up" provides a simple, but at the same time, spectacular makeup. Initially, the eye area is primed, for which the base under the shade or concealer is suitable.

The masking agent is used in small dosages, otherwise the eyelids will stick together in the folds, forming coarse strips.

  • For makeup of the eyelids, it is recommended to select more neutral shades of shadows.. White, pearl and beige tones look good. Shadows are applied directly on the upper part of the eye, under the eyebrow, and also on the area of ​​the entire upper eyelid. Makeup artists are advised to experiment with the colors of the shadows and mix the basic gamut with hints of glitter and glamor. If the girl wants to add the effect of "cat's eyes" to the image, then in this case you need a thick eyeliner and small arrows in the corners of the eyes.
  • To make the arrows look perfect, You can use both a liquid eyeliner and a special eyeliner. At first, the lines are drawn thinly, and then smoothly pass into a wide arrow. For bold coquette in make-up it is recommended to combine into one whole contrasting shadows and a black pencil. An excellent choice would be red or green shadows.
  • As for the eyebrows, they need the correct curved shape with a high arch in the curve.. All the flaws of the eyebrows can be corrected with a pencil, which will give them more clarity. The color of the pencil is selected depending on the hair color, but slightly darker tones. To make the image mysterious, bunches of artificial eyelashes are placed in the corners of the eyes.
  • The final touch in makeup is lip design.which begins with moisturizing balm. Then a line is drawn with a pencil. They can slightly go beyond the natural bends, creating the effect of completeness. Then the lips are painted with bright lipstick. To ensure that the lips are even and smooth, it is recommended to use a brush. After the first layer of lipstick is applied, lips should be wetted with a paper towel and the second layer applied.

A lesson on makeup in the style of "Pin Up", see the following video.

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