Gatsby Makeup

Gatsby Makeup

The fashion of the twenties of the last century and today inspires many artists and makeup artists. One type of make-up, inspired by this beautiful time, is Gatsby-style makeup. If you want to know how to look like a lady from the last century, but look stylish, this article is for you.

See how to do makeup in the style of the movie "The Great Gatsby" in the next video.

A bit of history

Make-up in the style of the 20s is far from new. Interest in the style of this period appeared after the release of the film entitled “The Great Gatsby”. The main distinctive feature of this picture was not a brilliant author's idea, but the style of all the characters. Stylish men, beautiful ladies and bohemian atmosphere of the last century inspired many.

Let's analyze step by step what the ladies stood out during this time period and what we really should learn from them. First of all, it should be noted that during the 1920s and 1930s the situation in Europe and America was quite tense due to the short period between the two wars. At this time, the feminine style became more simple, although the young ladies still could not give up luxury goods. Therefore, their images combined in themselves both.

Women sought independence and independence and demonstrated this by their appearance. Shortened skirts and pants, short-cropped hair and bright make-up are what distinguish women who lived in the 20s of the last century.

The 1920s, many people call the era of jazz, because after the tensions of the First World War, many completely plunged into parties and fun. Therefore, there were many ideas for creating vivid images. Effective hairstyle with short hair, brilliant dress and eye-catching makeup combined in one image. Makeup, as a rule, combined with dark and bright colors, clear contours and contrasting shades.

The eyes of the girls of that era were marked by clear arrows. They were usually thin and performed in the classic black color. Eyebrows were also distinguished by the same thin black lines. They were very clear and well maintained. Now with a fashion for natural eyebrows have to do without it. Another important point - the presence of thick black ink. The girls painted their eyelashes, making them as voluminous and thick as possible.

As for the tone of the face, in the period of the 20s aristocratic pallor was still in vogue. Light, bleached skin sometimes looked unnatural, but the girls were still satisfied in such an aristocratic way.

Recreate make-up in the style of the 20s

In order to recreate a bright, stylish Gatsby look, you don’t need any special tools or skills. Look at the pictures of famous models of the time or at the actresses who played in films about the 20s. So you can understand what you should pay attention to and how to convey this style with the help of modern cosmetics.

The basis of this makeup, of course, is the correct tone. It will be quite appropriate to take a tonal tool several shades lighter than your skin. To make it not look deadly, use a highlighter and select the necessary zones, as if highlighting your face from the inside. So you will look beautiful and healthy.

The next important stage is eye makeup.. For a Gatsby-style make-up, this is a very important detail. You can safely not only paint your eyelashes in several layers, but also stick overhead. Shadows here should use classic brown or saturated gray. You can also easily sum up the lash line with a thick eyeliner or liner.The arrows in this style should be thin, but most importantly, they should fit your style.

Another important point is lipstick. In the style of "Gatsby" decided to combine rich eye makeup and bright lips. Do not be afraid that such a bow will seem too vulgar. Pick up matte or glossy lipstick saturated colors. They can be dark or bright, it all depends on your color type and special preferences. So, for example, brunettes with winter colors in this style can safely use an unusual lilac lipstick.

The last accent, without which such a make-up can not do, is blush. Here you should do without bright scarlet or red blush. On pale skin, they will look inappropriate, so it is better to choose a more neutral shade. For example, dusty pink or close to your skin tone.

Focus on these basic rules and images of popular women from the past era, but do not limit your creativity.

We create in stages

Bright make-up in the style of "Gatsby" - this is not the best option for everyday makeup. But here at a party, corporate party or even graduation, you can easily make up in this way. In this case, attention will surely be riveted to you. If you are interested in such an image, then the instruction on how to do this make-up in stages will definitely come in handy.


To shine in this image at any party, you need to make your face tone perfect beforehand.. To do this, correct all your pimples or eruptions with concealer and even out the tone with cream. It is desirable that the color of the main tonal tool was lighter than usual. But do not bump into extremes and cover tanned or skin-dark skin with a cream in the brightest color.


For the eyes, you will also need to create the perfect frame.. It will be, of course, eyebrows. You should not adapt to the fashion of the past century and spoil your fashionable natural eyebrows, plucking them. Just brush them gently and make them a little darker.

Eyelids need to be painted over with dark shadows. Choose those shades that help to make the color of your eyes more saturated and spectacular. Well blend the colors, as when creating a smoky makeup. Paint both upper and lower cilia with rich black mascara.

Also, as already mentioned, you can safely use false eyelashes. Do not forget about eyeliner - black liner will make your eyes even more spectacular.


In this style, it is important to pay attention to lips.. The contour should be clear and beautiful. To look like a girl from the past, make your lips contour sharp, highlighting a hollow under the nose. You can also try to combine two lipsticks, creating a beautiful gradient, or simply emphasizing the lips with a darker contour pencil.

Make-up in the style of "Gatsby" will go to both young girls and mature women. Do everything right, do not be afraid to stand out, and perhaps you will also love this era with all its features.

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