Makeup for redheads

Makeup for redheads

Red-haired girls always attract eyes and stand out from the crowd, such hair is a gift from nature. Bright on the nature of the lady must be very careful when choosing a makeup, otherwise artificial colors can drown out the natural beauty and personality. A face framed with a golden glow should wear a properly selected make-up. Let's try to deal with the features of makeup for red-haired women.

We select the tonal basis

Despite its expressive hair colorMost often, owners of golden curls have rather pale skin, freckles and light blue eyes. Therefore, the choice of foundation should be approached with special attention. To give preference is almost transparent basics ivory, light beige or natural shade. The texture should be light, moisturizing and give the skin a glow.

Red-haired girls are usually shy of their freckles, trying to mask them with more than one layer of tonal means, creating as a result a mask effect on their face. This is not worth doing, because these girls are very natural, and freckles always give the image notes of innocence and youth. If, nevertheless, you cannot accept and fall in love with your zest, then you can fight these solar points on your face by using special masks that give the effect of bleaching. As an option - use proofreader or concealer.

Girls of this type should not choose the means with bronzator, they even more distinguish freckles, and the border between the face and neck becomes clear and distinct. Such an image will take away all the charm of red-haired persons. Also beware of pink shades of masking tools, they create the effect of a mask.

In order to hide minor defects and redness on the skin, the use of BB or CC creams is perfect. Their texture is light and perfectly adapts to the natural tone of the face.

Those who suffer from excessive greasy on the face, it is better to use mineral creams or powder, as well as products with matting effect. And for those who have perfect skin and even color, you can use only pearl powder to complete the makeup.


Today in a fashion broad and dark eyebrows. However, the owner of red hair black color does not go. Such eyebrows will take all the attention to themselves. But they should not be too pale, otherwise you just lose your face.

For girls who have warm shades in the complexion, it is good to use a red-brown tone or a camel-hair shade, peach-brown. In no case should not make your eyebrows bright. The shade is selected depending on the brightness of the hair color.

Natural red is perfectly combined with eyebrows of not bright brown color.

A shade of chocolate color on the eyebrows will suit the cold and pale face.

We select rouge

Blush in red girls should be as natural as possible, combined with the complexion and not be obvious. In principle, this rule applies to any type of girls.

For girls with brown, hazel and green eyes, the following shades of blush are perfect:

  • terracotta;
  • coffee with milk;
  • peach;
  • apricot color;
  • coral shade;
  • brown-red.

Peach tones or pinkish-beige will suit girls who have blue eyes or pale, almost porcelain skin.

In no case do not use tools that are composed of reflective particles. This will create unnecessary contrast. More makeup artists advised not to put too much money on the cheekbones.

Lip make-up

Girls who wear natural red or golden-red hair color are suitable for any shade of lipstick or lip gloss.. The main thing - to remember about the combination with a touch of color and curls and not to get involved in too bright colors that give the appearance of vulgarity. If you still have the desire to make up your lips with bright lipstick, then you should only emphasize your lips, and eye makeup is better to do in more soothing colors.

In general, it is better to use such means for an evening make-up.

The most suitable color for lip make-up products is lip tone with a touch of hair. It is better to give preference to color, a couple of shades is darker or a couple lighter. Scarlet color, wine shades, red-brown, coral will suit the owners of bright hair.

Choice by eye color

Having understood the tonal tools, the color of the lips and eyebrows for red, eye makeup can not be omitted, this should devote a little more time. Depending on the eye color and makeup will be different.

  • Red-haired beauties with green eyes in the old days they were considered witches for such a bright and unusual combination. And today, such representatives are striking and remembered for a long time, because such persons are rarely met. But from such a catchy image men usually go crazy. Those times, when red-haired girls with green eyes used a shade of shadows in the same tone as the eyes. Today the palette of choice is much richer.

For daily makeup perfect shades of peach, delicate lilac and beige. These pleasant, neutral colors will not take on too much, rather, on the contrary, will emphasize such an unusual beauty presented by nature or beauty. And those who are planning an evening out, you can use brighter and more saturated colors.

To emphasize the shade of the eyes, we use not a monochromatic coating of the eyelids, but a multi-layered makeup. Monotony will give this type of sloppiness. Today in any store you can find palettes of eyelid makeup products, tailored to different color types. For a rich dark shade of hair color and darker skin color can be bright, well combined with each other - plum or purple, green, bronze, caramel. The main thing is to shade all the shades on the eyelid so that there are no too obvious transitions. It is better to refuse long shooters and doll eyelashes, otherwise the image will turn out unnatural. For a lighter skin with a pale complexion, we select a delicate and pastel palette.

As for lipstick, then it is better for such bright girls not to pick up lipstick in screaming tones. Carrot, terracotta, peach, colorless lip gloss - this is the choice of such girls. To make the image for the evening out unforgettable, you can apply lipstick of coral color.

Mascara is better to use not black, but dark brown.

  • Blue eyes. This combination of eye color and hair allows you to play around a bit with the creation of the image. Today you can be shy and shy, and tomorrow appear in the guise of a seductive female vamp. Changing the gentle pastel colors of natural makeup to a bright and expressive, we change our own style.

Shadows of such persons perfectly fit in a cream, peach, brown and beige palette. It will look good olive, bronze or gold colors. Avoid the color purple and also black, so as not to create aggression.

Be sure to apply blush, as the skin of these girls, as a rule, pale. It is better to emphasize the cheekbones with a soft peach shade.

Light eyes can be lost on a pale skin background. Therefore, it is very appropriate to use eyeliner and black mascara. Dark blue colors that can highlight the color of the eyes will also be appropriate.

The color of lipstick, you can choose a rich: cherry, plum, wine shades. Fruit and berry tones will add a bright accent to the pale background.

  • Gray eyes are a rather contrasting combination: tThe warm, almost sunny shade of hair and cool gray eyes create some problems when applying makeup. There are cosmetics that such ladies should throw out of their beautician:
  1. Black mascara and eyeliner.
  2. Shadows of dark shades.
  3. All that carries an orange color.
  4. Well, the fact that it is time for everyone to take a long time out of sight: purple lipstick.

Doing makeup, you should follow a few simple rules.

  1. First of all, arrows should be thin and light.
  2. Secondly, shades of shadows are neutral, light or gray.
  3. Lipstick choose pink or scarlet.
  4. Blush can be chosen with a bronze tint, terracotta or coral.

Such girls should follow one simple rule: maximum naturalness even for an evening out.

  • Another common combination is girls with brown eyes and red hair. This type of completely does not fit aggressive and heavy makeup. It is better not to use black colors, eyeliner is only suitable when the eyes are dark brown, almost black in color, or use it only for the lower eyelid.

For light brown eyes are perfect green shade. Bright, grassy colors will create a playful mood, and a lighter shade of olive will add elegance to the image. For evening makeup, you can use a more intense, almost graphite color. I combine a brown palette of shades with a more saturated shade of eyes.

For dark-red beauties perfect brown eyebrows. These girls can make and bright makeup with an emphasis on the eyes.

In general, the combination of red hair with brown eyes refers to the autumn and spring type. Light makeup with the use of mascara and weightless lip gloss perfectly highlight the naturalness of the image and is suitable for everyday makeup.


10 a photo

The main types of makeup are day and evening, or it is also called holiday.

Daily make up is a make-up for every day. This is what we “draw” on our face every morning before we go to work. This makeup includes:

  1. Putting foundation shade, as close to the skin color. If you do not like to use such tools, today there are very light and weightless concealers on the market of cosmetic products. They make the complexion more even and help to refresh it, without creating a mask effect on the face. BB or CC cream will be an excellent solution for every day, besides, it is absolutely not felt on the skin.
  2. Shadows can not be applied to the eyelids, but if you want to emphasize your eyes a little, give preference to golden, bronze or olive shades. We use two shades, well shading them among themselves.
  3. Usually the eyes with this makeup we paint in ink in one layer, and lip gloss or lipstick can be applied to the bronze shade.
  4. Brown eyeliner, without arrows.
  • Day makeup - This is a low-key version of the make-up, it was created only to refresh the face a little and emphasize its natural beauty.
  • Evening make-up. We usually apply this type of makeup on special occasions: on holidays, at a party, to go to an event. It involves the use of saturated colors, but here it is necessary to observe the measure, so as not to overstep the brink of vulgarity.
  1. Apply foundation to the skin, tonal means and primer, than we will provide high resistance of a make-up. The cream shade is matched to the skin tone, you can try using a little bronze tones.
  2. Apply a peach-colored blush on the cheekbones.
  3. Liner can be used for liner in golden and brown shades.
  4. The outer corner of the eye is darker, better graphite shadows.
  5. Put light shadows on the inner corner. beige or pink.
  6. Colors gently shade between themselves.
  7. Paint the lower eyelid with a pencil pearlescent or silver.
  8. Lips give a luxurious red or wine shade. Can be applied on top pink gloss.

Beautiful makeup for the exit ready.The most important thing in makeup is, of course, his moderation and compliance with the general style. Business, evening, vintage, youth style of clothes should be completely thought out and end with a competent make-up.

How to do makeup for red - in the next video.

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