Makeup for blue eyes and blond hair

Makeup for blue eyes and blond hair

A girl with blue eyes and light curls - this image often haunts poets, artists and musicians. Blue-eyed blond beauties become muses, they inspire creative natures to new masterpieces. In the modern world, this image is considered to be gentle and beautiful, and the correct makeup for blue eyes and blond hair is able to impart refinement, tenderness and beauty to a girl that nature has awarded with light curls and a special eye color. The correct make-up is a whole science, but if you wish, you can comprehend it step by step and this process will be very exciting.

Why do blondes need a special make up?

Blonde with blond hair is a special type of women who will not like cosmetics used for girls with a different color of curls and eyes. If the brunette is ideally suited purple eye shadow, the owner of blond hair and blue eyes, they are simply contraindicated. Those with blue eyes should carefully select the shades of eye shadow, blush, mascara, lipstick. But all blondes are completely different. There are girls with blond hair and dark skin - the so-called summer type, there are brown-haired with bright blue eyes, and for each you need an individual approach for the right make-up.

With the help of well-chosen cosmetics, you can make the perfect makeup, the ideas of which will allow you to look young, fresh. Impeccable appearance is not easy to create. Even any small detail that does not fit in meykap can make a person vulgar, create a repulsive image and even add a few extra years.

Many women want to be blonde, for this purpose they repaint their hair. For them to choose the right cosmetic products for the face is much more difficult. It is necessary to remember the natural data, and with a new shade of hair, it is important to professionally combine the tones of eye shadow, to find the right color of the ink and lipstick. Under force is not only professionals. Having studied the secrets of make-up, beautiful everyday or festive make-up is not as difficult as it may seem.

Fundamental rules

The art of applying makeup is very ancient. In ancient Rome, noble beauties used natural natural ingredients to make their face brighter and more beautiful. It was then that the first mascara was proposed for blondes. It was made from burnt almonds, antimony with the addition of crocodile droppings. Despite the strange composition, the new dye for eyelashes was popular.

Mascara is popular to this day, however, the composition of the components in it, of course, has changed. Blondes with blue eyes often use mascara. For many blond girls this is the main, and sometimes the only cosmetic product, but they should not be abused. If a girl has blond hair, fair skin and gray-blue eyes, using only mascara can make her image vulgar. That is why it is important to choose the right makeup.

To not look older than his years, Do not "clog" the natural beauty of the natural and do not abuse cosmetics, you should adhere to several important recommendations. First of all, the lighter the hair and skin, the softer, softer and more natural the shades of makeup should be. Secondly, each tool used should add freshness, lightness and refinement to the image, but in no case should it be heavier. Thirdly, fair-haired beauties categorically do not go black arrows, and even evening makeup eliminates them.

If the skin is prone to the so-called cold tones, pale, marble, then for the eyelids should use a light gray and bluish color range. But in general, the color palette for make-up should be close to olive, light brown, pale pink with a peach shade.

Eyebrows require a lot of attention, as a rule, fair-haired women have them as bright. Categorically it is impossible to tint them with a black pencil in order to avoid vulgarity.

Main nuances

Fair-haired blue-eyed beauties nature rewarded with special qualities - outwardly they seem fragile and tender. That is why the make-up should be as close as possible to the natural and natural. By the way, all the elements of makeup should be carefully shaded, and graphic clear and bright lines should be avoided. And as much as I would like to emphasize the depth of grayish, bluish eyes with light green shadows, this tone of eye-shadow paint is not recommended, as is bright pink. Both he and the other tone visually make the eyes look tired, and the face acquires a sad expression.

So, a girl with ashy hair and gray-blue eyes. She is ideally suited to traditional blue and blue tones. Shadows of this color with a thin even layer applied to the upper eyelid. The addition can be light beige and bronze shades. They are well shaded to give naturalness.

In this case, make-up artists recommend to abandon the black tones of mascara, replacing it with a brown or dark gray. Eyebrow pencil should be one tone darker than the natural color of the eyebrows. The image will complete a pale pink lip gloss or lipstick of the same or similar shades.

If a fair-haired girl has a wheaten, wheaten color of curls, and her skin tone is close to warm copper, it is allowed to make a brighter make-up. Choosing the shadows, you can stay on the bluish, grayish, silver, caramel, peach, brownish tones. All shadows should be ordinary, and only in rare instances at celebrations or in the evening make-up, stylists do not object to the use of pearl shadows or sparkles.

The mascara for such girls may be brown in color, blue is not excluded, but the eyebrow pencil may be two shades darker than the natural color of the eyebrows.

Powder, rouge, lipstick

Any imperfections on the delicate skin of fair-haired beauties are very noticeable. Like any other girls, blondes prefer the use of foundation creams to make their skin perfect. They believe that by doing so they give their face a fresh and natural look, but they often cannot choose the right tonal tool.

Professional makeup artists believe that the tonal framework, of course, is needed. But she can not have a thick composition, dense consistency in a coma case. The best option for blond girls will be BB moisturizer or crystal clear primer. Having chosen the most suitable product, it is evenly applied to the surface of the skin.

With particular attention should be taken to the use of rouge. Well, if they are not liquid, ideal powder - mineral with light-reflecting particles is very tender pinkish or peach flowers. Blush is applied to the protruding part of the cheekbones with a wide soft brush with several strokes.

Brown shade for fair-haired girls it is quite a suitable cosmetic, but shades should be as light as possible and you need to remember that they are more suitable for girls of a “winter type” than for those whose skin has a dark complexion. Brown peach shadows should be used by blondes who have freckles on their faces. And the most light-skinned shades of light coral shades are recommended.

Ink for eyelashes in a blonde girl's cosmetic bag should be either gray or brown. BUT lipstick or lip gloss - light pink, beige, peach, lilac tones.

Daily make-up rules

Daily nude - as close as possible to natural beauty, that's what a blue-eyed blonde should strive for. Freshness, innocence, purity of the image - these qualities are expressed by nature in eye color and hair color. Daily makeup eliminates bright catchy tones. Everything should be as natural as possible. The most important thing a girl should remember is the perfect skin condition. Blondes should monitor her condition, treat rashes, hide acne marks, hide roughness.

Therefore, for daily makeup, makeup artists recommend using a light, non-clogging pitch tonal framework. After applying it, the face becomes porcelain, a light blush is added to it, which gives a healthy blooming look. Next - light touches of two eye shadows. On the upper stationary eyelid is a light peach tone, under it is light gray, then a thorough shading. The use of mascara should not be excessive, and its colors used - only gray or brown gamma.

A daily fresh pink lipstick or lip gloss of the same shades completes the daily make-up. Stylists say that in the hot season you can get by with one type of shadow, but its tone should be very close to the natural one.

For an evening out

Evening makeup is brightness, saturation, beauty. Here the main rule - to comply with the measure, do not use too bright colors, do not impose a lot of cosmetics at once. The opposite effect can turn out - the girl will turn from a blond blue-eyed beauty into an unpleasant-looking and vulgar person. The palette of tones used may include colors such as burgundy, pink, blue, lilac, brown, gold.

Evening make up does not exclude blue, blue, brownish hands, bright coral or burgundy lipstick. In this case, the skin should be perfect, without flaws, redness and acne.

The rules of the combination of colors

Especially for blond hair make-ups have developed a kind of table of tones used for one or another skin type, eye color and curls. The recommendations are based on many years of practice, so you should listen to them. For linen shades of hair with a barely noticeable yellowish background platinum and lilac tones of the cosmetic palette should be used. In the daytime make-up they can be the lightest, barely present. And brighter - in the evening.

Blond hair and gray-blue eyes - classic combination. Such girls fit gray, brownish, cream, golden colors. Very light, almost grayish color of the curls combined with yellow, bronze, gray, beige, pink tones. To wheat hair and blue Your eyes fit make up with gray, bluish, golden, peach, apricot tones.

For blue-eyed pearl blondes Peach and brownish shades are suitable. The same colors are suitable for natural on the nature of fair-haired girls.

Makeup for blondes with blue eyes see the next video.

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