Makeup under the white dress

Makeup under the white dress

The white dress is the same classic as the black one. Today, there are a huge number of different styles of white dresses, but how to choose makeup for them remains a mystery for some ladies. On the important nuances of creating make-up under a white outfit you will learn further.

White color is considered to be very contrasting, versatile and winning, but you need to be careful with it. A white dress, be it short or long, is uniquely present in the wardrobe of every girl. In a white dress, a woman will definitely not be ignored, but in order to complete the image, one dress is not enough.

A selection of bright brunettes

White dress looks very beautiful on gorgeous brunettes. It focuses on their natural beauty and hair color. These ladies should pay great attention to the shade of the foundation. It should be the same tone of skin color, in any case not a few shades lighter or darker. If you want your skin to be tanned, it is better to go on vacation or use powder-bronzer. Take this issue very seriously.

The color of rouge and lipstick should be in harmony with each other, and not contradict. Blush can be warm or beige shades, with their help you can emphasize the cheekbones or refresh your cheeks with a delicate blush.

Brunettes in a white dress can favorably emphasize the eyes with the help of a warm color gamut of shades: nude, peach, milk or soft coral shades. An excellent option can be a colorful "Smokey ice" in chocolate.

Brunette experts advise to do a manicure in the tone of the selected lipstick. With a white outfit it will look really attractive.

For the most spectacular image of passionate brunettes is best to focus on the eyes, emphasizing their depth and expressiveness. Add to the image of grace will help the French arrows. You can open your eyes with the help of summing up the lower inner eyelid with a white pencil. Be sure to choose a waterproof option. Also do not forget that the face can be “diluted” with the help of a highlighter or a porthole, which will give a natural glow to the skin.

Brunettes with green eyes is best to give preference to emerald shades of shadows or the same option with gold. Blue-eyed beauties should choose silver shades of any texture, pearl or gray.

The inner corners of the eyes can be advantageously emphasized with a shiny pigment.

Spectacular Blondes

Blond beauties very often choose for themselves a winning outfit in white. Some experts advise such ladies to buy a tonal tool one tone lighter than their skin. Of course, this does not apply to dark or tanned skin, otherwise the mask effect will be created.

Try not to abuse the transparent powder with white effect, it is best to stay on the powder-porthole with a gentle warm sheen.

The "apples" of the cheeks can be emphasized with a delicate pink or peach shade, the lips should be decorated with a transparent sheen or with a rosovinka. Pearl lipstick will also look great. Do not forget to make the contour, smoothly delineating the lips, so they will look much more attractive.

With a white dress perfectly blends pastel or nude palette. It looks very gentle and lightweight version of makeup using monochromatic shadows and French arrows, while for the lips it is best to choose a matte lipstick of a neutral shade.

Gray and silver shades of shades, and also cream and brown options suit blondes with light aristocratic skin. Be sure to take a look at them when creating the most natural makeup.

To the white dress of the fair-haired beauties there is also a range of golden shades and beige variants. This make up can be supplemented with thin arrows of coal-black color or double arrows, for example, of white and brown colors.

For luxurious redheads

Bright red-haired beauties It is recommended to focus on the lips, and make out eyes moderately, emphasizing eyelashes, and, probably, choosing small French arrows. Shades of warm hues will suit with the addition of gray and green depending on the desired image. A white dress is like a blank sheet of paper, it should be properly decorated and supplemented, and this is always an opportunity for experimentation. Most often, red-haired ladies can complement the image with a white dress with something green, for example, jewelry, clutch or unusual manicure design.

Expert advice

If you choose a white dress as your outfit, Do not forget that the makeup on his background should dominate. If make-up is nondescript, then everything will merge and be lost. If you do not know which shadows to pick up, choose pearl variants, for example, cream shades. With their help, you can make a monochrome eye makeup or an unusual "Smokey".

Most often in a make-up under a white dress it is better to focus on bright eyes and, of course, lush eyelashes. If you wish, you can even paste beams for greater thickness and volume.

If you make your eyes in nude shades, then using a bright red lipstick can be an excellent option, it will be a kind of contrast in your image. This technique will look equally good on ladies with dark and blond hair. And graceful arrows add elegance to the image.

Try not to be zealous with sparkles of cool shades. If there are too many of them, the makeup will simply merge with the dress.

Create a make-up step by step

Make-up can be done on extremely cleansed and prepared skin. Moisturize face cream before applying the foundation.

  • After skin preparation Apply base under makeup. Do not forget the base under the shadows.
  • Correct all the flaws You can use the corrector or concealer.
  • Only after adjustment all irregularities should proceed to the application of foundation. You can apply it using special brushes or sponge, as well as fingertips.
  • After creating the perfect tone Apply blush on the cheekbones or "apples" of the cheeks, depending on what effect you want to get. To give the sun a blush, you should use warm shades with pink. If you want to emphasize the clarity of the forms of the face, use the bronzer.
  • Choosing eye makeup style proceed from what you want to emphasize. If you make the eyes in a single-color version, then complement them with French arrows. In this case, you can use any bright lipstick: crimson, red, wine or coral. If you make a bright smokey or combine different shades of shadows, it is best to choose a neutral lipstick or gloss.
  • Eyelashes can do so, How do you like. Blondes are best to prefer brown carcass, but for brunettes and brown-haired women - black.

Fashionable Images

  • We recommend to pay attention to the star image of Angelina JolieWhere is her white dress and red lipstick.
  • Or on the luxurious Irina Shayk, which complemented her white outfit with satin scarlet lipstick and thickly painted eyelashes. The image "Minimally in the eyes - maximum on the lips" looks very advantageous. Red lipstick is always in perfect harmony with a white dress, no matter what style it is. White and gold dress can be complemented with nude makeup with shades of gold.An excellent solution in this image can be the use of cream blush with a shimmer and placing the accents on the eyes with golden pigment, lips can be made up with matte lipstick or satin. Or make an absolutely light natural make-up, when the main tone is set to him by the perfect complexion and wide open eyes with thick eyelashes.
  • Images of Natalia Vodianova in white dresses they always attract a lot of attention to themselves, although the model practically does not use makeup for such outfits.
  • Famous actress juliana moore favorably emphasizes its ginger curls and white dress with the help of wine-colored lipstick. But under the white and black dress she prefers to apply a calm pastel-colored makeup.
  • Red-haired girls recommend to look at the bow of Emma Stonewhose image makeup artists and stylists always competently develop. Experts know that red-haired ladies are very green, not losing this opportunity, they have chosen wonderful jewelry for the actress.

Star makeup can be taken as a basis for an evening look or choose something unusual at graduation.

Read more about the make-up under the white dress, see the video below.

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