Makeup in brown tones

Makeup in brown tones

Brown shades of shadows can be found in the arsenal of each girl. And many even have large palettes of such shadows, which are very convenient. Brown shades are considered universal. With them, you can create a moderate day makeup or seductive evening. In this article, we will take a closer look at who suits these shadows and how to create a winning makeup with them, correctly emphasize the dignity of the eyes and face and, of course, hide all the flaws.

Features and benefits

Make-up in shades of brown is ideal for any occasion, it is equally well suited for girls with very different types of appearance, hair and eye color. All shades of brown are universal; when creating makeup, they can be made more or less intense depending on the image you want to create.

Brown color will help to easily emphasize the natural beauty of the face, and properly executed make-up in such tones will undoubtedly make you an object of universal attention.

Despite the fact that it is quite easy to put shadows on the eyes and make up lips with lipstick, you need to know some subtleties and tricks when creating make-up in brown shades. Sometimes such a color can be capricious.

Many ladies are afraid to use a palette of dark shades, including dark beige, brown and chocolate colors, because they think it will add to their age. In fact, in order not to add a person a couple of years, you need to carefully select decorative tools and read the recommendations of make-up artists, and also take into account your own facial features. And it is then that you easily emphasize with such hues the depth and expressiveness of the eyes, the tenderness of the blush or the clarity of the cheekbones.

If you do not know what makeup to do for an important event or a celebration, feel free to choose a brown range of shades. Noble brown color will always look appropriate and natural, especially if you picked the right shade.

Who is suitable?

Despite the versatility of brown, do not forget that not every shade is suitable for any color of eyes and skin. To avoid mistakes when creating the perfect makeup, we recommend you to pay attention to the following recommendations for the selection of the desired shade.

  • On the girls with blue eyes brown shades look truly excellent. They are perfect shades of cocoa, coffee varieties of varying intensity, bronze and gold. The texture of the shadows can be very different, here you can give preference and matte options, and with the Shimmer. Small accents of glitter can be arranged using gold pigments. With brick shades and with the addition of red, it is best to be careful, they can make the eyes look tired and even add a few years in age.
  • Green-eyed ladies are also well suited for a variety of shades of brown. For example, if you have light green eyes, then give preference to the bronze options. Dark green can be distinguished by nude, beige and contrasting shades of brown. A great solution would be to use a green-brown shadow combination.
  • Makeup artists recommend gray-eyed girls to be very neat with shades of brown. But if you did decide on such a bold step, then it is best to choose light and unobtrusive shades, such as mocha, milk, cream, cream and delicate coffee. Gray-eyed ladies best do the most natural make-up using a light brown palette.
  • Brown eyes can be most emphasized with brown shades. Ladies with dark eyes, you can choose shades of brown color of varying intensity. Different make-up artists have very different opinions on this. Some believe that you should not choose the shadows of the same shade as the eyes, while others, on the contrary, say that the shadows match the eyes perfectly. In this case, we recommend making a few trial make-up and deciding which shade you most like to face.
  • Holders of deep black eyes is better to abandon the shades of brown with green tints or shade of olive. These colors are unlikely to look advantageous and most likely they will make the look rough and heavy. It is better to pay attention to the gray-brown, pinkish or nude variants.


Most often, you can not use one universal make-up during the day and in the evening, there are always differences in them. And the intensity of colors plays a big role. In the daytime we use moderate shades, and in the evening - more saturated.

  • Day makeup. Many of the fair sex do not think their everyday images without the gentle "Smoky ice", made in soft brown tones. In the course are milk shades, beige-brown, caramel and delicate coffee. In such a make-up, it is very important to pay attention to the perfect tone of the face, so do not get foundation creams a few tones above your own; for tanning effect, it is better to use bronzing powder. Brown eye makeup most often does not like blush of the same color, it is better to give preference to peach variants, soft pink or beige shade. Brilliant highlighters will help to complement the face. It is equally important to pay attention to the eyebrows, they should be the perfect shape, because they set the tone for the entire makeup. Lipstick for lips in daytime make-up should be natural, you can choose satin or matte options nude.
  • Evening make up in brown tones allows ladies to experiment a little bit and make themselves brighter. For any celebration or date in the evening you can use brighter shades. The smokey ice in brown is excellently friendly with coal-black arrows. A golden brown shadow combination would also be appropriate for an evening make-up. An excellent solution would be to bring the lower inner eyelids with a waterproof black pencil. Eyelashes should be dyed in several layers, you can also paste extra beams for greater thickness and volume. If in the evening you put on delicate cream shades and diluted them with brown, but the makeup turned out very natural, it’s best to give preference to bright lipstick, it will look very advantageous.

Stages of application

To properly create makeup, we recommend to pay attention to the following instructions for applying.

Makeup in brown shades step by step:

  • Apply base to cleansed and moisturized skin. It will help make the tone of the face more even and prolong the firmness of your foundation.
  • All defects (if any) hide with the help of the corrector. We draw attention to the fact that the correctors are different, some of them are applied to the foundation, and some after. Do not forget about it.
  • Only after the above steps apply a concealer to your face that perfectly matches the tone of your skin.
  • If necessary, fix the foundation with powder. It can be matte or with a slight shimmer. Apply blush. If you make out your eyes in brown color, then you should choose pink and cream, beige or soft apricot.
  • You can do eye makeup in several ways. It can be "Smokey ice", and just a combination of several shades of brown shadows. It is not recommended to use more than three colors. You can diversify your eyes with golden accents.
  • Use eyeliner or liner to complement eye makeup with French arrows.You can choose the width at your discretion.
  • Do not forget to draw eyebrows.
  • Ink paint over eyelashes. Color can be chosen as coal black or brown. The first is perfect for girls with dark hair, and the second - for blondes and blond.
  • Lipstick in a pale pink color or any other natural version will be an excellent completion of makeup.

Makeup artists secrets

To emphasize the depth and expressiveness of the eyes, circle them completely with a black pencil. The inner eyelids should also be emphasized with a black waterproof pencil. If you are doing a gentle make-up with a subtle shade of brown, then the best option would be to sum up the inner lower eyelids with a white pencil. This way you will have wide open eyes.

When making eye makeup dark shadows or chocolate is not recommended to use dark lipstick. Focus on either the lips or the eyes.

9 a photo

We recommend to pay attention to the star image of Kim Kardashian, who loves to use a brown palette of shadows and make expressive long eyelashes. No less interesting and beautiful images of Jessica Alba, who often chooses the light "Smoky ice" in the brown version.

How to do makeup in shades of brown, see the following video.

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